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Go Nagai
Weekly Shonen Magazine
Japan Released:1983
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2010/03/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It was good or bad that Australian Governor Nagai opened a genre that was also called metal fighting.

[Bad point]
It is a pity that there is no connection at all in the first half and the second half.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if it is said that all the characters are not having the standard features of Australian Nagai in a bad meaning.

2006/10/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that this work is quite minor, but I personally like it quite a bit. A robot that traces the movement of a human as it is translation is a translation, but since the manga artist named Nagai Goro thinks that it is best to write a scene where a robot is wide open with a spread, this work brings out his merit to his / her own I think that it is. Although it seems that popularity did not come out at that time in that work which came to be finished at the time, robot development is becoming popular When thinking from the present situation it is likely to hit quite well if it is resurrected or animated while holding down the detail of the neighborhood. The hero's name is supposed to have been positioned as "the robot pro-wrestling version Mazinger Z" around him who delicately has become the main character of Mazinger Z. But why was it that an element occasionally entered the way from the middle ...

2006/05/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20686 Host:20626 Browser: 5234
Perhaps it is better to say "Nagai Akira" G Gundam "" if you speak it out.
However, from the place where such a work was made 10 years ago of G Gundam, we can see the extraordinaryness and sense of Go Nagai, and it is a good sense for a boy comic that the point that robot pro wrestling is done with manga journal is good.

These works are champion's "Plares Sanshiro" etc, but in Plares Sanshiro it was a world of Plamo, and in terms of huge robot pro wrestling, this work (same time, the bottling of "Bottoms" There was no work other than that) and the competition of hyper grapple, a giant robot fighting spirit, is also Olympic, there is also a surrogate war image, and not just an ordinary gachinko battle , There is also a battle of the battle royal type, and how to play it is various words.

The system of the production company of the sponsor of each robot (grapple machine in this work) is really real, and at the Olympic Games, the power is poured considerably also in terms of the company and the national propaganda, There are things that make you feel even fear of vandalism and secretiveism, and it is also real that you do not choose a means for such publicity or age work.

The passenger who rides in Robo (In this work Grappler (not the hero of a certain fighting manga) and mouth) has to have a strong physical body and motor nerve is "getter robot" and Iron muscle Although Japan is also Japan representative, borderless robot bobot that is not showy is a shame of Japanese shame etc, but I can see that there is a boss bolt in naming and style, and a girl named fire burner is Afrodai Even A) and Bunnas A places are also sticking points of fans.

In addition, although it is not known unexpectedly, the dynamic system work hero Robo of the human face with ordinary eye nose mouth is an iron muscle which is the protagonist of this work before "God Mazinger", and at the first half of the power up in the latter half Iron muscle which was made to have a small angle and refreshing, the corners are extended, the fanglike mold is added to the jaw part, and it becomes a demonic shape as well (note that in front of this work, "Odori Magic Gaiking" Super weapon head position).

The passengers are connected by the cord inside the cockpit and linking the damage of the aircraft to the passengers is reminiscent of the system of "Reidine" and "Dimos", and different wrestling which is different from the one combining Kimito of Dimos and Kunio The action created a world called pure gigantic robot pro-wrestling.

However, this work is a style 10 years ago of G Gundam, and the same period of Plares Sanshiro was at the time of the time as Plastico & PC which was mainstream from that time, so it was a form of piggyback on it In contrast to this, the author was caught by the author on the point that this work is a huge robot, and the tendency of the system of robot animation at that time to flow from super robot to real robot like Gundam was strong, and like this work Mazinger type robot will not be able to deny that it looks like being out of date.

In such a period there was an image that it was too late, and it was too early. It seems like these points have resulted in burying this work as a minor work.
However, there is a point that can be noticed in the Nagai world like the G Gundam-like character, and if there is a point that this work hits, if it was made into animation ... ... Although the frame of imagination does not come out, although it is interesting It will not change.