[Movie]Blue Gate Crossing

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Hsu Hsiao-Ming (Taiwan)
Guì Lúnměi
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Japan Released:2003/07/26(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2002/09/27
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2014/06/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12805 Host:12733 Browser: 10202
He was giving reality while painting the emotions that struck intensely at the time of conflicting mind and collision at high school student's life-sized love affair. Taiwan's refreshing background was well suited to the appearance of three high school students living in a clumsy way while clumsy. Anyway I was keenly attentive to the image, I fascinated the beautiful composition and fascinating streets of Taiwan. Story is also straight and easy to see, likes the hero's natural body acting.

2010/10/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31931 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
At first glance when watching as a movie It is funny, there is no drama, it is unnatural, there is no reason or explanation and I do not know the taste well, but that unnaturalness is real in the contrary.
In other words, when you give a love letter to your favorite partner, use your friend 's name, ask if you want to kiss, ask kissing the boy, asked how it was and asked nothing, suddenly like to a girl you like I kissed, I tried to return to a normal conversation for a while, did not go to know that I would not be restored, cried over the phone, or came to the convention.
There are no big reasons there, especially in adolescents or children, I do not even know my feelings, I do not know what love is like to kiss or not to dig in to like the same sex I draw it in a very simple place, maybe it might be a temporary thing, I try to think that I like a guy, and I am drawing a thought unique to adolescence, not homosexuality.
Children 's things that I could not explain with words well and are shown in actions were seen everywhere, and the part that can not be explained because of their own feelings or actions is true real youth It is probably time.
It is also the case that there is no big drama and it is a landscape that is everywhere So this work can feel so close to this.
If you look at it as a movie, it's not even interesting, but after watching it's like a tricky feeling like a nostalgic one that came into a mysterious feeling that can not be explained.
At first I thought that a girl I liked was graffiti on the desk with a scene where I personally liked scenes fought with girls like the hero and reconciled, but at first I was taught the real opponent, While the hero went to provoke the opponent and the favorite girl grasped the clothes and stopped, while the main character was staring at the opponent it became a smile.
I thought that the main character and the viewer also made up and it was revealed that I was pretty happy.
I feel like I was able to see the thought of the hero's girl in that one scene.
The last line was also good.
There may be a part where sympathy can be felt by those who have seen quite a lot from the woman side.
After that I was thinking about the secret from a man in a simpler place but I was taught that it is important things to keep it so secret. By listening to the secret I can feel embarrassed about the great trouble and I can empathize to the hero and clearly knew and aimed it.