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Rob Reiner
Aaron Sorkin
Marc Shaiman
Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson Demi Moore
Hirotaka Suzuoki Kiyoshi Kobayashi Gara Takasima
Japan Released:1993/02/20(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1992/12/11
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2013/05/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1207 Host:964 Browser: 4179
[good point]
〓〓〓s a work to pose as a problem or as an entertainment work, the story was as good as it did without any hesitation. While holding down as a legitimate thing with the chitin, the personality characterization of the characters is also moderately solid, hint collection is brilliant. The goodness of the tempo of development and the height of other potentials are also there, and the overall completeness is very high.
〓〓〓lso, the response of the conversation between people is also interesting itself. It was good that the lines of human beings full of human readings to read between lines increased reality. Humor is also beneficial and I think that scenes that are unwaveringly intrusive are good for being born with lightness.
〓〓〓cting as a masterpiece by gorgeous actors who are superior to the completion of the story. Tom who played the main character Tom playing the cruel skill as well as Demi Moore's talented acting, Jack, Nicholson's plentiful presence and plenty of performance, anyway because the overall performance quality is high, it holds sweat in hands I was born firmly about the presence.
Characteristic of each character is also good. The main character.It is a character that has a hot passion of Kafi, it is also nice, and a Galloway with a sense of justice that is straight forward, Colonel Jezepo like a commander of a better or a bad fighter, as a friend, while making friends with Kaafy As Justice Prosecutor, Jack who works cold and cold, each personality is solidly standing, and it is also good that their personality is not intrusive.
〓〓〓amera work was brilliant, and I helped firmly improve the completeness of the work.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓ince important information is orally flushed from one to the next, it is difficult to grasp information a bit. Individual information is important factor in court materials, so I wanted this arrangement to be organized a little more carefully.
Also, because we advance on the premise that there is some knowledge of the military (especially about Marines and code red) and trials, it is difficult not to enjoy too much if there is no prior knowledge.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Rob Liner director. A work of a courtroom thing sent in a gorgeous cast as super cute. I think that it was a movie boasting overwhelming quality as well as camera performance, screenwriting as well as casting performance.

Anyhow, there is no other work which made this entertainment pleasantness and message quality compatible. The flow of the story, punch line, goodness of tempo is no longer fierce. Besides, the masterpieces of the actors are full of realism and superb camera work, and it is perfectly high completeness anyway.
Especially the set of casts is luxurious as it gets super-supervised when you see it now. Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jack, Nicholson, Kevin and Bacon, as well as key players who can play leading roles, aside Sutherland, Kevin Polak, JT Walsh, etc. Anyway luxurious.

As a disadvantage, on the premise that there is some preliminary knowledge to enjoy the work, the ability to grasp the information flowing one after another is necessary. Especially because development is relatively fast with respect to the amount of information, I think that it is quite difficult to grasp while viewing. Around this time, I hoped that I could sacrifice a little more tempo so I wanted to organize the information. (The face and name of a foreigner may be due to difficulty to remember from Japanese, but ...).

Rob was a work rendered a new reminder of the high level of director director Liner. I do not want to be a movie fan but I also want to see it.
Evaluation is "highest!"

2013/03/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36387 Host:36284 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Personally, the courtroom has a long image, but this work was gathered in about an hour and a half and I was able to see the tempo well and crisply well.

The snappy movements of the soldiers at the beginning were as ordinary as a robot, and it was really elegant, so it had been rewound many times in succession (laugh).

There was also somewhat boring development, but the bargaining since the court began is interesting.

Among other things, in such a courtroom, Captain Kaafi, who looked like he had eaten people, was bewildering and drinking bewilderingly impressive, but with the scolding of Major Galloway again the switch entered It will lead to a violent bargaining in the courtroom with Colonel Jessep in the second half, so it can be said that this area is the main point.

Although Colonel Jessep was calm at first, he was a superior officer to the lieutenant of Kaafi so he got drunk after using honorifics and used himself as a judge to tell the presiding judge that he was being touched with exactly the same words as he said What a strange way. As a result, Kaafi was able to overturn a disadvantage, but this scene is a sign of that.

The calm last that greeted in a quiet court left a lingering finish as a conclusion of its painful scenario.

Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2012/02/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7353
"You do not understand the truth"

The director is "Misery", "Stand bye bye", Rob of "The best guardian of life".

Tom Cruise and Jacques Nicholson's amazing match in court.
The actors who stiffen the side are also luxurious.
I feel that there are few rapists on court things personally individually. I think that it is because the goodness of the tempo and the serif stabbing a scissor person are coming a long way in the genre where the serif is important.

I think that it was better to talk in the play about the last thing that tends to speak a little bit more, and whether it is code red or not.

For those who like this movie, "Doubt ~ Compensation for False ~", "Some Murder" is recommended.
"Philadelphia", "Go to Smith City" may be good.

2006/04/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5872 Browser: 5237
It was obediently funny. Although it is a so-called court play, Tom took self-confidence in defaming without showing such a bearish fog at the court while aware of things that there was no hope of winning.The cruise was quite cool.

I did not get tired of the bullish attitude like having eaten people in the courtroom and the gap between bearish attitude that desperately desperately trying hard and outworking strategies with the fellows are well drawn.

Interactions in the court are quite painful and have noticeable effects. Tom, who is never seriously deeply innocent, and who fights good while fighting or turning over the argument of the prosecution with an irreverently bad attitude is speaking of irreverence. The appearance of cruise itself is painful.

However, the last code I felt that the scene to reveal the existence of Red was too small for me, that is a shame.
It is recommended movie for those who like logical development.

2004/12/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8436 Host:8688 Browser: 4483
* In October 2007 it was corrected to sentences as the format example.

I do not like the film of the court so much, but this was another.

[good point]

Normal tempo is good

Cafi of the protagonist, a new lawyer at first seemed unreliable, but I denied female soldiers, Galloway and / or group lynch who pictured seriously to the last - the way you grew through interaction with Colonel Jessup, who was irritated by arrogance, tempo I was liked because it was well drawn.

Dubbing voice actors

Hiroshi Suzui, who had been dubbed with the original possessions, Takashima Tora (Kanji characters are not known). Kobayashi Kiyoshi's favorable performances are also one of the high points. That said, these three sides were originally the same office ... ......
Now that Mr. Suzuzu passed away, the co-starter has not come true yet ............

[Bad point]

Especially not.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A good performance by the main actors was wonderful, of course, but more than that the acting of veteran dubbed voice actors was the highlight. If you are watching it, I recommend you to watch it in the Japanese dubbed version. Evaluation will revise respect to their voiceover dubbing voice actor, and I will correct it to "very good".

2004/09/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
A murder case occurred at the US military Guantanamo Marine Corps base near the border with Cuba. Kaafi of the Deputy Legal Counsel 's Defense Department, who was in charge of defending the case, will begin the investigation with the assistant Wineberg and the Galloway of the internal research department. Three people find out that there is a unique command within the corps called "code R" within the examination. It was sanction added to those who broke the military. Kaafi tried to do judicial deal with the prosecutor 's side easily, but jumped to the base which became the site and noticed the contradiction of this case by hearing the circumstances to the commander Jesup.

I thought it was difficult for me to understand the mechanism of the military so I thought it would be difficult for me, but even if all the characters were soldiers and I understood that the relationship was absolutely superior, I could smoothly enter the rest afterwards.
It is worth seeing the truth of the incident becomes evident. I was curious how interesting it was, I was able to come up with an impulse to see the next development soon. Good impression of the tempo where the three people prepare for the trial was also a good impression.
Mechanical soldiers' virtuosity is amazing from the opening. The skill to skillfully move this gun is a sort of completed art. I was strangely convinced that this was an army.
I think that it was quite good also to exchange the serious and incompatible Galloway with the enthusiasm Kimi who was a tad child. I got the impression that each other collided and grew each other. Demi Moore's serious female soldier is not bad either. It seemed unlikely to be pure.
But Jesse Jessup's role Jack Nicholson! His arrogant attitude can be angry at any moment. If you do such a role, there will be no one to go to the right of him. That is perfect, it is just like, I am addicted. I think this is wonderful, but I was hated and I could not help it.
Cuba as a witness role, Gooding.Jr and Noah. Wiley appeared. The protagonists are also luxurious, but you can not miss the supporting role.
The last interaction between Kafi and Jessup is impressive. Especially the scene where Jessup was excited and rolled up was impressive. I am surprised because this is Nicholson's ad-lib. After preparing your heart properly, please see his actor soul.
Because the after court of this hand has good aftertaste, I like it quite well. But I was concerned that Tom Cruise opened his mouth with Pokan.

2004/06/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23537 Host:23438 Browser: 3875
In the movie of legal stuff, it is quite a favorite movie.
A new lawyer from Tom Cruise who is a new lawyer will confront with the colonel of the military in legal terms in order to approach the truth of the collective Lynch murder case that occurred in the military. Jack to deny the existence of the collective lynch while treating Tom Cruise completely as a little boy Nicholson's buddiness improves the tension of suspense. The charm of Demi Moore who keeps scolding Tom Cruise is also quite good.
If you think that Tom Cruise whose head seems not to be very good looks like "I will not settle in ordinary trials," this new lawyer will kill the home run at the end of the last. Scenario also well cast, I was able to appreciate this many times in the video.

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