[Movie]Albert Nobbs

PG-12(Advice is necessary for less than 12 years old)
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Movie rank of 2013 Rank 34in 232 titles
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Rodrigo Garcia
Bonnie Curtis Julie Lynn Alan Moloney Glenn Close
Pierre-Francois Bernet
George Moore Gabriella Prekop John Banville
Michael McDonough
Patrizia von Brandenstein
Pierre-Yves Gayraud
Steven Weisberg
Brian Byrne
Sinéad O'Connor
Mia Wasikowska
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Janet McTeer
Brendan Gleeson
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Pauline Collins
Bronagh Gallagher
Brenda Fricker
Japan Released:2013/01/18(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2011
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2014/02/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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At first I thought that it was good, but thought it seemed like a really good work as I think about it.

After all, there is a place which develops suddenly in the story, it does not mean that there is such a large content that it is relaxed and it is impressed with the plainness, and the last is too bad and it does not coalesce or it does not put together. There is a way to end it, there are places where I understand depictions slightly, especially where the main characters are thinking about what they are thinking and why they act like that and how strange things are all around them, and the moment they are watching and watching it It seemed like a work I do not know well as I do not remember much.

But while thinking for a while it felt so messed up that the main character existed, I felt that my way of thinking is expressing my way of thinking and I think that this is real, I wonder if that clumsiness or what I felt like I was thinking about what I did not understand, I was touched very slowly that Mr. Albert was a life.

Although I was assaulted at the age of 14 and then escaped from poverty, I have been living in men for 30 to 40 years, living for 30 to 40 years, probably imagining I did not know love and did not come romance I think that.

So I do not know the way to love and I do not know how to contact people, so I did not understand, not intentionally doing things like pushing my own feelings or going ahead and thinking about the other's feelings It was.

So, as soon as I start dating I will say that you are going to have a shop suddenly, or what you are saying if you do it from the other party you feel like what you are talking about, you cut off marrying as if you were not even connecting kissing hands Or a person who is dressed as another person besides the hero appears but when his dear beloved wife dies saying not to comfort but let's live together, not knowing the feeling of love, not to mention the feeling of love I wonder if there was only recognition as setting somewhere.

Naturally it does not understand this way of thinking from the viewer naturally and there is no reason to understand this way of thinking, and I thought that another male person is married to a woman only loving thought that he is not a hero but only a humanistic thought, Since there is no idea what kind of thing is going to be a woman with a woman in the first place in the first place, there is an ordinary sense and deviation from the viewer side.

In other words, I thought that it is a realistic depiction of the main character, which is a hero's unknown word of mouth.

There is also a feeling that I am watching a child who knows nothing really, such as a scene that is innocently wearing a woman's dress and it is about to be said for the first time and a scene that weep like a young child, and gradually love I will come up with it.
Even if I do not know what the love is like I do not know what kind of expressions or words, sadness and loneliness are transmitted.

Although it is painful to end in a totally bad story, I thought whether the main character was used for women for gold that was saved or the loneliness was a way to express that way of life as a men's clothing.

There was a depiction like a last wind, but I felt that the ephemeral life of manhood and the meaning that I finally got freedom was put in it.

It is truly a feeling of the way of life of the hero, a depiction which is polite that can not show off is being done and it is a boy 's eyes or something, but various hints like appealing to make you feel something are being dragged, but nothing I did not say, I also felt that it represents the hero who is hiding it, and there is a line of sight for the hero who saw it from around, there is a hero who saw himself and the hero who is objectively looking for good I thought that it was a work that depicted the hero itself as the title was.

The hero definitely existed there, but I felt loneliness and frankness that I thought as if it existed as though it had disappeared.

Although it has meaning to be a boy even though it has been reborn as a boy, although it ends easily, I do not know at first at the feeling that it was okay with this, but if I chew, the taste seeped so much that I could understand it and I could understand it It became a remaining work.
The way of finishing this crispy finish was also expressing the workability, there was a goodness that I could not show off to think a lot.