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Kim Ki-duk Seong-back Jang JooJjinmo
Japan Released:2006/03/04(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2004/10/15
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2014/11/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓br> Kim, who draws a very interesting plot silently, directed by Kidoku.

As pointed out, there was a part where the consistency of the story could not be obtained, there was a part lacking reality in the deployment, there was a part which was concerned there and could not fully enter the story.

However, the charm of the main two performances, the dramatic directing and the story development became attractive in reverse, I was able to see interestingly until the end.

It was my first Gidok work, but I am very happy to meet such artistic nature.

2009/02/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the Venice Film Festival, he won the four major categories such as the Director Prize.
This work is also a work with extremely few lines, and the only line of sonna (Lee Seung-yeon), "I love you" is very effective. No words are necessary between her and Tesok (Jae). It was only to make the fact that Zona issued a word for her husband Min - gyo (Kwon - hyuko) to be adult. If it were not necessary, it would not have been necessary to give her a single word.
It is rare for director Kim Kidoku so far, there is no desperate sequence that can not be saved, and the picture flows quietly beautifully to the last.
Their escape is very refreshing, as the wounds of the face of Sona are quietly healed, it is understood that the wounds of the heart are being healed. Of course, what they are doing is the same thing as a basketball, not a pleasant thing, but in each house, the intersection between each life, affection and human relationship is the same for their two affections It is understood that they play a role of getting involved, and the daily development of love is abstractly drawn.
With climax, Tesoku can disappear and it will come back to Sona, but the kissing scene that you exchange with her husband, who will show you there, is a beauty that is not hindered by anything There are places, there is space of only two people in the depiction of the meter of the scale we got on with two people. The existence of their lives is their own, their affection is their only affair.
Kim will be reigning as a master of devotion. I am always amazed at the salvation of rare love and its landing point.

2008/02/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 5773
Although it is unlikely that director Kim Kidoku is evolving, there is also a form of such love that is pure, and the work which consistently felt the power which felt the theme consistently was also felt strongly as to the point that there is a fine plunge.

Personally it is a work of pretty favorite ....
Although it can be said to be a meaningful change, I like such a strange movie.
Rather than like this director I am very fond of the unique depth of direction.
I draw a work with my own world view, and I feel that most of the work is made in around 90 minutes. (The budget is small)

In the first half, Donna's troubled Sona, and Chisso who lives and changes his residence after hearing the vacant lodge.
First of all, it is a habit to say that the main characters that come out or say it is not ordinary first.
And what these heroes are not talking about a single word! (Heroine only last word)
Although this is a point of contact, it is conveyed only by expression, even if there are no lines.
In that sense, the production will be useful as a work.
I just do not know what you are thinking. Such actions are also many.

I wonder why you can solve a word if you speak a word, but maybe you should consider it as a kind of fantasy.

I felt comfortable somewhat comfortably that the suna and chisok escape together and I feel that the life that is going through the vacancies is somewhat fresh but it comes out from the screen.

Was it called "Utsumei" "empty cicadas" after the second half?
You can feel love at everyday by getting closer to Sona by eliminating its presence like a shell, getting happy ....
Honestly I thought you could live like that! I thought the pure love of the two people was really beautiful, I could not help thinking that that direction was really good.
Ironically it is ridiculous that Sonna's husband is misunderstanding.

Essential points There are many mysterious points, but still it was a work that felt the power to penetrate what obstacles the theme of "love" penetrates very much.

Perhaps it's a pretty favorite piece of music.
There is no reality, but I think that the shape of such love is also good.
It's complicated as to what happened in the future, but lol

By the way, "Utsumi (empty cicada)" is a person living in this world.
Or it seems to mean sense of cicada's casing.