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Tanaka Iko
Japan Released:2011/04/25(Mon) Monthly Afternoon / End:2011/12/25
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2016/03/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It seems that it was a strange romantic horror's work of a young man who got a stone board and its special ability, which could also be a devil's weapon depending on how it was used ... ...

In the first place, if you say that it is said that the story does not stand, saying that it is also after the grandfather who attacked the protagonist in the early stage is legitimate defense, it killed even after that? ....... Although it is said that he is the main character, how much it is to try its abilities, there must have been various ways of order to avoid leaving the troubles later.

Sure enough, the other player who took a lot of money was a daughter of Yakuza, and became a skeptical champion with the heroine who was her. Even if it is forced to such a situation, he can use such special ability flexibly according to the situation, even if it can not be used temporarily, surprisingly wisdom .....
Because it was also communicated that he was trying to break the way tenaciously for him,
It was not necessarily a bad impression.

But that would be the weakness of human beings. The boss of that Yakuza,
One of the men was like a spy and the man who loved the man of the brown hair that was in communication with that guy (beard glasses but the last one also dies)
The latter is still being caught in the past such as the memories with her) Although there was something that was communicated, there was something to communicate, but for the heroine "I guard you because it is a weak woman who can not do anything without me, do it It is told that it was better before you got a special abilities! "If you say that you like a weak man !!" Or kidnapped after saying that afterwards "If you sow yourself Although it was a kind of selfishness, there were selfish places and it did not have sympathy.

Well, as it was written on a certain site, it may be short-circuiting to say that it can not be enjoyed because it can not sympathize with characters indeed, but I thought that it was "?" Another one reading this manga What. The man of brown hair said that "In fact, I had a poor past" that such a way of painting in the past itself was also lacking underpinning that seems to be "what I am doing now" ........ Together with Yakuza's parents, it seems that hearing was good although he said "man's aesthetics" that can not live normally in a normal world, but the lustrousness of the latter half gradually followed the nose.

I did not know the detailed circumstances at the time of serialization, but the manner of collecting is also a little foolish and the killing of the above-mentioned grandfather is also whether the legitimate defense is established or not Although it may have been subtle, I was only cursed even if it was drawn such as "Aiba abusive" and "a bond of love" with a weak heroine. This author still seems to have a series work today, but the picture was also sloppy, the feeling was that the competence of the time was not overtaken by the time at that time. Evaluation is "very bad".