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Barry Sonnenfeld
Scott Rudin
David Nicksay
Charles Addams
Paul Rudnick
Donald Peterman
Marc Shaiman
Anjelica Huston
Raúl Juliá
Christopher Lloyd
Christina Ricci
Jimmy Workman
Carol Kane
Carel Struycken
Joan Cusack
Christopher Hart
Christine Baranski
Peter Graves
David Krumholtz
Harriet Sansom Harris
Japan Released:1993/12/25(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1993/11/19
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2015/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14128 Host:13891 Browser: 7909
[good point]
There is more cohesion in the story than the previous work
Where the activities are active in various aspects and facial expressions are enriched
The back striking drama unfolds in the Boy Scouts' play will be clearer

[Bad point]
Maybe a little humor has become thin

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I could enjoy enjoying it as a comedy movie with black humor following the previous work. It was impressive that children 's Wednesday and Pugsley grew somewhat because it was about two years since the previous work. Especially Christina Rossi of Wencesday, Rich is very pretty, and in this work it is hard to work due to being thrown into the Boy scouts, but the facial expression that I showed at that time stood out among the works. Debbie who fell in love at first sight this time is actually a ridiculous lady trying to kill a fester repeatedly for insurance money and trying to separate it from the Adams family is the main story's story but personally it is ,
It was fun to talk about at the Boy Scout destination where Wennsday was thrown in.

From the Wenzdeans, it is a cold friendship of the boy scouts, which can only be thought of as a nightmare, and it will be handled as a stagger without being familiar.
However, at the end of the last we did a magnificent counterattack play against Boy Scout's teachers and members at the play announcement, but this was quite refreshing and I could smile.

Although the second work somewhat felt that the momentum of black humor faded slightly, still it was a work that you can enjoy enjoying because the start-up transfer is clear and the quality of humor is not bad. Because the love of the family is expressed firmly at the root of this work, I think that there is a charm not only becoming a comedy movie just removed the dirt.

2012/03/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23892 Host:23816 Browser: 5682
The key person of the second movie version was Debbie who became the bride of Hugh Person and Fester, but the former was funny that he was being killed many times by Wencesday and Bugsley. As it is.
Actually, the latter is a continuous killer, and Wendes et al became impossible to press her on the boy scouts, but I think that the friendship with the boy he met there was deeply underdeveloped.

While a child with good appearance can be a leading role, while a child who is not so sure certainly was appointed as an indigenous act, it was easy to understand (a bitter smile), but it was said that Wendes' participation was a luck, To their reverse attacks that were being cold-felt, the drinking fell as it was. I could not deny that it was already funny or too much.

As it was still good, it was "?" In this work that Debbie was just a cruel and sneaky murderous demon, it is that it did not have imaichi charm.
Dubbed version voice actor Mr. Kazue Ogiya seems to have appointed himself well in the image,
Although it could be said that he was able to make use of Huper persons normally, it was feeling that the end was unexpected, and the character was sent off without standing still. Stuff roll music was also one thing.

Although the third work seems to be a remake of the drama version, maybe the production side might have been aware of the difficulty of the sequel production? Well the evaluation is "bad"
It is "ordinary" one step before the other.

2008/08/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27715 Host:27470 Browser: 6342
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New prize; it is fresh.

Binhodo: Another new tragedy will occur as a result of the new children in the Adams family.

Shin Ushi: Well as fun as ever. It is irresistible like Wencesday. Acting is also good.

Bibou; the baby will hold the key, but it is a great baby.

Well, I guess I'm a ghost, so I can not die (I pro; I do not know if it's such a setting.) I guess it is tough.

Nikko: The scene to go camping is fun, is not it? I thought Disney was not a little disgusting at the camp.

New Sho; Mickey Mouse is strong, so it makes me feel meaning to hand it. I do not know. You will be dried. Perhaps I want to see the reaction of the customer saying. Well organized with people with disabilities, it is fun to shake a camping instructor.

Bishop; But maybe the ghosts hear the electric shock ..... Even though babies were pretty bullied, they should have been stronger if they are adults.

Shinbun; it is a sign of proper setting. Appropriate places are pretty appropriate, but older brother and older sister who are jealous of the baby are very ordinary setting, well balanced is balanced. "Normal".

2006/09/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49951 Host:50069 Browser: 5234
I happened to see this afternoon and saw it.
I was surprised at the scene trying to kill a baby. It was shocking in a sense.
Facial expressions and individuality were so much funny in all of the characters and it was fun. Only faces that remain in the impression (laugh)
A Devil 's evil smile appears to be a habit.
I have not seen it yet, but I liked 2, so I thought I should see 1 as well.

2006/04/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5704 Browser: 5237
Personally I like the first work, but I think that this second work is also a ryosaku that can be enjoyed without feeling power down.
However, it is unexpected and ordinary breeding that Gomez and Mothysia can make children ... (lol)

Black humor is alive, as Wenshdies are jealous of trying to make a beard with a beard to somehow dead.
If you think that it is interesting to watch the first movie, is not it possible to enjoy this second movie?