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Brit Marling
William Mapother
Robin Lord Taylor
Outside Japan :Released:2011/01/24
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2013/10/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I thought it was a while but I thought that the end was over with a feeling like throwing it endlessly meaningless or personally meaningless.

This punch is also good, but it is not there as myself.
What I thought that I wanted to do this work was a contrivance by overlaying the unexpectedness of appealing to put realistic content in SF and the SF setting and realistic content.
That is why I absolutely wanted to solve it with realistic content, but I wanted to have it, but I left behind the contents of it and returned it to SF-like punch.

For that reason, it seemed useless what I had drawn the story carefully and depicted so far, and although it was a science fiction SF, although the reality content was interesting, it faded with that reality.

A story similar to the earth approaches the story and the main character's girl accidents and kills the other's wife, son and stomach kid while watching it.
After visiting the victim, I will visit the apartment to apologize, but I will not apologize and will work as a sweeping shop at that house (with my identity hidden) for the oncoming and reparation.

It is a common pattern that it seems likely to be seen if only this, but adding the setting that the star similar to the earth is close to it is adding originality.

If some sort of doctor communicates with the star that closely resembles the planet, a reply from myself comes back and you can see that there is another one there.

I am trying to see the existence of myself objectively whether this is an important point and that the other myself is living a different life or what I think of seeing myself who caused the accident.
I thought of not having anything to suffer from guilt and dying, but I wanted to meet another person and applied for a space travel to go to that star.

The delicate relationship between the victim's male and the hero's girl was also carefully drawn and it was also good to explain the relationship and feelings of the two people to something.
For example, a story about a man who went to space for the first time, since it began to be able to hear the sound from one time, I did not mind at first, but as I gradually became uncomfortable and heard even if my ears were blocked, but I decided to love that sound Then the sound came to be comfortable comfortably.

This tells you that you accept love rather than hating or suffering your opponent, expressing the kind of mind.
This hint begins to live, and the man does not know the identity of the girl, but the scene where the two love each other seemed to be artistic or even mysterious, full of emotions of girls.
Men also wanted to distract the loneliness and suffering that lost their families, and there was a sense that there was a composition of a girl who took it in the presence of intense guilt in a certain sense.

Comparing the other going to the stars to a cave, some men entered the cave and only one was coming back, but no one believed the story of that man.
With the girls who are suffering each other at the perpetrators and the victims and who are expressing the mind in the dark darkness, the long tunnel and wishing to change something by going to another earth, nothing changed as it is A man who wants to be a girl who tries to stop girls from going to stars.

It is good that it was good to overlay the Earth and another earth, like the distance between two people far apart like this heaven and the earth (stand), but a similar mind represents the Earth and another Earth I thought.

There is something like a hint in the work, it is dangerous to go to another earth, perhaps because the two sides may go to ruin, it seems that they represent the relationship between the two It was.

There is a foreshadow that the grandfather of the same sweeping shop appeared on the way, there is no hope of doing anything to do a sweeper, and that grandfather has no explanation but probably has something to do with bleach or something on your face and ears I will not do it.
Since the girl tried to die, I understood the feeling of that grandfather, and traced him as a finger to the palm of his grandfather "I forgive myself".
This scene was also good and there are things that are transmitted more because I explain the girl's feelings through my grandfather.

As these contents were good, it was deep, philosophical and setting was done well, only the rest was the last.

Since I painted the sufferings of perpetrators and victims all along, I ended without showing a solution to the relationship between the two parts of how to recover.
I wanted to show the answer because I suffered all the time so I wanted to show the answer, if there was not any message nor anything left, the part of the relationship between the two feel the feeling that the girls told the truth and the distance has gone away So there was no meaning to anything.

There is meaning and it is interesting if we only look at pearls but it was not the punch we expected.

It feels like a work that I personally did but failed to become a masterpiece.