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Takeshi Miya
Weekly Shonen Champion
Japan Released:1986/10/09(Thu)
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2008/12/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Miyashi sensei's football manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from 87 to 90 years. Shizuoka prefectural `Young Bird High School 'year' Nanno style 'lost his brother' Arashi 'who was a soccer player in the accident and was polishing himself on the coast to get the legend of his brother's dream of football. Mr. Kawai Eikubo, who was a stormy lover eventually took over as a soccer club advisor. Looking at the way the wind trains in the immediate direction, we pledge to build a legend together. At the Shizuoka Games, because of the active use of the wind, Young Bird High will advance to the finals, but will be defeated. The wind that eventually jumped into the 'Japan Football Reform Project' will challenge the Japanese members and the world's powerful team.

This work is handmade by Miyake Takeshi, a professional football manga who has depicted a soccer comic interwoven with comedy colors such as "GO 〓〓〓shoot" and "Hen run" at jumping or Sunday. Professor Yoichi Takahashi who was a former assistant was astonished at the "Captain Tsubasa" for the first time in the world, and even when the soccer boom in Japan was blown up, there was also the influence that soccer cartoons were produced one by one in each magazine by piggybacking on the flow It seems to have challenged by that.

When this work began, since soccer has become established in the world, in the work it is drawn mainly to strengthen football from the foundation. The main character 'Nanno style' is pure, as well as `Gyuhito 'of' GO 〓〓〓shoot 'football fool who is interested only in soccer with noh weather (moreover, the face is roughly the same, and she is also a longing girlfriend ). Just the fact that he carries his elder brother 's wishes is different, so the story contains a bit serious element as well. Wind died in the middle of a dream and fulfilled day and night practice at a practicing place accompanied by danger in order to fulfill a dream of making a football legend of 'Brothers' of Arashi' Storm 'Mr. Ekubo', a lover of Storm, lost her boyfriend The story begins with the development of a youth drama style that swears to break the hesitancy and make legends together. And the football club members who saw their hard appearance gradually motivate them and work hard along with the wind to win the prefectural prefecture and advance to the finals. Meet various rivals during that time and share your ability. Up to this point is a story development unique to the youth sports manga. In the final, Shizuoka No, loses good fighting to the Kusanagi West led by Striker `Arashiyama Yujiro '1. But this is the introduction. At the root of the story is the "JR planning" that comes after this, there is a major reform that creates Japanese football which accomplishes the world cup championship with the power of young people. It is not certain at the time that "Captain Tsubasa" came to an end and it was not certain whether such a bold setting was made to be excited there, but it is a dream that anyone can stand at the top of the world. But the wind was not chosen as its member, but it was a pushy force to forcibly push in. Does it teach that it must have a strong feeling to that extent? Moreover, it is the development that Yuhiko Okuda and Hisashi Kato, Satoshi Tezuka, Masahiro Takeda and other Japanese teams will compete and decide Japan. It is a fierce fight with their faces up. The winds who won the game and decided for the Japanese delegate, 3-23 humiliating defeat to the Brazilian leader led by the superstar such as Maricona, Zico, Cannier, Schumacher, the first friendly game. Unlike "Captain Tsubasa" growing little by little while winning the world, unlike winning the world, she shows a wide range of professional skills in the world and teaches what to do in order to overcome it There is also the highlight of this work. There is little freshness etc in a brute force development, but it is good to teach the severity of football and the harshness to win.

At first the hero 's "Minamikaze" was a refreshing weathery football fool like `Takayuki Hito', but as the severe game overlaps, it gradually turns into a man with a steep face. Although it can be said that it has been polished as a man and has grown. And his support "Kawai Eikubo" and lover 's "Asakawa Noriko" was also nice. The Japanese delegate member`s Arashiyama Yujiro .`` Hida Sho '. `Shibasaki Needs'.' Mr. Mitsuuchi Mitsuzo '.` Akashi Daigo'. Asuka Ishi 'as well as the characters of` Cap wing' It was innocent things. Especially the scene where Arashiyama passed away last 'accelerator shoot' was tears. Also like the cap wing, it also had a deadly shot "Axel Shoot" and an "Overhead Kick" 'Drive Shoot', and it was a really thrilling expansion with a harsh scene such as crash and bloodshed crossed.

Although this work has little freshness and dreams like "Captain Tsubasa", it may be a severe content depicting trials and ruggedness to win but I think that the smell of that draft is good, and Maradona Based on the excitement of works by putting famous athletes, evaluate to [highest!]. Maybe Mr. Yoichi Takahashi who was an assistant became a master of football manga at "Captain Tsubasa", but it may be a work that I challenged to show off as a former teacher, but for passion and victory It depicts obsession with considerably, it is never inferior in terms of content. Those who aim for football players will never read and have no loss. It was a work that won the world before "Captain Tsubasa World Youth Edition", but regrettable that the final game was not drawn. Although it may have drawn out so far.