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Naoshi Komi
Japan Released:2006/12 Akamaru Jump
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2014/11/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a reading that was also included in the double art book.

Although I was talking about a pastor like King past the beginning, I do not clearly know whether it is a nickname "Mal" or a real name (?) If I thought that the girl was enjoying reading, Islay, who had jumped in front of her, was a boyish sister , Was the view of the world a hint from Europe's castle wall city and the future boys Conan, etc. Sharing roles properly for each sex,
It seems I was able to live, but it looked like a "bird in the basket".

The conversation between the mother's mother and the elder was looking at the figure of such two people, but the conversation of the elders became an important hint, but "I wish to wake up someday" as a "dream" and "reality" "Hope" "was probably the big theme of this work. It seems that the quality of the world was certainly more than it from that time certainly such a theme that it is not easy to understand strangely, and a strange little different world view.

However, on the other hand, it is honest "I do it again", but Islay tears away blatantly when I was informed of the "reality" I did from the temporary elder, and Mr. Mal sees it as a sort of quarrel with "I do not like Islay" Human portrayals such as doing were level below mediocrity on the top. Lastly such "hope" was also felt and Islah "get excited"
Although it was shed a joyful tears, even if the view of the world and the theme of the point of view is good, it was totally overwhelmed by this. A little. It was scanty to be transmitted.

Well, since it is an early work of the author, it seems to be cruel to see with a very high hurdle,
I was honestly questioning whether it was a cartoon that could win an award. Even Nisekoi who saw it on the animated version did not think that he would like to read the original work by all means, but this work also evaluates "very bad".

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