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SAM MENDES Bruce Cohen Dan Jinks Alan Ball Conrad L. Hall Thomas Newman
Kevin Spacey Annette Bening Thora Birch Wes Bentley
Mena Suvari Peter Gallagher Chris Cooper Allison Janne Scott Bakula
Sam Robards
Japan Released:2000/04/29(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1999/09/08
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2011/09/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7291
Directed by Sam Mendes. Starring is Kevin Spacey.
As a story, it is not unusual to draw it as a work depicting a diluted family which is quite a lot in Japanese work, but it is a work that draws a line in terms of how to draw.
Drawing comical content that tends to be dark due to the delusion of the hero etc, comical skill using the video camera skillfully, etc. are directing a play space and it is very innovative. In addition, it skillfully incorporates guns, narcotics, sexual disorder, homosexuality into the story, which is a contemporary problem of America, and has finished content appropriate for the title crowned with American by having a symbolic role. Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider is a work that skillfully used guns and drugs as a symbolic and narrative device.
Examining it, it is American title of the title.Beauty is a kind of a rose breed, and this rose also helps direct the scene of the main character's delusion in the story. I thought that the rose which clearly expresses the delusions throughout all the time it is actually a good production that the roof of the end and the friend of the daughter are used in the scene in the real world approaching.
I was skillful in composition, I thought that the top scene was led to the final stage but I felt it was delicious. Even with Babel, this configuration is made to make it unnoticeable for the viewer to be realized casually, but in terms of being able to predict Babel is better. However, in the top scene it is a role as an introduction to stimulate viewers with shocking questions and to bring them into work by making them uneasy, whereas in the final stage this scene receives the content of the story and gives a completely different impression It is wonderful in that it gives a really meaningful role to the scenes leading to it, and it can be said that this one is wonderful in that it has the effect of directing a story.
It is also wonderful that the last is also tricky, shocking and beautiful. I think that the scene which overlooks the last town and draws was a wonderful production which makes geometric constitution beauty feeling contrasting with the beginning in terms of structure and meaning.
If it criticizes one, is the depiction about homosexuality not matching the atmosphere of the final stage? It's a serious scene but it makes me laugh. As a Japanese person by all means I feel strange, not anger, in the word gay.
I think that the screenwriter is confessing that he is gay, and he seems to have a lot of content, so it may be inevitable. Well I guess this is a big difference in culture.
Please see the works that won the Academy Award Work Prize with suppressed Green Mile and Six Sense.

2010/11/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18359 Host:18482 Browser: 3876
I stopped thinking about the difficult things and laughed at the stupid behavior of this work Kevin Spacey. I was looking forward to it for the full story.

Other than that the son of a Jewish family was good. It was very pleasant that my daughter friend who is falling in love with Space fell asleep as stupid as to not seeing himself. I think that it is a bit stupid to put it out one by one, but it was a speech to make it look crazy for a self-conscious excessive woman. Actually Spacey has fallen into its charm, though. There was something to stick to the attitude of deciding the values 〓〓〓〓〓f men. Certainly there is a part of justice, but that does not make head smacky.

Even so, Spacey, who is excited by her friends who listen to her girls' conversation about their charm, was interesting. In response to that word, I started to train my body, I stopped the company and worked at a hamburger shop. I was having fun watching Spacey who came out from the beginning. I finally bought marijuana from my son next to me and is getting high. I dreamed of having fun with my daughter's friend and seeing Spicy that every day seemed happy was funny.

Spacey seemed to have been pleased when he could finally make an ordinary uncle, but a quite strange man.

There was a place where I felt happy when I saw Spacey which every day seemed to be fun while thinking that it was strange.

Eventually this story also ends with a confession with my friend's virgin. I received a lot of this stuff. If there was a storytelling interesting part, I think that I will raise here as much as possible.

Last is that the father of the next soldier is the same gay as myself, believing in a conversation with Spacey (this exchange is also interesting) and if it attacked in the original it will be killed by an old man who has been refused and disappeared Closing the curtain by expansion. It was a story that flew by a feeling that it faded throughout the whole day.

In fact I think that there are collapses of families in America, etc., but I was looking forward to having laughed Spacey 's comedy comfortably during the movie. I was enjoying the appearance of Spacey who started to have fun because it was tasty to say comedy.

What I could not understand was my son, who takes the picture of the last plastic bag dancing. I wonder what it meant for this. I also thought it was a title, I thought that beauty was it for him, I do not know well.

2010/05/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39708 Host:39592 Browser: 10712
Contrary to the title (?) It was a movie cinically drawn in American society's lesion through the collapse of a typical middle-class family.

While the hero who did not do anything well such as family relation and restructuring recommendation was still good inside the husband's classmate of his daughter is still good, it is a career woman, a drug purchase from Ricky, a neighbor who moved to the house His wife's affair, a video shooter at Leicester home shutting down in the room, Ricky who was handling drug trafficking, his father's Fitz who seemed to be a soldier (?) Violent habit ... ... .
No, as far as having confidences this way it would be strange to be crazy or there was reality. And at the end the hero will lose not only his family but also his life, but I was able to say that it was the last thing that appealed well to "the fault of repair that you can understand after it disappears." Even though it was a heavy theme, I thought that the balanced scenes were not overly necessary since the scenes that made me laugh, including the scenes of scenes that made skillful viewing effects brought about by the deep red roses, were properly inserted.
Kevin, the hero's role, Mr. Spacey also said that there was a lot of emotional expression and so on, or the acting was skillful as usual. I think that there were no other miscasts especially for other people.

"American beauty" is a truly ironic work title, but Japanese families have never been unrelated to the Leicester family appearing in this work, but it was certainly a movie that made me think. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2009/05/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26251 Host:26365 Browser: 9125
[good point]
Kevin Spacey 's performance is very good.
There is thematicity and message nature.

[Bad point]
Especially nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Work that expresses pathology of American society well.
Family collapse, cheating, restructuring, drugs, abuse, children with psychosis. Homosexuality, the pathology of these American societies are depicted in the Burnham family and the Fitz family.
However, these two families are typical middle-class families of Americans and Americans will aim for it.
And I also want to pay attention to both that it is a white family.
It can be thought that it is drawn by projecting an American society to a white family.
In other words, I think that this movie is incompatible with the American society in which various pathologies are prevalent, the American society which whitish people have developed, although there is no spiritual satisfaction even if it is economically wealthy .
The title of American beauty also feels irony to the virtual image seen by Americans.
And when I noticed it was already late ..
Well, it is a movie made because the British are the director.

2009/03/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5292
In the 72nd Academy Awards, he won 5 awards such as the work prize.
A work that depicts the family collapse of a salaryman, Leicester (Kevin Spacey) in a cheerful and cynical fashion.
In the title of beauty, the portrayal which makes you feel a truly beauty and the sarcastic uglyness is confused. The existence of Leicester is a clown in this work, and it is comically drawn as a typical human having a combination of beauty and ugliness. Among them, libido and desire for self-manifestation are drawn as representatives of ugly ones. Most of the characters are dominated by libido and libido. It is easy to understand case, but most of its development is fun and it is not fun. Regarding the episodes of Leicester and Angela (Mina. Sverry), Angela 's utmost effort to stretch out and complex is drawn so much that it is the most impressive of this work.
Rykey's pure feelings are freshly drawn for Leicester's daughters, Jane (Zora Birch) and Ricky (Wes. Bentley).
The backside of the human heart is a weakness of a human being in a sense, laughing away its weakness, and gently showing that there is beauty there. I laughed away the word beauty and wanted to show something that glows small on the other side. The beauty of Leicester could only shine in the form of his death, although it feels like escaping a bit, it should not be a work based on a black jokes.

2009/03/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34045 Browser: 2060(Mobile)
It is a masterpiece of Torajimi comedy sharply gouged with skillful exaggeration and ridicule of a free world, a feeling of frustration peculiar to a person who lives in a materially satisfying society, a sense of incompetence.
Adults and children who appear here are thinking obsessively and neuroticly as "they are not free" and "their desires are not satisfied" while abandoning the mediocre life in seeking a feeling of satisfaction of raw While trying to act as desire goes, it can not be satisfied no matter how far it goes. It is exactly the polar of nihilism. The only satisfying expression is a gay couple and Kevin, the moment of death, a paradox of Spacey only.
It is a common problem in society that never achieved in America alone, including Japan, achieved some degree of maturity (= loss of the next target).
Of course, there should not be a safe solution. For example, the more you try to embody order and morality like the neighbor's father, the less you become a humble and humorous existence. Is it the psychology theory that, like at most a drug-trafficking boy, wearing marketable items and skillfully living in an uncertain world?
And the tragedy that was erased from this world as soon as I met with the happiness "a sense of unity with my family" that Space had finally come around. It is cynical ...
However, the title is something more ironic than the title. Drawing such a black family collapse and "the beauty of America" 〓〓〓〓〓.. did the family collapse to the beauty of the scattering of roses?

2007/06/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 8964
Wow ~ It is a very interesting work.
But this movie takes the Academy Awards judge is a drastic choice (in a good way).

I do not say that all the contemporary Americans are such a collapsed family, but there are also many points that I am pursuing "beauty" even when it is collapsed, soiled, and I can enjoy very fine points as a movie .

Although it is a work focusing on American family collapse, it is influenced even to children with feeling obsolete compared with those at the time of marriage, respectively. It is a family background that seems to be somewhere somewhere.
In the heavy atmosphere from beginning to end, expressing the image is very interesting while mixing black humor.

To find a new stimulus, a father who is in love with a girl friend, an adulterous wife, a daughter who wants to be loved by everything, a camouflaging appearance is a serious young man, a sergeant who is a soldier, a neighbors whose duties can not be ruled out, a daughter's Friends take turns to dislike ordinary people ....
I have already gotten out of setting and it has an unusual atmosphere and I can understand what it is like to happen (lol)

The way to seek something from such a mediocre is a human instinct, and even if it is wrong, even if it is dirty, it smells human. The figure which is noticed from the mistake there and trying to return to the original is also human beings, the front and back are drawn well.
Although it depicts the American "family collapse.Social problem", such "" beauty "is well drawn as well as the title, so I do not feel bad.

Especially the camera in the movie. In a way it feels like the insistence that can not be taken with film is being projected well.
Especially the attitude of a daughter who does not show disagreeable behavior is particularly impressive, even if the camera is taken vigilantly.

The scene where the bag dances and the beauty of the moment when it moves in a casual instant every moment is projected inside the collapsed family, etc. I realize that the production etc. are extremely fancy.
Roses' scenes are superb. It is a world of complete delusion.

I feel that such a point is a dish that can not be imitated in Japan.
I do not want to paint beautifully with Sararito a problem that might be selfish or any family member.
Beauty is overflowing in the irony. This also because I love my home country again.

But there is something too transient in the passing of the tragedy of the last.
When it comes to Spacey 's photographs of the family who are returning to everything (perhaps not a good thing), hey ....
Something finally feels like everything purified. I got something pure white (lol)
But things do not go well. It was a tragedy brought about by mere misunderstandings of paper.

2006/04/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51407 Host:51310 Browser: 4184
"If you tell me the truth, obediently, truthfully, if you show it, your opponent returns equally."
It is not easy to say ....

Perhaps the theme seems to be "Honno and Benjin".
People who appear in this work are strangely "extreme".
Those who do not care about the surroundings whether they are true fidelity, people who hold on to themselves alone, people who strangely use real things and real intention. Inspired by a person different from myself, "Honno" and "Oshima" are mixed in them, and they stray. Also works.

People who are at the mercy of 'real intention' and 'prejudice' centered around the awakening (?) Leicester, is the paper (vinyl?) Bag that young man showed up on video?

Leather's wife Jane and her daughter's friend Angela are a pair.
Speaking of "North wind and the sun", North wind is Jane and the sun is Angela.
Jane does not grasp the feelings of Leicester and is intrigued with the real reason with the real intention, but it attacks him, but Leicester closes in reverse and wears more coat.
However, at the moment when I saw Angela, Leicester became hot and became hot and got tired of becoming a tight jacket only and exposed himself.
But, that sun ....

(___ ___ 0 〓〓〓
Haibotoba ~, Haryiborte.
Angela who actually thought that he was a pheromone Munmun girl who is doing whatever he wanted,
However, Leicester has woken up to "self-centered" by her appearance.
I was deceived, but her "pretense" was all the way.

A small story. A lie became a trigger, a big real sound, a story that pulled out the truth.
Even if it is a pretense, even if it is cheesy and boring, if you got a new self discovery then that person is happy. Unfortunately the person who care about the public seems to miss that happiness.

But Leicester bothers something with its existence itself.
It seems that Leicester has been perplexed, saying that if you do not pass "your likeness" too much, you will have to pay for it. As for the ending of the last, "As expected after all, I did not think it would work so well.
But he seems to be not even a pseudonym.

Mr. Spacey 's performance of half open mouth feeling frightened.

2005/11/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1848 Host:1829 Browser: 3793
Excellent work depicting a man who is tired of life and is trying to regain a sense of purpose!
The middle-aged man who works for advertising agency sales falls in love with his daughter's friend, and the family gradually collapses.
It seems foolish and humorous to see a middle-aged man who had a good year fell in love with a little girl,
I felt loveliness like a boy who is in love with her.
It is also interesting to see the neighbor 's boy who becomes her boyfriend' s boyfriend and his father 's way of drawing.
Kevin who played the hero, Spacey good performance.
Acting by other actors was also spectacular.

2005/03/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30462 Host:30463 Browser: 4184
Awarded five major academy awards, directed by Sam Mendes.

The household of the innocent salaryman, Leicester is on the verge of collapse. The wife of a real estate broker like a chunk of apparition and desire to live is cold, and the daughter of a lovely high school student keeps ignoring his father all the time. A veteran servicing a conservative philosophy takes advantage of staring at the neighboring house. I am disgusted by the empty life that I can not afford at home and at work, Leicester quits his job and finds employment at a hamburger shop. I suck leaves, buy sports cars and start to enjoy my life freely, but the collapse of his family has already begun ....

A wonderful work.
The pathology of modern society is reflected in each of the characters.
Leicester, the main character, said that masturbating acts done at the time of shower every morning in vacant days say that it is the best moment in life and delusions her daughter's classmate as a sexual target. My wife Carolyn is obsessed with desire to succeed and indulges in affair as if to compensate for his relationship with a cold husband. My daughter shuts her mind against her parents and disdainfully despises her parents. The neighbor's former Navy Colonel is a Nazi devotee who dislikes homosexuality. That son Ricky is a drug dealer .... It is probably due to the skill of the production that the dark parts of these characters are felt funny ironically.

To the middle stage, the director will cynically draw out the lesion of American society, the collapse of families who should be happy. Even at the Leicester family, at home in the veteran's veteran's house, the family does not function and just waiting for the time of collapse. When seeing this work until the middle stage, I think that the aim of the director is to be able to paint that "Collapse sama" in a splendid manner. There is no sympathy for the characters in there, there is a cool point of view of the creators as if they are trying to get through the dark parts of the characters.

But the impression will change completely with the development in the second half. Sarcastic and cruel last is suddenly presented as a result.
And, for the first time, I can see the real aim of the director. This movie certainly depicts the collapse of American families, but at the same time it was trying to draw the hero's love for the family.

Anyway Kevin: Acting Spacey is worth noting. Other actors are also very good.
I was truly happy that I won the Academy Award for this work. Because I felt that this work proved that Oscar was not only for the American idiots entertainment work.
Undoubtedly the best.

2005/03/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26561 Host:26369 Browser: 4184
I wonder why this was the Academy Awards.
The insistence of the person who made this has not understood at all in me.
If it is told that this is a lack of understanding, it will not be long, but it was still a boring piece.

However, it is tiring to recall the content of the work which does not matter. It really was a good movie.