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Osamu Uoto
Big Comic Original
Japan Released:2002
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2012/01/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2502 Host:2635 Browser: 4788
[good point]
Perhaps it is the power of the drawing masters, but there are also many good things in the humanity being interposed from time to time.
Although it seems to be greatly derailed from the main line (However, because the main line is it, it may be more complete in the derailed part).

[Bad point]
World wonder discovery, a stance. There is no open mouth in the deployment which pushes too much to say that every archaeological site or occult material is put together in Atlantis.
The Emperor and Arthur and the Knights of Malta, the Bible and the Evolution theory and others are related to Atlantis ... I want to say that mostly.
Excavated items and archaeologists based on counterfeit books as a reference, not an inch - approached approach.
This manga (and original author) 's gist is that of a useless occult maniac.
As a result of this "bad point" two synergistic effects brought about, this work was indeed a halfway work. "Intellectually is an intellectual game playing game with archaeological stories"
Whether it is "storytelling manga", the person who reads can not decide the stance. Better yet it was a funny manga if a pyramid of Egypt and a landscape of Nazca were also a map to Atlantis, etc. If it is not a neta manga, this work is drawn as if the document (creation) documents and ruins to be brought out exist, and the common sense in archeology has been distorted here and there, it is very unfair.
Because we have not made clear the answers to all the mysteries, it is a cowardly attitude. It is said that the stinginess of pulling as much as pulling is such obsolete thing. And is it "contraindicated"?
I also want to add that the character description is not good. The appearance character wastefully many,
The period during which it does not appear on the stage is relatively long, so if you do not have to be honest,
I think. That is also quite a few people. Even though he / she leaves almost the main character, it is a good development.
It may be the result of the excessive budget.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very bad". The first half was still seen, but concrete clues disappeared and passed down ... What a dubious approach of "rakugono" started, it will not be furious.
Why is this original writer (like I did with Master Keaton) to shudder such a stinky story without a shame? Besides, while mixing the real story and a complete creation, I pretend to think exactly on the surface,
I can not enjoy it as a manga. The reasoning and consideration (including sometimes simple imagination and delusion) which the hero talks seriously in this work are only ridiculous things. It will be "rude to archeology".
I dislike Master Keaton 's archeology talk, but this film' s detrimental nature goes on it.
Also, the secret organization hostile to the heroes hidden through the eternal period "contraindications of mankind"
What is it after all? What is fun of eschatology and salvation? Evolutionism? Worthlessness of religion Whether it is optimistic, atheistic and materialistic I, "Japanese" has no impact on anything,
Priest Father Greco than to assassinate Chimachima and Atlantis visitors, "Deadly Dead Group"
Regards, we should purify ethnic Japanese with extreme danger to embody contraindications of mankind.
After all, this work insisted on the occult delusion as an archeology, it went through intellectuals, briefly writes the inchike archaeologist's story, pulled it scatteredly and escaped to a whiffworking punch, making me uncomfortable and unpleasant.
I definitely will not recommend it to people. It is a useless and unpleasant manga of time.
Well, I guess the sled does not fit with this original.

2011/01/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4504 Host:4471 Browser: 22634
It is the story that archeologists looking for the legendary Continent Atlantis and the baffling of the mysterious organization that continues from ancient times trying to prevent it are the main axis and solving puzzles.
Although it was fitted quite a bit during the series, I could not understand yet. I do not know why the organization was afraid to announce it. It seems like a taboo felt if you are a Christian-speaking person ...
It was very fun to read Indian Jones adventure and solve a lot of puzzles and warm exchange with people I meet in the world.
Evaluation is "very good".

2006/02/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9025 Host:9038 Browser: 4184
[good point]

The hero is not good looking because it is Mukuri Mukuri body shape, but it is a character that can be empathetically empathetic, having a close sense of frustration etc. It can be said that the rest of the world also has a single habitual group such as businesspeople and politicians around the world, and also makes human drama aspects stand out.

It is easy to understand that the subjects of the Oriental visit, Atlantis and other materials and ruins were taken as a subject,
Nazi It is well entwined with historical figures such as Himmler of Germany. It will be a bone as a history mystery.

Screening is also not exceptionally high, but I am stable.

[Bad point]

Well there is nothing special.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Master Keaton and 20th century boy who is a combination work with Mr. Naoki Urasawa is also interesting,
This Iliyad is also pretty good, is not it? It is a good work of suspense history manga that glows with a solid sense of stability. I also want to expect future developments. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.