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Nadja is an orphan who lives at the Applefield Orphanage, in the early 20th century England. Nadja is called by Miss Appleton, the orphanage's owner, to receive a package delivered to her. The gifts sent for her thirteenth birthday are a dress and a diary. She is told in the accompanying letter that her mother is still alive. She later joins a traveling street performance act called the Dandelion Troupe in search of her mother after a fire breaks out in her orphanage. She finds many friends along the way that teach her things about herself.

Nadja is just your average 13-year-old orphan girl who lives in some part of Europe over 100 years ago, in an orphanage with her friends. But when a package comes in Nadja is wondering maybe her mother could be alive. And a traveling circus comes along and it seems Nadja might be another person to join the traveling circus "dandelion". What about the mysterious man, Kurobara everyone is talking about... And the romantic guy Francis who saved Nadja's life from two men who want to steal her heart-shaped brooch, and they're still after it. Young Nadja's life isn't going to be the same anymore.

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Yui Ayumi
Japan Released:2003/02/03(Mon)
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2013/03/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a manga version of "Nuja of tomorrow" that I used to see, but it is quite normal.
I was a little worried about the fact that rosemary does not come up and that Nadjur is getting inclined to the favor of boys, but I think that the story was pretty good.
Naja traveling as a dancer ... does not change, but since it is about 2 volumes booked in a book, its development is rather steep.
It seems that it seems like that the country and the country seem to be too close.

In addition, despite having crossed the country, it seemed a little incongruous to reunite with characters other than the members.
I felt that I felt the narrowness of the world, or that it was amazing how expedient it was.

Eventually Nadja reunites with her mother, but here also there was no big drama because of the absence of rosemary, so it was pretty snappy.
Well, there are also places where it can not be helped because it is parallel to animation's comicalization and anime broadcasting.

I think that the picture was pretty cute.
Although the story also has a feeling of incongruity everywhere, well, it was nothing unusual as it was such a form.
Although animation has not memorized it to that extent, it seems that I remembered the major in manga.