[Movie]BANLIEUE 13

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Movie rank of 2006 Rank 55in 165 titles
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Xanadeux Co., Ltd.
Pierre Morel
Luc Besson
Bernard Grenet
Bibi Naceri
Manuel Teran
Bastide Donny Damien Roques
Stéphanie Gaurier Frédéric Thoraval
Hugues Tissandier
Cyril Raffaelli
David Belle
Tony D'Amario,
Larbi Naceri
Dany Verissimo
François Chattot
Nicolas Woirion
Patrick Olivier
Samir Guesmi
Japan Released:2006/07/15(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2004/09/10
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2011/12/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Two stunts of the protagonists. It is the owner of physical ability who does not readily at the time. When I looked it up, they seemed to be a mad monster 's stepping stone, I think that it was an action with a lot of sharpness and weight.
I think that the two characters' characters starred well. My older brother was forced to live in the slums with a hero like a stupid feeling of justice. Catharsis, the two of us deceived and deceived and bargaining together while being deceived and fighting together, was good. I wonder if I can watch it without getting bored.

[Bad point]
Camera work is totally miscellaneous. The action scene also knows that the physical ability of the actor itself is amazing, but there are places where cuts are unnecessarily large and angles are difficult to see, there are times when you do not know what you are doing at times. I think that those who took carefully taking such scenes as long as possible by long turns can draw out the physical abilities of the actors altogether.
Various scenes of script parts are sweet. First of all, I understand that the interests are consistent with the release of the time bomb and the rescue of the younger sister, but it is not actually a fact that the time bomb is set up as a cabinet, but the scene where the official exposes it is put in the camera A sudden expansion without a context is conspicuous. Also, since the reaction of the public is not drawn, this official also did not know what was going on after all. Such a place is the minimum amount of information necessary to make a work such as the plan such as there is such a plan behind it that the hero does not know from the beginning, that scene which can be split last because it is not drawn can not be touched at all .
The villain is too stereotyped. The first debut, the guys and the bosses, as well as the boss casting of the actor itself is good, but I can not get out of the area of 〓〓〓〓〓he symbol called mafia like anything I saw somewhere like "a mafia that seems to come around Godfather." I think that the neighborhood around Godfather and Goodfellows are still properly constructed yet. It is something to start developing something to sidelight with the main characters as soon as I betrayed the last boss. Is it because of the budget?
I am not good because the difference between the actions of the two protagonists is not known. For example, even at riders, we should have tried differentiation by attaching actions or changing actions according to fighting skills that actors are good at, such as No. 1 of skill, No. 2 of power, but they are rather bad feelings with the same move. For example, my older brother is good at heavyweight bullet-fighting like judo, and on the contrary police officers think that it is quite different even if they are good at movement and shooting which made use of reflexes.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw it at the recommendation of a local friend, but it seems that it was not a work that seems to be quite what I expected. Anyway, it is an action or a story, too much too much to fit in a mold, and nothing remains in the impression. So, its habitual abrupt developments are many and hints and camerawork are not good for flattering, so we are seeing It is funny on the spot even after it gets excited but honestly subtle.

After all it is the convenience of the budget, I feel that it was not able to make good use of it though there are good things as various materials. If this was Hollywood, it would have been more politely done after collecting more hints and stretching more casting and characterizing, but the director is not so famous. However, if you look as B class (although it is rude to B class work, if it says it is) it is pleasant so I will keep the evaluation "bad".

2010/10/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31929 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Anyway, it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to take a break to endure and finishes in no time.
Although it is not a work to see the story or the contents, there is nothing to worry about, and the camera work is also good and the highlight of the action scene is full.
The story and settings are properly in place, it is also good to introduce the leading characters of the two leading characters in the beginning and to introduce the characters, and there may be a part that is cheating on pretty well, but two fighting sports and The action is done better than I expected, and I can not beat the same with Jackie or Tony Jar.
The fighting scene was Jackie work and the action scene was Tonya Ja work.
Is the place where you climb or go down to the apartment like Jackie work?
Even though Jackie does make something like that in such a scene, there is not it in this work, and since the story does not deviate to sideways, it develops really speedily. At a moment when my sister was caught and brought, a story got connected steadily without giving a gap to my brother to come and help.
The feeling that the protagonists who were imprisoned and the protagonists cooperated to defeat the big boy and finally do not know where these two people confront.
It would be a work that you do not lose if you have free time.
I was sorry that there was not much room to see if my sister was cute as if I were to attach one toy.

2008/11/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4184
Stuntman, Cyril, a fierce action movie making full use of the exercise capabilities of David Bell, the founder of RaPaeli and "Parkour". I'm doing quite awesome actions enough to think of a major accident and major injuries. "YAMAKASI Yamakashi" is also similar, but the story is nothing in the middle, it is a work that enjoys its athletic performance. However, it is not rewarded that we can not see much as sadly as doing amazing things. The camera angle for showing the things really doing without a stunt and for giving a sense of speed has become rather cheap image. A confrontation scene such as a giant like Rasubosu is quite modest, it feels obediently amazing, but there is no refreshing feeling as a movie.
In addition, there is no sense of speed other than the action scene, and it is a mysterious human relationship around the climax. It is a strange composition when Damian (Cyril. Rafaeli) and Late (David Bell) are entering enlightingly with K2 (Tony Damario). Laura (Danny. Velissimo) 's last action against Damien is also a brute force. It seems that the story that we have connected by action has been forcibly compiled in the last scene.