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Jouji Manabe
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Japan Released:1984 Monthly Comcom / End:1987
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2013/11/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15030 Host:15288 Browser: 11728
I can not deny the feeling of old freshness as I read it now ...
It's called Nori of Showa ...
However, Mr. Manabe's fight against the Space Fleet is excellent.
It is also surprising that it was a wonderful figure skill seen from now since the era of such an early work.
There are many works based on the space war also in later works,
After all it is Mr. Manabe's style.
Whether it is a human wolf or a female pirate of the eye, the place where the style is consistent is refreshing!

Although this work which is such an early stage ...
At the beginning of the series, ideas and developments may be brand new, but now it is impossible to deny the sense of imitation.
I think that the overall story is thin, or if it is this, I think that it can be put together in 4 volumes at the book volume of 8 volumes?
After all, it seems that the times are different.
A masterpiece beyond the era will be hard to see.
I think that it is quite difficult to accurately evaluate the works beyond the target ages of the work etc.

It is not good if you grab work as a single body,
If you are fascinated by Mr. Manabe's work and go back to the past works and arrive at this work,
I think that it is worth reading.
While it is old, Mr. Manabe's view of the world is a work that can be enjoyed.

2009/11/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13636 Host:13791 Browser: 10591
I feel like I am reading now, but I get the impression of "Urusei stars", but at that time I do not have the memory that I felt so much like that. Since nobody has written in it, I dig into the comics and read it. Unfortunately I bought only 6 volumes in all 8 volumes (why?
A half-naked beautiful woman is a hero and a princess, an invasion war by a nonhumanoid huge spaceship. Time is
If it is in the middle of the 1980s, it will overshoot the influence of "Urusei" and "Macross". Masanobu seems to have denied "I have never read", and if it is (as I believe it) it's quite a good sense, or taste. The rough character of Kharm and the goodness of offing (or eroticism), the design sense of the spaceship of the biological line,
Earth side SF spacecraft like doubtfully at that time with details of the active weapons on the earth side,
The fineness of those writing.I think politeness is "Oh" even if I read it now.
The story surface is particularly anticipated with one volume, the earth invaded by sudden overwhelming strength
Ultra-national organization of the earth, still very thrilling such as "mysterious beauty" calm etc.
As I made a debut, sometimes called the first serial series, it is very like "creation SF doujinshi". It seems that it is like a university 's school. As a temperature I feel close to Mr. U.Shina. This outline story continues after the second volume. A witch to disable Evasculusz's spacecraft, the moon is a huge final weapon, etc. "Netherlands and other sciences are going to be scared like SF" and so on,
Especially at the time I was comfortable.
However, the essential Karm is transforming into a more comfortable tomboy. The hard interstellar warfare and SF essence have also fallen as a result of "a horrible disturbance caused by tomboy." That's fun with it but after all it's heavy thickness
It is a pity that the SF-like atmosphere subsided. The existence of the reading work posted at the end of the book has increased the feeling "good or bad". One volume four pure SF, two volumes three volumes comedy SF, a bit twisted six volumes, all compact but this is also a good quality with "coterie SF". That's why I dropped out in six volumes. Because I was reading comicomi journal, I remember the ending.
Since the following "caravan kid" is also the same color, this second half Nori is probably Mr. Manabe's style. No, not bad, but after all I can not deny the regret.

Aside: The animated version that appointed Hirano Bun to Mr. Kamu became an easy-to-digest work that spoiled the "heavy" part of the original and seems to have bought Mr. Manabe's anger.
Even on the introduction page of Animek, it was also impressive that Kaam's picture was "Tetsuya's Tears (Darling, Ruby)"!