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Don E. FauntLeRoy Alison Semenza
Devid Hasselhoff JOHN RHYS DAVIES Anthony Green
Outside Japan :Released:2008/07/26
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2016/01/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2416 Host:2363 Browser: 5171
A hero of the biohazard rather than a scholar.
This is the first impression of the hero of this work.

The story started from the site where the pair of giant Anaconda escaped from the facility of a pharmaceutical company that is studying anaconda with the previous work "Immortal Orchid"
Amanda and Pinkas who survived along with the hunters heading for the elimination of Anaconda, the pattern of the previous work is a pattern position that fellows betray on the way.

First of all, serpents that penetrate the human body at the end of the tail, snakes attacking humans looking into ventilation openings, a floor rolling corpse that does not seem like being killed by a snake,
Eating only the neck without drinking a circle, the depiction that the snake kills the prey, such as the goat falling from the ceiling eaten by snakes, is more grotesque than the previous two works,
The perfection degree of the picture is also low enough to understand at a glance with CG.

Besides, although it is a scholar, Amanda of appearance like the hero of the biohazard from the beginning, Chairman of a pharmaceutical company who is pinpin in the late stage cancer,
Even if the professors say "escape" Amanda stops foot where it got out of the room, hunters who can not see in special forces,
The hunters who demonstrate the leadership that does not betray their appearance, the mothers who do not notice that the serpent has crossed behind, the last thing to say "I will make a continuation"
Many Tsukkomi places.

Therefore, the evaluation is "very bad".

2015/06/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15194 Browser: 7868
I knew for the first time with a preliminary announcement at a certain road show, but it was made up to the fourth work.
What is this anaconda series?

First of all, heroine, researcher 's habit of rough sportswoman in shape, well Well that' s just it. Although I said that I was a lone person who caused a huge Anaconda riot called Oh, I did not dig into the confrontation with my own work.
I also tried to describe a minimal amount of such places, but also other things.

Late Orson in his later life Orsson, who looked like Mr. Wells, was also a stereotypical ogre, but his men, who were similar to Syria's Assad president,
It was incomprehensible to say that it was impossible to reply on each occasion with a heroin halfway halfway, and even if the hunters were attacked it was almost impossible to respond. Even if you do not have it separately, it will hardly change.

Speaking of hunters, scenes and others that were attacked by Anaconda one by one after another were also unfurnished in a good way that they were grossly grown in half-baked again, so that they did not become poisoned or medicine either It was a good thing. The fear of such anaconda, the threat was the best showroom.

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Assad presidential supporters seemed to be supporting the heroine, he was incompetent as I repeat, climax of confrontation with Mr. Ozi, who seemed to have been dignified as Hermatt. Although it was supposed to be, it was a weakness in the shovel which the evil scene was also almost the same as the other class B movies and less.

Wells Mr. Ozi and others think that they are healthy, as far as listening to Mr. Katl 's story it seems that it was a connection to "4" ...... John Mr. Voite's villain stood character Although "1" and "2" were not so prominent as to be appreciated,
This "3" was more subtle than that. Evaluation is "very bad".