[Movie]Animal Kingdom(2010)

PG-12(Advice is necessary for less than 12 years old)
Movie total pnts rank Rank 2,841in 5,204 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 48.49
Movie rank of 2012 Rank 74in 216 titles
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David Michod
Liz Watts Vincent Sheehan
Joe Ford
Luke Doolan
Ben Mendelsohn Joel Edgerton Guy Pearce Luke Ford Jacki Weaver Sullivan Stapleton
Japan Released:2012/01/21(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2010/06/03
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2013/12/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The atmosphere is good, but the flow of the story was a bit nuisance.
It was a waste and it was hard to understand, acting and the atmosphere were thin and it was hard to convey and it was difficult to enter the world view as well.

Because it is because it is based on the story that actually existed It is running all over and suddenly expanded, the scene finishes in a moment, it is feeling that only the point points are showing, so the background of the original case There were times when it was difficult to grasp the flow unless you know it, as it starts from the point where such an organization of criminal clans has been forced into a dilegue, as it is said that you do not know the criminal family For those who were drawn and unknown, there was a thinness from the side so that the family did not know what it was like to be terrifying.
So there is a place where the atmosphere is only floating as if it is an incorrect button, and I feel regrettable that the clan only seemed to be a light family.

Perhaps it seems that the main part is a start from the cops killing and may have saved the boy who has been caught the only one Since the appearance of Guy Pearce of the understanding existence of existence existed, it began in earnest I think that I wanted to show you, but if it is around 30 to 40 minutes past, as far as starting from a halfway place where the clan was driven into a dilemma, I will start with this policeman killing and devote more emphasis on that It was also good.

I think that it is a problem that the state of the most important trial was not drawn at all because it tried to draw the whole thing and I think that it is a problem and suddenly won the suit and how did you win the case? Because I do not understand, various thoughts do not convey, and emotions do not come out even from the viewer's point of view.

Even with a relationship with a woman, it started from where I became a lover suddenly, and it was difficult to convey the tense feeling of a boy and the real acting of a crying scene because it was so slim as it was slurred thinly.
I felt the advantage of convenience as it was feeling that it would be stopped desperately or stopped desperately because I felt it was desperate, and I wanted to draw the relationship strongly as she showed me carefully since I was dating with a woman.

Because the relationship with criminal who opened heart only was also in the middle, I felt thin and it was good even if I drew it with more criminal gaze.
I think that it is only one of the adult even if it is a criminal also because the position and the feeling which is involved in the adult as it is leaving as it is without leaving anything in the center as a center is the center.

It may be that emotion or a message is put in the place where the boy who just caught acted from himself last.
The hero who was weakly running away probably played the trigger for the first time and showed strength.

I wrote that it was the only thing (apart from her) that she opened her heart to detectives, but there was something about finding a place with the detective speech, after all knowing that there was no whereabouts of the family in the end For a boy too, the only reliable person may have been her grandmother.
It is influenced by the position of a boy and it is impossible to understand by thinking from a boy 's point of view, and my grandmother has such a presence as a family leader.
After all, the detectives were others, and it became impossible to trust by the wide eyes of the police.
I think that a criminal officer managed to open my heart somehow rather than opening a mind from a boy, but there were things like a little sadness or unbearable in places I went away.

And after all the acting grandmother acting was overwhelming by force and it was powerful and disgusting, and I feel good and bad that I feel the decline of the boy as well because I felt the bigness.