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Nihon Helarud Eiga
Harold Ramis
Bruce Berman
Peter Tolan Kenneth Lonergan
Howard Shore
Robert De Niro
Billy Crystal
Chazz Palminteri
Japan Released:1999/11/06(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1999/03/05
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2014/05/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
It was a gang comedy movie by Robert De Niro, Billy and Crystal, but it is the first impression that "I am not bad, but I lacked one more deciding factor."

Although it was terrestrial broadcasting at a certain road show the other day, it was Mr. Ogawa Shinji who was first dubbed Dereniro. As a character, I wonder if it was a little "ordinary uncle" voice,
It would have been better if you were appointed a voice actor of voice quality that I heard Dos a little bit lower.
I feel that role and voice did not match.

Looking at the scenario side, in the past such as Mr. De Niro (the gang of the gang) full of passionate houses etc. had been digging down more than a certain amount, the human odor was felt. At the final gangs' meeting,
Mr. Crystal (doctor) was present first and was wielded that much (despite being unable to satisfy even the wedding ceremony), that she was feeling better or bad despite being satisfied Was it? Immediately afterwards Mr. De Niro revealed as much as saying, "The real protagonist will appear at the very end", although it was a bit aggressive while being gathered together, I will not laugh at all Was it?

In short, it was "Serious as it is, one comical one". It is not "1 + 1 = 2"
I thought that it was only about 1.5. Evaluation is "normal".

2008/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 8335
It is a comedy movie starring Robert De Niro, one of the most prestigious character actors in the USA. Paul who is a mafia boss based in New York was diagnosed as a panic syndrome coming from stress, received a doctor Ben in psychoanalytical department examination, and while continuing counseling while repeating an unusual riot, between the two It is the main muscle to say that a strange friendship will start to grow ... but it is ridiculous Billy. Ben's incompetence acting as a crystal invites laughter and tears As a matter of fact.

If you go to vacation with your fiancee, you will be called at midnight without saying the presence or absence, people will shake during the wedding ceremony, if you refuse Paul's call, you are thrown into the aquarium shark's aquarium ... It will be the biggest hardship in life if you try Ben, yeah.

The performance of Dennyro is also good feeling ... the unstable feeling of the spirit comes out well. Would you like me to do it as a train? Why do you cry at securities company commercials, Paul (bitter smile).

Well, as a result of Ben's desperate death (literally life-threatening!) Counseling at the end of the twists and turns, Paul's trauma is definitely revealed and it is definitely something ... No way. There is also a human nature this is this !!

Pitiful ben that took the opportunity to attend meetings between mafiers instead of Paul who became instability of the mind. Well here, the stupid talking about his Naokachi Handachachi explodes. I thought it was okay if I heard it.

Well, well, it is a happy ending to the surprising ending at the end of Tanyawaji with the appearance of a hit pole.

"Taxi Driver" or "The Fun" or a strong impression of the rolled-out role is De Niro, but you can also comedy.

2007/10/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30038 Host:30336 Browser: 7277
Since the boss of Mafia had been afflicted with a stress-related disease, she will receive treatment from a psychiatrist who met from a hint. Even though it is said to be received, for psychiatrists it seems like a push-in robbery, and daily life also gets messed with the behavior of the mafia boss who does not know common sense. Even for one boss, the life as a mafia will become unstable under stress in an important period in the conflict. A psychiatrist who changes his / her life by becoming a boss of Mafia and a boss of a mafia carrying a trauma draw funny things that make a trust beyond doctor-patient relationships Comedy.

[good point]
Robert De Niro 's acting was good, there is a dignity of De Niro, but a childish mafia boss was a key point.
If it is a reality it will definitely not exist, but I will be surprised if you do not read the air to this point.
It is incredibly troublesome to push for a wedding ceremony.

Many people, including me who was good at the last punch, I think I expected the reverse development. I knock out the rivals of small accessories and bashing to the seat of the boss ...
But the result will be reversed. Moreover, I was concerned that it was related to his trauma and it was a well-styled story.

[Bad point]
Tempo is too bad even though it is a comedy, I felt the badness of the tempo that was comparable to that of Japanese love drama that I was feeling that it was not getting fucked up. There is both, in the sense that it is between laughter and laughter, and in the sense that it will cool down during the excitement of the story.

I can certainly say that it 's not funny, but I can laugh certainly, if I also rent it, I think I do better with other works. He did not make us feel such things as laughter which exists only in this work.

I think that this is the biggest problem that will not wipe out the impression of making it. I had the impression that the production period suddenly became shorter.
I am preparing things like a complex (?) Against my father's psychiatrist.
It is too weak to digest. My parents did not even come to a psychiatrist's wedding ceremony, which he felt very bitter. However, as I thought it was not such a scene in the end, I ended up going. Is not too good. I can not believe there was a better cooking method.
Besides, the actions of the bride and her father of a remarriage partner of a psychiatrist remain undigested. It seems that it was a great man of the army because it is called a captain. Even when the mafia first broke into the pre-marriage celebration, it also revealed a lot of discomfort, even when threatening the groom and the wedding ceremony "not involving the mafia". It was said that if the bride also engages with the mafia it will quit marriage. After that, both marriages are destroyed by the mafia twice. Nevertheless, no happy end without any description. Pull the bridegroom and the captain by that much, the pitfall that there is no punch line is the worst.
Besides this, the story has collapsed with only unreasonable settings to slap.
People who care about it think that it is a work that can not be helped.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
That is why I think that it is a work of residual urination. Although it is a comedy, I think that it is fatal that I can not become somewhat refreshed after finishing.
There is a place of laughter, but it is not just a comedy movie.
It seems there is a sequel, but as long as there is nothing we can not see.
Somewhat "bad" closer to "normal". It's a comedy. Because it was funny it is good.

2006/03/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3432 Host:3389 Browser: 5237
As a comedy movie, there are not many scenes that can make a fool of laughter, but still it was a funny movie, so it's fairly funny that funny things get crowded.
It feels a bit interesting that Robert DeNiro plays the mafia boss of Tea Madness Tappuri by itself. His performance is also spectacular.

Mafia 's boss, originally a dignified tapri, a terrible being, brutal, ruthless and evil as a total stronghold. Actually, I think that setting itself that it is a weak existence, who goes under a counselor with troubles and stress, is actually interesting.

And it is an interesting setting itself to say that you are seeing a boss of such a mafia, cursing the misfortune that has been falling on me, and making a big fuss and seeing a doctor while struggling.

The story goes forward mainly with the two people in a movie whose character setting itself is already made interesting, but the two of them are seriously themselves, and they also invite laughter for comical reasons.

The mafia boss has trouble with stress accumulation and going to counseling is also a "soprano family" setting, which is the origin?

2005/04/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13958 Host:13804 Browser: 3646
This seems to be a comedy movie, but there was not much laughable scene.
Robert De Niro is definitely a fine actor who can play a wide range of roles ..................

2004/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
Analyst Ben is driving inattentively and hits the car in front. Despite being a rather badly destroyed person, I was told that I do not have to worry about the car of the previous car, and passed the business card and split the spot. A few days later, the owner of the bumped car appeared to Ben's clinic, with Mafia's boss: Vitti. Vitti came in for a struggle due to anxious neurosis, with an encounter. Ben has become his doctor because there is a position not to oppose the injured car that hit the car. Ben planned to use her vacation to raise a wedding with her lover's Laura, but since Vitti has chased him from NY, he can not be enjoying himself ....

It is a bit of a comedy full of giggles and laughter. Personally, it is Billy, because it is a key point I enjoyed so much though it is said that it is interesting.
Billy perfectly suits my taste, Crystal is my favorite. The unfortunate man descended to his mafia boss was fun ~. While getting a strange eye, I will gradually deepen friendship with Vitti and struggle to get rid of his mental illness. On the other hand, his existence caught on my point of mind, as Mr. Bokono said. I burst out laughing at the shark pool when he was being brought to bait.
On the other hand, a crying mafia boss, Robert De Niro played Vitti. I felt he was a bit scared. But I could enjoy the charm different from the usual astringent though. Is not it unusual to see him crying? I guess it was pretty bad, but since there seems to be this sequel, it probably was popular.
I thought that Merrill Lynch 's commercial that Paul made me cry was a good work. I began to cry together with Paul without thinking. It is weak to parent and child love.
Jelly of a subordinate attached to an unreliable boss also had a good taste. Having such a boss, he seems to be in trouble. I have to force a ben who dislikes him for for him. Let me say that it is due to mind that it seems to be quite enjoyable ....

Overall everything is halfway impression. Laughter is incomplete, drama is halfway, and crying is incomplete. I just wanted to put a little more effort into laughter.
The decky fountain from the house was fun.

2004/08/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42318 Host:42357 Browser: 6459
Clearly I was disappointed, I could not laugh too much.
Later I learned about it in movie magazines, but it seems that this is a work that can be fairly laughing with knowledge of clinical psychology.
Of course I am not interested in that kind of thing, so it's just that this work did not suit you.
In America, it seems that the style of criticizing counselors matched the social situation at that time and it made a big hit.

2004/07/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 3875
It is not a laughable work, but as I said it was a heart - full comedy, there was a subtle laughable thing.
Robert De Niro 's performance is very good.