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Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:1989/12
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2011/01/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 823 Host:861 Browser: 6425
[good point]
Originally Adol should come to the estea, but in this cartoon it is what Feena originally lived in Estelia and flowing down!
Sarah was becoming a lady (Jeba is doing a fortune teller)
There are many original elements and you can enjoy it with different feeling.
Twin brother and sister how adol and lilia are.
Because Keith is completely evil, the representative of the fact is "Daruk" and rare fans a little pervert .....
The unexpected connection and fate of Adol and Feena. (This comic is a serious matter related to Jeba)
Mary things. (I got a little sad)
Lilia is a representative of Toba instead of Jeba.
Final episode.

[Bad point]
Sorcerian came out, etc. I packed up quite various elements and it got confused.
Rare is too conspicuous! It is annoying !!!
The disappearance of Jeba (I will say that a person goes searching)
Farewell to the existence of Adol 's brother - in - law.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The place that Adol and Feena aimed at destroying the black pearl perfectly ... ...
The final deployment seems to be a pros and cons among youth fans, but I personally like it, it was a way of being perceived as "Oh, it will be connected like that".
I just burst out laughing at Gorban's figure ....

2009/05/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5695 Host:5478 Browser: 4483
This work, it was registered.
The first part, which is Ys 〓〓〓 is the Competition, and the second part is the Comic Comp. (I think it was)
Although it is a work serialized in ... the former is "good", the latter is "very bad" and the comprehension is "bad".

Anyway, the author received the influence of animation from the middle Also whether hobbies entered too much or the picture suddenly deteriorated from the middle stage, the hint and the like concerning the story seems to have been digested once,
It became impossible to follow properly with a crowd of drawn character characters.
This is a painful part because I liked the first half (〓〓〓Actually the book is still in my house).
I have it with my friend "This work is held by Rhea (a heroine like black hair" Hayate the Combat Butler ")
I agree with you, the impression that she became more and more crazy since she was sealed souls and the number turned off.

According to the author's comment "At first, Leah was going to bully Feena, but it got cute and steadier"
And that rare popularity overwhelming Feena with "things" is likely to be valuable because it is probably only this work.
In fact, Feena suffered from having no memory of himself was the first one or two stories, the memories returned suddenly in the first part of the first, and as goddess goddess recognized as surrounding Assassi goddess After meeting with Adol while behaving in a strange way, Rare who got a glimpse of a girls-like aspect gladly received popularity.
I am concerned that it is one factor of straying that I am impatient to balance the heroine around here.
(Although there was a kiss scene of Adol and Rare at the time of publication of this magazine, it was cut by a booklet)

2009/05/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32063 Host:32076 Browser: 6034
Is it Ys of Professor Hagori?

[good point]
The story about the first episode was still a favorable story though ...
Feena of loss of memory caught in Ador, frightened in the morning market ...
Adol thinks alone.
Where you can spend peace of mind ... It is necessary for Feena!
Therefore, in order to return the memory of Feena, start adventure .....

Sorcerian 's friendship appearance was good.

[Bad point]
..... and until 1 talk was good ...
Jeba is a cat, Adol's maman, in fact it is a woman's younger sister ...

Gobang 's physique is too strange ...

Beautiful girl characters inflation and crazy .....
I drew it from the middle (laugh).

If you do not know the original game, what is something you do not understand somewhat.
For example, "HEAL's blowjob!" "You can die as many times as you want" or something like.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I make it "bad".

2008/10/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11404 Browser: 6342
Needless to say, although it is a work based on the action game RPG "Ys" of computer games, even though the appearance character is similar to the person appearing in the game, the costume was a work that was significantly different from the character impression. And, unlike the original game, it is characterized by having a big comical aspect.

Still, the action with the enemy character properly is emphasized, and the action aspect is emphasized as well as the original game. Just because the picture pattern is a picture pattern, I think that the prejudice is divided about power.

As "Ys 〓〓〓quot; and "〓〓〓quot; are the basis, as a different arrangement from the game, Banoa of 〓〓〓's Heroily - lily mother is actually Adol' s mother, Adol and Lilia are brothers in this work. Lilia was not a long game of the original game, it was becoming super long hair, Banaoa rejuvened, the magic is being used, and the past part of that magic entanglement became an arrangement not in the game.

Speaking of Ys' heroine, I think that Lilia's pros and cons of these manga versions of Lilia seems to be divided largely. Although there are parts as it is, honestly, when I read this manga I still did not know the existence of Ys well yet, after a while trying to do the Ys, when thinking about that part, I think that it makes me feel like I'd say "This is not Yease" to the person who did it.

Well, in another game manga, this Lilia is quite good and is a good girl, compared to what I am tracking as a stalker as a frog pillow using Adol as a comfort as a bad lilia .