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2006/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The impression of the work as a result of the reckless runaway ... was strong, the degree of runaway was not bad, and the character was also blown out of the past, which has become a middle aged man whose musical style is unlikely to rise up Never mind, Rosa with a personality that does not disappoint, Matt who has begun to fall in love with Rosa, begins to walk on the idiot's path, and Barbarocci and Fran綏〓ise who were villain leaders in the game have been changed to familiar characters, Although there is a barbarocci and a rent in May, it is characterized by fighting or character of Fran綏〓ise of the landlord who had a close affinity for Rosa like daughter was also unique.

However, it is doubtful whether that runaway is pure game fans or not, the impression that the character could not even draw was strong, making the R-9 which is the own machine of "R-TYPE" a strange Haribote car, enemy character The attack method is a story of other stuff using other game's own aircraft, and at the end of the phrase, Nin and his wife, the older brother of Zan of the company 's game "Undersea Big War", the sea bottom war that was serialized in this magazine In addition to the runaway and squid that made it appear in conjunction with the serial of the series, and exploding the neta peculiar to the gaimem and inviting laughter in various places it is certain that it was not a gag for everyone , There was also because I could not deny that I could not deny that I could not fully utilize the original character called G run.

The last battle fight was not drawn either, and the runaway swing was "Somehow ~" and so it may not have been able to necessarily match the charm of the character and the runaway condition, Even if you can enjoy the fun of B class, It was a work that might be somewhat severe when considering further aspects.

2006/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
Oh, it was a manga version of "Undercover Cups" that was serialized in the past by germes. Even if it sticks, it was a setting later on a story of the original, and the three protagonists were setting to live in a rag apartment called Azabasho.
So, the landlord was the former enemy character.

I thought that Mr. Zan is becoming a well-matched middle-aged father who is well suited by Steco (surprised at a change in the last stage!), Matt is becoming a stupid blooming flower in brain miso, well well done It was.

2006/06/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7518 Host:7425 Browser: 5234
A transformation gag comic stamped out by a giant masterpiece cartoonist, Koichi Koba with a delusion explosion hit by YaVa of the game "Undercover Cup". We recognize the momentum. However, it is not smart compared to the sense of the game itself.
When playing the game, as a player, "Oyui, it is not it" probably will not have anything, so it will not have anything, so Mr. Roza, Matmo's red red streak, is also dazzling in behavior and action, the player character, Zan and Matt "Be a friend"
In general, the eyagalace, is the basic pattern. Too much emphasize the bad character of characters,
Impression that gags are slipping. As I look at this, the side that puts on gags,
No matter how stupid it is on the surface, things that it is useless if the inner heart is not cool.
In that sense, the game itself is like the dot dot craftsman soul, "Delicious"
While admiring that it was well understood, on the other hand, this work of manga slipped. A cartoonist got fun before the reader, and it was painful to watch, except for the first few stories with good deki.