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The Walt Disney Company
Joss Whedon
Stan Lee Jack Kirby
Kevin Feige
Victoria Alonso Jeremy Latcham
Ben Davis
Christopher Townsend
Charles Wood
Alexandra Byrne
Jeffrey Ford Lisa Lassek
Brian Tyler
Dave Jordan
David Maisel
Danny Elfman
Marvel Studios
Robert Downey, Jr. Keiji Fujiwara
Chris Evans Yuuichi Nakamura
Chris Hemsworth Kenta Miyake
Scarlett Johansson Ryoko Yonekura
Jeremy Renner Hiroyuki Miyasako
Cobie Smulders Takako Honda
Samuel L. Jackson Naoto Takenaka
James Spader Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Elizabeth Olsen Toa Yukinari
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Huminori Komatsu
Thomas Kretschmann
Paul Bettany Yasuyuki Kase
Anthony Mackie Junpei Mizobata
Hayley Atwell Mie Sonozaki
Idris Elba Zirou Saitou
Stellan Skarsgard
Linda Cardellini
Kim Soo-hyun
Julie Delpy
Henry goodman
Josh Brolin Banjo Ginga
Kerry Condon
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Japan Released:2015/07/04(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2015/05/01
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2016/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
Although it is impression of this series that individual single work is a honorable mention and it is connected to luxurious "Avengers", this time it is an artificial intelligence to try "to eliminate human for the earth", what It has become a work of settings like the one that I have also seen degrees.
As we have seen individual stories so far, there was only a sense of incompatibility that the Avengers joined suddenly, especially for Iron Man and Saw that things are coming out normally compared to their individual stories Although it feels like a farce, I also think that it is also wonderful to honor the character by respecting the theme of the previous work and saying what kind of thing to take the scale with such a reasoning, so that part is omitted.

As far as I am concerned about the work, what I was doing is the frequency of activity of characters as crossovers as well.
Because it was only impression about battle scenes as Hawkeye or a previous work, I felt that I was trying hard to make an activity scene on the story firmly in this work, and I'm quite surprised at the war machine and this is quite funny I thought.
Even in the final stage of the action, almost no complaints about how Avengers will make an active appearance, the early stage will be caught by the enemy's mind attack and "captain. America-like scenery" and "Mighty saw-like scenery" can be spread properly. It is good that a character which can not be ordered like Peggy Carter or Heimdal as usual appears as an imaginary landscape.
Regarding the scene where we will rescue humans from a town that is broken in general, I think that the climax scene that a character who was the enemy's side is dead and died is quite a hot scene.
However, Hulk and Black. Wondering what the story of Widow is most personal about this work .... To be honest, that love romance is subtle. Whether it stands up a character or not, it makes me somewhat artistically subtle to make it stand in a member's love romance, and I do not know how Hulk is treated as a cheating party as it is treated as uncontrollable as the previous work.

Well, as for the biggest problem in this work, it is said that "hero is too incompetent" in anything, Ultron as a villain is also said to be originally developed by Tony Stark.
In other words, I just wiped Tony's ass in all. The town which floated up and broke in that sky was also all like Tony Stark's broke, and that Tony also abandoned the suit along with the real theme with the previous work "Iron Man 3", so it's ridiculous I was made to remember a snake feet.
Furthermore, the enemy was brainwashed to Saw who said "I am fine", Hulk runaway and destroyed the city. The source of the incident is also my older sister who will become a friend later.
To be honest, it can only be said that all causes were on the side of the hero past the incompetence. Without them, almost all of the problem of this work "does not happen" so that the action which I thought as a hero's good was bought against someone's resentment or not, the thing made made a runaway, I feel like I can not.

That's why, well, there are places where I think that it is honest "What is the story about the story caused by heroes?", But the image of the climax is deeply impressed with what followed the series, and the character's success How to do is good. As a crossover it has become a very good work.
It was there that I personally was pleased that I got the characters that should also be called "supporting role hero" like War Machine that appeared in "Iron Man 3" properly, and this also makes me work as it is. However, it was said that I want you to bring out Falcon with War Machine.

Evaluation is "very good".
After chasing the series in order, it was a feeling that there are many points that are quite pleasant.
The next Avengers is probably going to be super luxurious due to the confluence from Spider-Man, Anto-man who is also appearing in "Sibyll", then Guardians. Of Galaxy, but in that case it will not be possible to catch up with the grasp Will it be ...?
I think that I would like to see at the theater after "Doctor. Strange" in the place saying that it was good to have finished watching inside of now.

2016/07/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
I got bored.
The thing which I am doing is the same thing and it is not interesting at all, and it is not interesting at first, although it was impacted luxuriously at the beginning, but it also faded and it became unexpected and good as the story, it is totally outrageous It drifts.

Or, I do not remember much of the contents of the previous work and I do not know well the settings, so I was wondering what I was doing.
Apparently I'm collecting gems like stones, which seems to be connected, but this time the enemies also got shoveled and the primary source of fire was in Ironman, so it was hard to understand, It felt like a cheesy feeling at once.
Although he is a hero, he falls by myself in his drilled hole or goofy too much at that point and there is a pain that enters at that point, and it is such a character because it is bad way to go, but likable as a villain, the likelihood has become zero It was.
Hulk just used is more than Iron Man, too stupid or it is too cool.

Even if you are a new character, there is no longer the color of this work that will not distinguish even if you put it on that point, since it is no longer the same as a captain or an X Men.
There is not any emotional transfer in one place where one of them died and I do not know any character and I do not think anything without any thought.
Well it would have been more impactful if the bow and arrow master died, and it may have been the next draw.
I did not dedicate the contents of this dead character to a special extent, why did I protect himself from death and be honest KY?

It was only convenient to give a mystery hint by showing the hallucination of Saw almost irrelevant if I thought whether showing the past or hallucination would be involved in more stories.
It is also an indication of the past as well as the past, and I definitely stopped at the tempo and it seemed like a change in the work nature and it felt cool.
In any case, the woman did not mean Captain America at all, it might be the next drawing, but it was also a good spot.

There were plenty of stories quite gudaguda, and I felt that the difference between the consciousness of peace and the manner of the content and the content of it was not as well described in this work.

It seems to be something like Dragon Ball, but as the world view is expanded too much and it can not be collected, Dong Dong stalls.
In that case, you only have to dig a hole from the side and collapse, so that its work likelihood disappears.
Results There is nothing to persuade and nothing is boring.

Although I think that there was not much impression and sight of the image surface, it was good that it was good there, but it was feeling that boringness of things such as a story was conspicuous more than it.

2016/02/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38042 Host:37940 Browser: 7878
Marvell only in the movies, I do not know heroes, Marvel. It is a human impression that there is no special feeling for the brand.

[good point]
1, the scenario plays the purpose of the movie perfectly.
Both the action surface and the story surface give an appearance to all heroes. Besides, it did not forcefully give a point of view, it is well integrated into the development of the story.

2, the action. The scene also makes good use of the personality of the character. Not only individual work but also interactive play is interleaved everywhere, not just a dojochi or a fistfight.

[Bad point]
1, the merits are turned inside out ....
I give each character a role and place on the action surface and a role on the story, so watch it and sag. In addition, this time there are members who are newly appearing, so the story is dispersed and the middle stage is bored.
Since scenes are given to each of the many characters in a forceful manner, scenes are switched one after another. As a result, the story of the story is broken and there are no mountains.

2, Ultron of the enemy, manushes and accessories. Therefore, the talk does not get excited.
Although it is artificial intelligence, it has an emotional character, and there is no cold and dreadful taste. I can not feel wisdom as super AI, such as depriving me of the flesh that I made for myself. The way of fighting also depended on a number to force push, there is no interest.

3, Naoto Takenaka is still bad at acting as usual.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A work that gathered excellent staff and made a movie of a boring plot.
It is a work whose evaluation is divided depending on whether to see it as a festival movie of the Marvel. Hero super large set or SF action. It is good as a festival movie, but as SF action it is an ordinary work. In other words, "well done stuff".

If you are a mentor to Marvell Hero, I think that you can enjoy that heroes are playing a vital role. I think that it seems to be ok for the next work like rasubosu which came out with endings quickly.
But I do not have any special feeling on Marvel's brand name, and the character who came out last does not even know the name. Therefore, it is not supposed to be ok.

Although it is contrary to the purpose of the movie, it was better for you to carefully select the leading characters. As entertainment work, I think that this one is more interesting.
"I've made all my heroes active !!" "It was even a character of bow and arrow, I made it even better!" It seemed to be showing self-satisfaction, and I could not enjoy it. The scenario is aimed only at how to make a hero active, rather than making the story interesting. Without surprising developments, there is no Don Deng return in the climax.

2016/01/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22244 Host:22149 Browser: 10247
I thought it was a parallel story of this work "Iron Man 3", but it was a normal story later ....
If so, why would there be a suit that should have been abandoned ... is it explained by other Marvel work?

After all, the action scene is a masterpiece, there was impression not inferior to the previous work.
Especially it is nice to be happy that the scene where Hawkeye is active is increasing!
It is a must-see flag crusher that comes home while leaving a staggering flag.
In addition Ironman VS Hulk also has a variety of things, equipped with Veronica sent from outer space has a solid feeling and is cool!

However, although it is sublimated to heat, it was a little boring to be honest that there was a gisteous expansion that was over the previous work.
There was impact of the previous work on the trend of subsequent co-fighting ... and so on.
Also, although it is a place I can not judge whether it is a bad point, the way the end to the late ends is pretty bouncy ...
As Saw and Hawkeye are still good, Stark has left the Avengers where the goose hulk is ... the state.
Since the new Avengers came out, the excitement for the next time will increase but a little loneliness remained.

Like "Iron Man", I wonder if I like the previous work.
However, since I was flying at the action scene from the opening stage, there was also a place I expected more than the previous work, so consider it there too with "good" from "ordinary"!

2015/08/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3902 Host:3804 Browser: 4721
[good point]

Scarlet newly entered, Witch was sexy

[Bad point]
Ultron is not that strong, and small things.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was not praised much before, but this time it is not good as well

2015/07/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4835 Host:4656 Browser: 5151
[good point]
After all the image surface is amazing. A hero warm-up action scenes alone worth going to the theater
First opening Hydra base raid start,
It is quite exciting from the second half to the last stage. Meteorite falling story has burning things
Links with Avengers, Iron Man 3, Winter Soldier are brilliant. Comprehensively the main character is skillful in this time and the screenplay is skillful
[Bad point]
The villain Ultron is lacking actors. I wanted more presence. Personally I was scared less than an alien invader
Midfielder dissonance with a giggle and a feeling of medium grain
Iron Man and the heroine of Saw did not give out for reasons but I wanted to see the figure (I saw the adult 's circumstances as if it was tough to compare to my turn)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is still feeling that continuation is still made, this time it was also fun comprehensively. I thought that it was a previous work in impact compared with the previous work. Evaluation is as valuable as the previous album "Very Good" and the movie that can be done here with Hero All Star action is still valuable.

2015/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20796 Host:20839 Browser: 5171
I watched it quickly.

Began battle with the intense Hydra from the beginning, actions complain. The cooperation of the cap and the saw features a lively flashy gimmick such as Hulk Buster 's gimmick.
Although the enemy pushes with a number of violence, is it that the friend side seems to be beating the bag more than that?
Do not get me wrong! We are just fighting the power of 1 to 10!

Hawkeye is the top stock this time. Speaking as a senior who supports the members mentally and human beings Clint Burton has standing position and his charm are packed. I heard that fans will increase.
It is said that the Mujolnia lift contest at the party will be a hint of that at the end.
Quick Silver is strong, but there are some elements that are not depending on somewhere.

In spite of being said despair, Ultron is a human smell because he squirrels a song or is angry when Tony's products are treated, and expressions like being taken afraid when his brother escaped.
Because there is no Dr. Pim, it is basically a cleanup of Tony's sowing species.
Falcon finally got out a bit at the end, I wonder if I left out with a war machine.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The point where you can enjoy this movie as to how much you can make use of the character while the scale is limited as it was for the previous work.
The director's knowledge and skill, and love are felt.
Well early story was fun!

Perhaps it is personally standing that the Ultron version of Disk Wars is preparatory for this.

2015/07/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10174 Host:10241 Browser: 4693
A long time ago, I heard that you participated in an antman, "If you think that there is suddenly that's wrong"
(Although it may be a large ant from the original), Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver (after Vision) participated as they smelled at Winter Soldier. As a reasonable choice ...
People are pretty stinky, so please be sure to watch those who are planning to watch. By the way I have not read the original.

[good point]
Do not fancy action, kick you to beat the main or the other. The director knows the action kimo.
Beam and machine gun shooting are "additives". Hulk vs. Hulk Buster Specification Ironman, Ultron vs Cap (!!) confused by Scarlet Witch.
Both of them are satisfactory, but especially as long as the cap's figure is glad.
From whatever it can not be helped, Vision 's birth & participation is too difficult to draw smoothly ...
I thought, but I was surprised that the first half drunk heroes' hoax is hints. Even in the first half, too much tasty interaction such as Myeolnir who was stunned by the cap with a cap or saw showing a relieved expression. I can not bear with Hero wagaku. The director's ability to not only draw such facial expressions of these heroes as humans, but also turn into hints is pretty.
Not only the previous work Avengers, Marber Film Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3,
And since it is a story that stepped on the flow properly, there are various bonuses to Marvell Otaku who is watching carefully.

[Bad point]
Many new characters appearing, unfolding cramped too much, absolutely distracting impression.
Especially it seems that Vision entanglement is still painful (shock at the appearance of Blue Mann Red Man),
Original story, there is design, so it can not be helped ~
As the discord between the members is stronger than the previous work, a sense of moyamoya remains. I wanted the cap to make me talk of "cool and cool" "schedule".
In the second half, I could not help it because I was concerned about "flag". The settlement was not bad, but I was amazed.
Is it the intention of the director?
The new and Avengers members are full of anxiety. If you pull next time with "seriously damaging", you have ants. Well I'd like to expect that Big 3 will appear on "3". The enemies also finally "that man"
It seems to come out (will it be settled?).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good-". Continuing from the Avengers, the director is Jos - Weedon. Weedon of Japanese anime lover Waitaku was an evaluation saying "I know the key points that Japan and the Utaku are pleased with" from before, but this time it is not different from expectations. However, with the impression that the "American-comic smell became stronger" than the previous work, I was worried that the hurdles were further raised for Japanese viewers. Just Captain America 's big success, I think that the layer that I was hoping for an active success in the previous work is very satisfying. Personally I enjoyed quite well, but I think that it is not objective evaluation so much, so well, well "good -". Is it unnecessary to take care of those who go to the theater?

〓〓〓There are many voices that Ultron is too small and Tsumaran, but it is obvious because of "Stark's son (product)" (Pim in the original). It is his motive to have a human-like complex in the habit of artificial intelligence. Because his defeat could not solve his own conflict, it was a convincing way of drawing (although it was all that the body was used for vision).