[Movie]Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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Richard Brooks James Poe
William Daniels
Elizabeth Taylor
Burl Ives
Jack Carson
Judith Anderson
Larry Gates
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Japan Released:1959/04/07(Tue)
Outside Japan :Released:1958/09/18
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2015/12/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22076 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Elizabeth, famous for "Giants" and "Cleopatra" etc. It was a work that starred Taylor.

The meaning of the "hot tin roofed cat" that is also a title is said to be a metaphor of the appearance of a cat who suffers while being burnt in the body losing its escape place, Elizabeth. Maggie who is a Taylor heroine is the eldest son The husband and wife also loved the husband who was touched and felt conflicting.

Especially because my father, who was running a large plantation, was in a state where there was not much time to live by cancer, there was hospitality to the extraordinary honor of my father-in-law whose husband and wife who had been discharged from the hospital aimed at the huge heritage, on the other hand Perhaps Maggie, who had been loved by her father - in - law, could not have helped her because she was a couple from the eldest son. And Paul. Newman 's cold relationship with her husband Brick is largely due to being suspected of unfaithfulness or death due to death of close friends, but it depends on Elizabeth' s role as Maggie, Taylor I married and divorced himself also in my private life, and in the case of this work too, I was supposed to reflect on my role as a part of this role, as my husband died suddenly and I was going to return again as an actress I will.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2012/12/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 11179
[good point]
The acting power of actors.
Especially Elizabeth who acts as a couple with his brother.Tailor & Paul & Newman and Barre of role of grandfather.Ives are superb,
I was able to fully express multi-facetedness such as human strength and weakness deception with expressions.

[Bad point]
Elizabeth as the focus is focused on the parent-child relationship in the final stage, although Taylor is the leading actor, the shadow became slightly diminished.

My daughter's Mei sorry for the villain till the end.
Madeline ... Although Sherwood 's hilarious face was Hamari ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the former is also called a stage drama, it is a work of Hakubi as an indoor drama.
It is a microcosm of life that draws through three pairs of elderly couple, older brother couple, and younger brother and couple.
Problems with work, couple's problems, economic circumstances imposed by late child Kazuyama, management problems, parentage relationships, death of themselves and companions.
In living, there is nothing to be free from these and others, everyone lives while cheating and deceiving themselves,
Therefore, there are discrepancies and sometimes hit emotions.
Even though not all problems will be solved, it will be relieved in the last. "Very good" than "good".

However, I was not impressed by my grandchild 's greetings as directed by my brother' s wishes to use my eyes for my brother.Daddy has a nice personality (laugh.

2012/12/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7400
"What is the victory of a hot roof cat? - Keep staying there for as long as possible"
"Truth, the truth ... Everyone says it all, it is as dirty as a lie"
"There are lots of lies in this house"

Director Richard Brooks.
Cast is Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor.
Human plays with deception as a light motif.
Newman's acting appears.
It is feeling like method acting method like exploding emotion.
The last was just as good as it got rainy and solidified.

2012/04/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15577 Host:15736 Browser: 7454
A filming of a stage drama of the same name premiered in New York in 1955. It is a story evolving around the conflicts and complexes of members in troubled families as well as the glass zoo of the same playwright (Tennessee. Williams). It is a feature that many of the characters have some defects and dissatisfactions and it seems that they want to draw by the author. Director Richard Brooks is a person who made movies of relatively serious novels and plays of modern times.
Set in the large mansion in southern USA in the middle of the 20th century. The elderly father (about 65 years old?) Birth celebration begins with the elderly and brother family and brother and couple (Elizabeth. Taylor & Paul. Newman) gathering together. The couple's relationship has recently cooled down recently and the younger brother and his husband and wife who is suspected of major illness are both a one-man old father and a central figure of the story.
I want to tell you more, but stop becoming stubborn. When I thought that it smelled somewhat in the direction of the attitude it was so in the original original work (laugh) That place is putting and the arrangement of people is an exquisite work. It is a dramatic effect in life. (〓〓〓The tsukkom is a pear that is nothing.) Acting is Elizabeth.Taylor and his older brother's family are sober but it was good to be a lego.
It depicts people 's exchanges and changes at a continuous time in a limited space with a staged theater. The scenario in which human relationships and the psychology of characters are gradually being deepened with the passage of time is orthodox but making it easier to understand and drawing in. However, compared with the stage of the original, it was expressed in oblate and it was made possible to honestly satisfy even though it was a drama that struck the essence of a person. Since it is an import version of the stage, the image side is also old-fashioned. (* Personally I think that as a method of film making of the stage as a movie of the stage, even if it is a current movie, I think that it is a totally possible direction, because the viewpoint is limited to the drama nature rather than the image being obsolete.
Tennessee also saw Williams 'Glass Zoo' (stage version) and 'Desire Name train' (movie version), but that is also good. If you see it may be better from the virgin work 'Glass Zoo' ...