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Japan Released:2012/10/05(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2012
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1. http://www.odessa-e.co.jp/cont/alien_dawn/index.html (Translation)
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2014/02/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9932
Whether you want to fascinate with painting or want to sound a warning to society, the creator's intention is not clear.
This is the most troubling point when I watch this work.

The content was a thing to say that Marisa, in the United States which is suffering from being an alien who suddenly attacked the earth suddenly, is starting a battle where several young men and women survived.

First of all, directing Marissa to talk like a recording film by separating it from the 1st and 2nd day, the heinousness of alien weapons with feet like a tripod,
From the black gas gas sprayed by the aliens, traces of creativity of the producer can be seen from the Marissa who fight against the weapons of the aliens with homemade bombs and guns that stand in the toilet,
It is good to say that they are fantastically idle and there is no real presence.
Therefore, during watching, often being attacked by a sleepiness.

In addition, there are many Tsukimicho places such as the President's death and the troops are destroyed, but the television broadcasts are alive.

What is more deadly than anything is to make Johnny drink a bleach in the dark, fold Johnny's neck that resists "euthanasia", enjoy the bomb-making used to fight against aliens,
Marissa's exterior swing comparable to Armor Jack and Redman.

With this, there is no way to attach a rating other than "worst".

2014/02/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
"F class F who did not disappoint with expectation of the title etc which was easy and cheap sounded" bad meaning "
SF action movie ". If you are reviewing this work in a word it is this.

Were you enemies first? The modeling was also strange, but it was cheap and motivated but I could not feel motivated, but the effect sounds such as attacks moved to Myo, and there was absolutely no sense of impression and sense of urgency.
Besides that, although it appeared in the video, although President Obama was not necessarily strong necessity, somehow it died somehow, and the exchange of the main characters also did nothing, "It would not have been such a case ..." It was an intermittent altercation to the middle stage. The enemy guys were also a strong enemy to destroy the army in terms of settings why they fight back with grenades etc.,
The hero himself was also made to decoy and was saved somehow, on the other hand, other friends gave me a breakup of thinness so as to let her escape ... ...... Well it just roughly pushed in It was probably "promise" that the place was outstanding. In a bad meaning.

And the hero is also that person. What I say, her "one person talking" was also bad at Miwo, but it was also "?" That was facing the leader of the last resort resistance or something.
Even if there was such a thing, it was quite poor as it was a deluge that resulted in having the equipment to that extent. And "Our battle of fate still continues!" It was a punch line,
Is it a jump abort comic? (Bitter smile)

It was about half an hour on a half-length scale of about 80 minutes, but in such a halfway end way it was unnecessary a weakness feeling mode, but the enthusiasm to try entertaining people was not transmitted at all. Acting especially, screenplay, and acting by actors who did not feel the ambition were the lowest levels. I happened to see it in Gao, but in addition to those who want to kill time because of anything you can not do without leisure in time, it is not suitable for watching. Since the evaluation was that kind of work, there is only "worst" of course.

2013/02/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2396 Host:2223 Browser: 7405
I love this title which is unlikely to be used even for the technical name of today's boy's manga called Final Impact.
I understand it is a low budget at a glance but it is human nature that I want to see. Then I rented it and saw it.
Because I do not have a budget to make CG on a low budget, I buy ideas reproduced in a triple pot attack scene like a flush like the light.
But even if you are seeing it, your eyes get shimmering, you will be getting worse, but you will notice the feeling of seeing.
Honestly I thought that I should stop looking at this time.
However, it was quite a good job for a human being to crush it apart by triple pot attacks.
The story is not really interesting. The feeling of hopelessness like the original home space war where Tom Cruise appeared,
There is no innovative setting like the space war ZERO at all. The flow as seen somewhere.
Moreover, I did not understand the alien growing with eating a woman who appeared on the way,
It was a mystery that the video that the hero was recording on the video camera as a record was flowing in the news ended as it was left to throw.
Since it is such a thing, there was no impression said this to the story.

It is a work thought that SF movie of low budget finally thought that it is useless if idea is not interesting.
This title is pretty fragrant and I love it, but the setting and the story did not leave an impression saying kore.
On the contrary, the impression remains about the tickot chika chika attack and the scene where humans are blown apart.
It is somewhat lonesome that it is a movie that only makes an impression as much as directed.