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Masayuki Ishikawa
Japan Released:1998 / End:1999
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2008/09/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
I think that it is possible to make the world view at least the minimum, but when the arrowhead is about to come off and it seems like END, a word of unnecessary comes to mind first.

Yao, demons, gods, and a lot of other various settings were scattered, but it is only saying that there is nothing to worry about by finishing out one of them. (Second time)

The protagonist named Catalybe thinks that behaviors are going backfire one by one, I think that the flow until coming to Mae Kawa is considerably thought, but it is said that the responsibility of the tribe of Kataribe was carried on the back, such an entity There is an impression that exclusive elements are thoroughly pursued in bird's-eye view. What should be done for Catalybe? It is one of the factors that makes me think that it is unusual to have finished the flow without still looking good yet (3rd time)

I think that it is a work of a manga artist who has the power to draw manga very much. I love Moyashimon too, but such battle ants, there is a power to draw works of strange design, and it was one work that makes me want to see such works.

2006/12/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36552 Host:36483 Browser: 6812
Firstly, the setting of the stage is too complicated.
In the history of the north-south era, the era is the inter-Korean era, it is confusing (with various circumstances) in the history of Japan, it has failed to choose a complicated era dared.

Next, I can not make good use of the setting.
Despite the era of northern and morning times, although it is a period of turbulence, Kyushu, and also the Matsuura Seawater appears from the place where the story about Saga is drawn.
It is hard to understand what the story is about now, because the period setting of the Nanboku and Morning era and the setting of the stage called Kyushu are not connected yet in the story.

Third, I can not see what the author wants to do.
I want to do Janna's pirate thing. We tried to make it deepen by weaving it in the history of Japan, but the reader seemed to be "meaningless" only.
In the first place, if you want to draw north and south mornings, you better draw Kyoto. When I chose Kyushu, I made a mistake.

Fourth, the relationship between people is too complicated.
The Matsuura Navy comes out, the Murakami Navy in the Seto Inland Sea comes out, to the fictitious God, to the fictitious pirates, the Chinese coastal people, and many others.
The story's character setting is too dark.
Moreover, it is not utilized at all in the story.

Fifth, I do not understand the philosophy of the main character.
After all, runaway, just complaining the incident, I do not know what I want to do.
It was only it.
from the beggining to the end,
The hero goes out of control 〓〓〓The incident becomes more complicated 〓〓〓The turn followers 〓〓〓Self-disgust 〓〓〓The surroundings are comforting This was repetition.

At the end, it ended with a trailing dragonfly. Perhaps it was cut out of the house.

Still the picture is good.
But other than that is not good.
It is supposed to shoot a short story or something that does not exist, and it has reached the present.

It is "normal".