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Paul Haslinger
Anastas N. Michos
Christina Ricci Yuko Kaida
Justin Long Makoto Yasumura
LIAM NEESON Takayuki Sugo Miwa Kohinata
Josh Charles
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Outside Japan :Released:2009/11/07
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2015/08/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7904
People who served as Anna seemed to have appeared in famous movies in Japan such as the Adams family series and Casper etc. in the early career but it seemed that it was also impossible for this film to be unpublished at a different theater from those .

The main character is Liam, Elliot who plays Mr. Nison, in fact ..........
But it was skillful to imply others' feelings. If you oppose him, any human beings will be deceived, not being afraid or not feeling, of course there is no responsibility at all by Mr. Negason, but then, if that is the case, I will start to feel more uncomfortable I wanted a punch that would work.
After all it was "Son Goku dancing with Buddha's palm", Anna, Paul,
It seems that it was runaway by half way and it is a feeling that spurred extra something insufficiently.
Anna 's naked appearance was also alive halfway and neither poison nor medicine.
If it does anything, I'm sorry to inquire about other works but maybe I wanted you to prepare a display like Mr. Riko Kikuchi at "Babel"?

In the final stage, Benjamin Button also got a good skill of acting as a child of a child role of Jack acting with Burapi with Brahimi, and there was something that Paul attracted in the end though it was predicting , It was too late to recover the development until the midfield that was a bad day. It was a subtle one as Mr. Nison's main work. If he and the child of the child role were not present, I think that the evaluation was already down one step.

2015/05/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22077 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
It was a suspense horror movie starring Liam. Neeson.

Paul of the hero goes far in relation of work, Anna who thought that it would cut out a separate story jumped out and went out with a crazy car, but it caused an accident, died soon I will excuse you.

Then, in a closed room of a mystery, it was why it was revived by a feeling like a zombie somehow, but I was forced to bitter smile unexpectedly why this was again a naked figure.

Speaking of nakedness Paula saw a naked figure of Anna even though it was a nightmare, but the next moment I saw him as taking out his heart with my own hand and it was grotesque itself .

Since it was with erotic suspense, I was worried about what kind of things I was watching and watching it, but there certainly was a service scene, but the face of the heroine girls themselves was spooky, and the above-mentioned grand scene There was also there, and to be honest it was not as much as I thought.

And at the climax I was surprised that Paul was reunited with Anna but it was an unexpected punch line, but I was impressed that it was a subtle work on the whole.

Evaluation is "ordinary".

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