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Haruto Umezawa
Japan Released:2003 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:2004
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2013/02/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19345 Host:19453 Browser: 5829
[good point]

The setting that the devil becomes human.

[Bad point]

The evil party that came out was all ready for reading with only rotten wounded scum, and I felt sick.

The story development is too wild. It is impossible to imagine how threatening to threaten money by getting into school suddenly and sprinkling meaningless fellowship to ordinary school girls. I can not succeed.

Yutaro, the semi - protagonist, watched it with hypocrites who only say pretty words, and it was exciting. Even though I made Slay a human by my own mistake, it was the worst place to mention complaints. I hate these people the most.

Yutaro 's self - respected pacifism caused almost no scenes screaming the baddies and the bad feeling after reading was not resolved. It was halfway in all, not turning rogues into full bold or converting.

The sense that Slaya has a friendship with Yutaro just by having a pain sense connected by a curse is unknown. Rather it was more natural to put a scene that hates Yutaro's hypocrisy more disgusting scenes.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Anyway, I dislike hypocritic Yutaro. The other rogues also did not have the personality like the time of "BOY", they did not make it boggy and it was only a bad feeling left behind.
Degradation work which threw away all the good part of "BOY" and exaggerated only the bad part exclusively. I think that it is the lowest comic. I felt honestly that it is a super-low-quality work of the "Kanagawa Isoga Nanfen Tenzou" level.

2012/02/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13389 Host:13262 Browser: 10294
It is the last work of Jump Umezawa's jump.
An ordinary main character without anything calls the demon from a certain point. The devil said that he would make the wishes of three heroes, but the hero wished that the devil 's ability was erased from that devil. For that reason, in the end there was a curse left between the main character and the devil "When either one gets damaged it will be transmitted to the other." The devil caught himself to defend the hero.
It is a synopsis of the feeling.

It was honest Mr. Umezawa's protagonist Temple. The main character has not changed so much since the time of Boy and Bremen and I have remembered the sense of deceased.
What I am doing is not changing against defeating the bad.
However, there are still unusual points. That is the point that an outspoken hero is growing up.
Until now, there were not so many characters that the main character has great power to give opinions to the hero, but this time the devil and another hero were in the fate community, so the devil's feelings well I think I was able to draw the change of.
Besides, it was easy to read with originally easy-to-read patterns, and despite being short as a whole volume, it was well organized, so I enjoyed it normally.
I think that it was a ryosaku that seems to be a very young manga just for me.

I think that synchronization would not have ended at such a high speed unless it was a monster with Death Note, Gintama.
It is a bit disappointing.
I will make a good evaluation.

2008/08/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17823 Browser: 2052(Mobile)
[Good place]
I think that setting as a cartoon saying that a boy 's wish with a demon is fulfilled is good. The story was typical, but not bad.
[Bad point]
It is great that the contents are not for boys magazines. Most of them are bad for education because of only violent scenes, and feeling sick when watching the scene that says Oh. I guess afterwards I felt that the content was somewhat unsatisfactory.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it may be reasonable to have this manga discontinued, it would be better than a manga mainly based on grotesque.

2006/05/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37646 Host:37767 Browser: 6300
Mr. Umezawa who is destroyed by rock becomes a great failure with a tremendous turning of the route at "Swordbreaker"
In a rush, he gathered the remaining slime of "BOY" and forcibly presented it to the world as a work,
The stuff like feeling.
I think that it was absolutely better to draw the sequel of "BOY" at that time,
Is it supposed to be the late festival now?
Because I think that the style of Professor Umezawa is more suitable for young magazines, I'd like you to work hard with a feeling of rock.

2006/05/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9257 Host:9387 Browser: 4184
Right now, a rock cartoonist. Professor Umezawa It is the final WJ series work.
Surely a demonic hero lives as a high school student in the human world,
In the end, I think that it was a scenario that was to be living as a human again as a substitute for his memories of the classmate boys and others who were living together instead of being erased, but as usual the other work and the hero resembles The setting of the borrowed thing that I saw somewhere was awful, I was not able to feel motivated too much.
As a result, as well as "SWORDBREAKER" of the previous work it ended shortly,
Although it was swept by the Ultra Jump, Mr. Umezawa is more like a young magazine than a boy's magazine stylefully, "Counter Counter"
It was good work and it was still good as it can evaluate that the slump was able to recover ... ...........
Although it was possible to say that abortion was natural for this work,
I did not feel uncomfortable, so I will keep it "ordinary".