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Tony Kaye
John Morrissey
Bill Carraro
David McKenna
Anne Dudley
Jon Gary Steele
Alan Heim Jerry Greenberg
Bill Carraro Kearie Peak Steve Tisch Lawrence Turman
Edward Norton
Edward Furlong
Beverly D'Angelo
Avery Brooks
Fairuza Balk
Stacy Keach
Elliott Gould
Ethan Suplee
Guy Torry
Japan Released:1998/10/30(Fri)
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2016/08/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 8320
Mr. Furlong who was not such a funny thing with Mr. Norton at this time,
It seems that it was also a co-starring work by "Futari no Lotte" and "Mr. Edward Mr." ........

The Vineyard family was a setting that the father was shot dead by a black man, and it was not difficult to imagine that it dropped a big dark shadow. It seems that the director such as the black-and-white image which seemed to express the darkness of the deep heart of such a family and slow motion such as that shocking scene of the final stage described later was mainly active in the CM production field,
The technique that impressed strongly was particularly skillful.

Especially it is the older brother Derek (cast Mr. Norton) that is already at the disease level, even the slightest hatred or sadness that was suffering from Neo-Nazi thought deprived such family .......
I thought he was seeking salvation for him, but if I say it well, obediently,
If you speak badly, your subjectivity was weak, so you probably were swallowing immediately. Brother Danny
(Mr. Furlong's cast) also depicted the Japanese story of Hitler's "my fighting" report and it went to the principal office even after more than fifty years since the Second World War, Hitler and It seemed like I was able to tell once again the strength of allergy to Nazis.

Mr. Norton 's acting was also fairly normal, and there was an aura that was shaky. Speaking of that,
There was such a scene even in the movie starring Mr. Yosuke Eguchi which was delivered even in the same gao a while ago, but even in a certain meaningful 'ARE' scene with other prisoners' uncle, I showed pretty much the body hits It would have been a major highlight. (Although there are not a few people who have an aversion to such descriptions themselves)

In the betrayal of the companion who was supposed to be the comrades of white supremacy, there was encounter with the black prisoner fellow (Lamont) that was supposed to be the object of strong hatred, and it was ironic if it became gradually good person ........ It was sarcastic that Danny who was constantly being influenced by Derek in good or bad, was ....... this time.

It was not an end to say that it was a very happy ending, but the fact that the box office income did not grow as much as I thought (?) As compared to the production cost is that Americans seem to like happy end at all, so it is nothing funny It can be said that ....
Recently I often hear sad events such as white guard shot dead black people,
That ending symbolized the seriousness of American society's lesions such as discrimination, race among races, conflict between strata and strata. Today, which has been nearly twenty years since publication, has not changed at all, so it is unnecessary ... but,
It seemed as if I had reassessed a big "homework" for every citizen.
Well for a certain real estate king it will be completed even if it takes years, it will be "too high" homework you will not be able to submit, but for Japanese people these conflicts are not related to fire on the other side, why are different people hate each other? Can you do it once and think about seriously thinking about each one and discussing it ... or is it ...?
Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2009/12/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4496 Host:4258 Browser: 7213
It is a very heavy work that questions racial discrimination problems that are not familiar in Japan, and what is at the root of it.

First of all, Edward who plays Derek, overwhelming performance of Norton. A number of tattoos including a hook cross are given, and a trained flesh and a shaved head. At the same time it is intimidating and very cool.
Derek with a lucid brain is a charismatic among white supremacist groups, and there is a unique attraction that is pulled in unexpectedly in the agitation speech before raiding a supermarket run by a Korean. In the scene where this neo-Nazi group fights a basketball game with a black group, the body is dynamic, the sweat is scattered, and it is a beautiful afterimage. Reni: Footage emphasizing the beauty of the white race's body, reminiscent of Liefenstarr's "will victory".
However, it also tells the horror of Neo - natism. The ideals they talk about will be pleasant to the ear from the white people 's point of view. But, when its beauty deprives the soul, a terrible trap is waiting. Even the power to think on my own head is taken away by the agitator's hands. Yes, even Derek who was supposed to be a charisma, in fact, was actually the one to be manipulated by the black curtain called Cameron.

A scene of a basketball game is good, and a scene where Derek is committed by a white man in a prison, and it has a overwhelming power in the image. During the show time, you will not get bored at all and will be drawn to the screen. Also, the bumping of the characters' raw emotions shakes the heart. Even though my son who was supposed to be an obedient good child became a discriminationist, and even though he was put in prison with committing a murder, even my brother is sick enough to get infatuated The mourning of my mother who witnessed trying to walk on the road.
The principal's line of words, "Hatred made you happy?" Will echo in mind.

The great thing about this work is that it depicts the fact that such a white supremacistic movement exists, calmly, and that is why it was born.
It is supposed that Derek ran to Neonachism because the father was killed by the black people, but as the movie goes on, it turns out that it is not the only cause in fact.
Derek and Danny 's father was a straight - forward example citizen. However, among such ordinary humans, the reality that discrimination consciousness is hidden is drawn.
In the United States, there is a thing called "affirmative. Action", preferential treatment of minorities is preferential, and if the same achievement, colored race can preferentially enter university, it seems that number of people of people type is established . The same is true of employment, the fathers of Derek and Dani felt angry at such a situation of reverse discrimination, and eventually let the discrimination consciousness be raised. Discrimination consciousness is an episode skillfully depicting that it is born very naturally by social circumstances and propagated from parent to child even in good fellow human beings (though of course, with discrimination consciousness It does not mean that it is good ...).

However, the ending that showed that Derek and Danny came out of a biased thinking of white supremacy, and did not finish with hail, hatred and discrimination so easily disappear from American society is heavy.
The fact that once hatred has hugged will not make anyone happy, eventually losing what they cherish forever with that reward. It was a sad and banging echo just as it was the story about Derek and Danny's brotherly love ... But in such a tragedy, the words of Danny's finished report make me feel a little hope But there was.

2006/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32482 Host:32376 Browser: 5234
Work that became a topic among some critics. Finally I watched it.

The impression that I finished watching was "Well, more like this ...".
An ambitious work treating social problems straight from the story of brothers of white supremacists.
At that time, starring Edward Norton's performance was acclaimed.

In conclusion, it was worthy of praise that the theme of racial discrimination was dealt with. The creator side did not run away at all,
Because I knew it was trying to discuss this problem from the top.
However, if I summarized the theme well in the story and gave persuasive power and deepness, it seems to have a question mark.

For example, my brother Danny who worships the main character Derek. Derek is a racist with charismatic charm and strength, and obviously his younger brother Danny also beat his thoughts, and for him the older brother becomes his own identity itself. For three years when Derek who shot a black man was subject to sentence, Danny further increased the bias towards that thought. Nonetheless, after giving away, the older brother noticed his mistake through experience in the prison, just letting Danny hear his experiences on Danny for only a few nights, Danny abandoned discrimination thought It's gone. Is not it too easy? I wanted one cushion if I could.

Also, the existence of a washing husband of a black person reaching out to Derek where neither white group nor black group got in jail within prison.
He is a valuable person who can be said as the only hope of light in a heavy story, but I do not know why he will help Derek so much. Not being convinced of the reason "I am a friend and a friend", another reason, why did he have the power to control both white and black groups?
(Perhaps there may have been a key in his first appearance scene, "I am a pants clerk, which is the most scary thing here, because it is holding the prisoners' pants." But this neighborhood It is not clear in the end)

And, the rapid expansion of the last. That ending will not exceed the audience's expectations, and in a sense it may be a typical bad-end. It is nice, but I feel that the reasons for getting there is still loose.
It is clear that Danny and the African group were in a conflict relationship, but Danny did not give harm to the black gangs. Even though it is a blistering air, it is unlikely that the reason for just obscurating sudden Danny shot is suggested. Conversely Derek is actually killing the gangs, so you know if he is killed "as retaliation". (Or I can not deny that killing my brother as a retaliation against Derek, but I could not find a scene that at least has such motivation in the play.) Because Danny is a member of White supremacy, he was killed Although it seems to be though, (that the top of the member is actually being attacked) It is unclear whether that black boy was feeling hatred to him so far. Personally it seemed to be "that eyelashes eyesore".
Even if I get to the end of the result as a result, I definitely wanted to say "Why Danny?" (I think that it is too weak with just the trouble in the opening toilet)

Although I put various difficulties, I personally think that this type of movie has a meaning, so do not do bad scoring. Rather, it may have been disappointing due to excessive expectation.
On the contrary, the above-mentioned doubts cited in the meaning "If it showed this point well with persuasive power, it was a better movie".

By the way, if you mention the elements of good impression, Norton of Derek role is also coloring.
Especially in the first half skinhead Harken Kreuz 's chest He is fierce. The scenes that the black gangs who attacked at home are crowded in the blood festival instantly with precise judgment power, precise shooting technique, calm will will be extinguished with only one person. The trained body, strong will, basketball game is nothing but a masterpiece.
In a sense it can be said that the dangerous charm and euphoria of the racist are superbly projected but that is why we succeeded in convincing Derek who was aware of our mistake in the second half I think that.
At the same time, music is very impressive. Despite being daunting and disturbing, there was something coming up somewhere.
Overall, I am drawn to the attitude that I tried to draw serious subject matter seriously. It is said to be good.

2006/03/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
It's a very message-oriented movie.
Starring Edward Norton is awesome.
Derek who is active as a leader, acting whose impression of Derek after his departure changes 180 degrees is a must-see.

Story is a movie depicting Caucasian supremacy and human rights discrimination.
I grasp the discrimination problem right from the front and interweave the views of denial and affirmative intersection drawing the discrimination problem from various perspectives.
The movie itself depicts a process centered on his elder brother as seen from his brother's point of view. It is drawn beautifully, such as motion images, because the director is making commercials for the core business.
It depicts in detail the past events that Derek ran to supremacy, the fact that my father was strongly aware of discrimination, and the process of raising him to the leader rating from various elements.
However, not only black people attack the market operated by Mexican people, and the point that damage is not only black people is deep.
The reminiscence he entered in jail would have become an important process.
Derek was disgusted by the black people talking relentlessly, because everyone is treated as a sinner whether in black or white even in the prison, but friendship will sprout by communicating everyday, and to colleagues with whites side It seems that it was the most shocking and deep rooted event from the perspective of Derek who receives violence on the contrary by being friends with the black people.
The past recollection scenes are drawn as monochrome, but it is said that it is not only that there are only two colors, white and black as it is monochrome, that it is never white and black never intersected I felt.
Nothing comes from anger, those from anger are only regrets and tragedies.
A word Sweeney said is probably the word that Derek rescued.

In short, what is prejudice and discrimination ... Derek is also a prison, and it is a fact in the prison. By talking to the black people at the workplace, it has been determined that it has become friends and looks and others, and prejudice and discrimination It is born and never cross.
I do not have discrimination and prejudice on its own, and human rights discrimination is also in Japan, but it has not been deemed deeply problematic in America.
Because America is an aggregate of countries where many races gather, it is considered to be a big problem, racial discrimination does not happen much from Japan consisting of a single race.

And the last is shocking ... It is hardly impossible to think that it will result in such a tragedy having a root with a little thing.
Did you want to say that the discrimination problem is a social problem that continues to be viewed as a problem forever because of confusion?
Although it is also discrimination, rather than "gun" that a small boy can easily have is the biggest problem in American society, it felt so.
The contents are heavy and deep movies. The "crash" that picked up the discrimination problem the other day took the Academy Awards, it is also an interesting theme and it is worth a visit.