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Yuu Koyama
Japan Released:1994 BIG COMIC SUPERIOR / End:2008
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2017/04/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21687 Host:21561 Browser: 4691
[good point]
The hero who stood up to kill the person who brings up the battle and his companions.
A flashy battle scene (Chara)

[Bad point]
The main character is too strong and a cruel scene.
There are many similar fights.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At first something fought to fulfill the mission Meanwhile the companion died and it is the hero who is aimed at life, but when I realize I feel like I'm repeating the same battle and the goal was not fixed and I wondered if it strayed out I will.
What to say How can we say that she still does not understand her thoughts and actions? Straightly speaking, a person who has left a place to go to is lost in the way and can not return home as it is, it is a feeling of being missing Right

Just thinking nothing, I think that it is a recommended work for those who want to see a fancy fight.

2015/12/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5682 Host:5533 Browser: 9081
[good point]
The main character is a cool battle scene

[Bad point]
There are many good and bad things without salvation

2013/01/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14400 Host:14312 Browser: 6172
In the early Edo Shogunate, a piece depicting the hypothesis of "Azumi" hidden behind the Tokugawa family's underworld, but it was pulled in by the first development rather than such a setting Shock A preliminary opening may be the only one

It is because there is always a tension in the encounter and farewell scenario with visitors to Azumi and it was possible to read while playfully despite the work of the hero Musou because there is a danger of pure innocence in Azumi its innocence Therefore, while having perfect strength, it can not be perfect as an assassin It is not worried that someday the azumi will be stained in the world where only the presence of blackness prevails

It is such a masterpiece that the hand turning over the page does not stop despite the desire that Azumi is forever in the azuma

2012/10/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19643 Browser: 7659(Mobile)
It is a manga that I was hooked a few years ago. It was easy to sympathize because the hero was a woman, so it was my favorite manga.

Although scenes where sexual depiction, people are slaughtered and dead are direct, but I thought that it was good, but this author thinks that it is a considerable year, but wrapping everything in this oblat, everything I felt like I was throwing in the age when I did not give out.

Although it is a repetition of a similar experience, it is possible to sympathize with the encounter with various people, and the place where the parting is coming as soon as the story goes down. As water flows, encounters with people flow unexpectedly and it may be life.

Personally, Flying Monkey cherishes Azumi, place where human emotions can sprout was good, it was a partner and place where romance was embraced was also good.

Although the picture is old-fashioned, I think that the azumi is beautiful, the picture is good, I think it is a fascinating pattern, it is fierce and has warmth, not a young author.

I have not read about the last five volumes so I want to read someday.

2012/06/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5427 Host:5431 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Because there are up to 48 volumes, time can not be lost

[Bad point]
Starting to emphasize "mind" which did not swing in the opening stage from the midfield, finally it is not planning anything repeatedly that the companion is killed because of a cursed action, which does not kill the opponent to be killed that can be the subject, As a result of continuing, there is a temporary happiness but a story without a happy ending When comprehensively it is not totally transmitted what you want to say

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I could enjoy "Oi Ryuma", but there is nothing that this work is uselessly getting on for a long time

2011/03/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43743 Host:43798 Browser: 10806
An era in which a one-sided crime of cutting evil for the shogunate to make a peaceful world by calling it pruning is performed truly. A woman, Azumi who was charged only for murder from childhood before I started thinking about what was wrong.

Well it is set very much. But Azumi grows as a man as a woman little by little. Knowing love, knowing the living as a swordsmen, knowing the world absence, becoming an adult. It is one big when one tragedy is overcome. I think that is the fun of this manga.
By distorting a dirty person and drawing it more dirty, I think that it expresses the chaos of the era without education, and the decent character becomes superfluous. At first there was resistance, but I got used to it a lot. In any case, I am not good at Azumino's eyes and mouth of Mr. Koyama's smiley smiley. It is decent if I am afraid ..

The place I liked the most was a former man who became a woman, but he is touched by Azumi, but he is going to be killed at last. Because it was a very favorite character, it remained strong in the impression. (It is the most addictive one, the volume of the miserable, was the most shocking)
As the story became longer and the end disappeared and the image of the ideal endings became blurred, it reads only up to the point where Date lastly self-harmered, and before that, I hardly remember it, but the strength of the women's core, tough On the contrary, the beauty of nakedness like Bodhisattva was expressed, which leads to high evaluation.
Evaluation is good as it has not been read until the end.

2010/10/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 29314 Host:29051 Browser: 10315
The view of the world and the setting of the character are well made, but I think that the story has been killed being prolonged.

I think that it became easier to convey the theme (which I read without permission) included in this work if I was able to attach Keisei to advance and retreat of Azumi with a stylish story.

It is a manga written for the sword fight scene than the story, and the reader is supposed to read it as such.

I can forgive that sword fighting scene.

In the Warring States Period where the lawless battlefield spreads, the conspiracy of the people who are thinking to move the age of the battlefield from the shadow of power to the sword swirling figure,

I think that the muddy appearance of people who live while being oppressed in the times is one of the charms because they are embraced.

A painting of a dramatic style which smells blood smells is heavy but it fits the work.


In the age of warring States, "From the thought that battle occurs in the world because there are powerful people who want power,

Azumi, cultured purely as a thug, planned an assassination group to destroy authorities, picked up by the swordsman "grandfather" who raises assassination specialists.

Orphans who were brought up as families were ordered to kill each other with "grandfathers" who had longed for like parents,

Azumi begins with a shocking dawn, slashing and killing with "1 story" being the first love's partner as one story.

It was brought up as a swordsman in "grandfather" who was an absolute existence in a narrow world, and as a terrorist in the war-torn world,

While holding a love heart, from the first episode which killed Azumi himself himself and threw it away,

A journey without the end of a freshly-cut azuma begins "to peace the world by killing people".

The contradiction and tragedy of thinking "Peace Prayer" and "I want to lose the misfortune of people" is the cause of the bloody warfare.

The stage is the age of warring States, but I think that the author is trying to depict the existence of the universal, human-made era and the existence of humans in the times.

I think that the era of the Warring States is the stage when the era was the only time that Japan had an internal war that was not an external war.

So even if the question "What should we do to make the world peaceful" draws a foolish conclusion that it creates children like azuma,

I can never deny the readers who are here and enjoying peace, once they come closer with the reverberation of those who were in the same horizon.

The world of "Azumi" is not a story about war and peace that is occurring somewhere in a foreign country, but for readers who are here now,

As a neighboring world to the ground, it closes strongly in a parallel sense.

If you hear that terrorists have terrorized somewhere in a distant war country, you feel relieved that you are a pacifist who can resist war by trying outright indignation,

I think that this purpose will be the purpose of stopping such eye blurring.

In contemporary times, like accusing the war of a distant country, Azumi is not a brainwashing terrorist, is not it a sentence,

"Peaceful" voice seems to be raised whether it is runaway justice.

Although it is true, the stage of "Azumi" is not a war that happens in a foreign country that can be cleared up as a human goto, it is what happened here someday,

Azumi is fighting every day for the lives of people living next to one another with looting, insult and slaughter, the life lost in front of the world and the peace of the world,

He does not do anything and does not let himself on the spot but without groundlessly tells the emptiness of the word "war is Ikenai".

In the midst of the madness of violence and slaughter and the rain of blood, no one wants to get hurt, do not want to be killed, possibly in a world that I do not want to kill,

I think that it is drawing a question as to who can manage the world, at the very least, how to think and how to act as an individual.

In the mood of everyday life, being deprived of the life of the Warring States Period, Azumi wields the sword while being bloody like Yasha,

After "grandfather" disappears, we will use the function as a homicide machine for "to help weak things to protect our friends while bloody warring age."

Azumi who killed the other side of her family broke off the way to return home by herself.

The beginning scene may be the result of brainwashing with "grandfather" when murderers become the foundation of peace,

The pure and innocent hilarity of Azumi and other colleagues after slaughtering a fellow is drawn cruelly.

While innocently enjoying a peaceful party with fellow friends, a blank expression in which Azumi suddenly shows a moment captures the heart and is skillful.

It seems like I realized that now peace is only a fleeting one built upon slaughter,

Beyond peace, transparent eyed guards that are constantly looking through the battlefield are skillful.

It is the innocent white paresthes who become the victim under the name of war and peace in any age.

However, descending the volume causes doubt and self-question in Azumi, but still Azumi does not choose to let go of a sword.

Azumi cut off the relationship with a community and a family thing that can belong to rest and belonging, at the time of slashing the one having embraced a pale love heart.

The beginning is a discontinuity with the resting place of Azumi, a family thing, a separation to the community,

I think that the part of the azami that lived on the back of the work was the part necessary to become an azuma.

My grandfather was just the opportunity to open the world 's door to Azumi, even if Azumi was a community, faction, party or family,

It belongs to something, entrusts and depends without dependence, Azumi confronts the world as one person, looks at things with their sensitivity and thought,

I think that it was a scene necessary to fight against the world and to step forward.


A work that gazed at the human being inside the giant swell of the times by drawing an individual girl who lives by fighting the warring States era "Azumi".

"The time when powerful people pushed to the final warfare under the cause of peace" is a world where the times remain unchanged,

Among them, it is because we accept the pain of each one there in front of the clumsily inexperienced,

Azumi who can not stop fighting by taking a sword while knowing that he will kill a person and that will also hurt himself.

This work is Azumino's face as a bishop and bodhisattva who helps companions and weak ones in the world of warring States,

At the same time, it is necessary to shake a bloody sword, to be a Yasha who survives by slashing his life to protect his life,

I think that the attraction of azumi with the two faces of Asura and Bodhisattva will attract people, spirit of person who is extremely complex Azumi, gently and sadly.

As the author also fascinated the picture, I feel like "Azumi" wants to write a story.

Azumi is "beautiful" beautiful, as a human being like a warrior wild beast is transformed into Yasha by a supple sword judgment and it becomes bloody and "knocks off".

Although I can understand sometimes, I can not keep my sword under the mistakes of thought,

Sometimes Azumi has become an obstacle and the "enemies who slap" is the appearance of Azumi himself swallowed by the madness of the times.

Azumi is the same as Azumi kills and confronts them.

"They forgive !! I will not forgive !!

He was agitated, putting a sword in both hands, taking rain of the blood of others to the whole body, Azumi which transforms into Yasha is frightening beyond reason and fading as Azumi becomes a fight,

Its standing figure creates a tremendous beauty like a curtain that cuts out the view of the stage of Kabuki.

The hero's "Scenes fighting with sad fate", the showroom scene is a place that must be in cartoons,

Whereas honorable places of honor have failed to fuel tragedy and become ugly, the beautiful scene of Azumi's slaughter is because,

I think that the thing that visits to the azumi after waving the absolutely invincible murder sword is not emptiness and sadness but catharsis.

Azumi confronts them like a mirror just barely on the paper because it is pointing itself to the same cutting edge that Azumi turns to the enemy.

One of the blades of Azumino's swords has something with a handle part.

That blade is designed to point the tip to Azumi himself when turning the sword towards the enemy.

Azumi does not swing swords to solve catharsis or something,

When fighting against the enemies in front of you, Azumi also points the same tip of the sword as it turns towards the enemy and pierces himself.

Azumi slashed his heart only as he killed a person, neither thought nor brainwashing but entrusted himself to his own "murder machine"

I am going to choose the marginal choice that arises from the individuality of the azumi that wants to protect the life and the life there that is in the world.


Azumi is a tragedy girl who is destined to be unable to hold a person and the world with a band only by fighting each other, interchanging swords, confronting life and death, and killing each other,

Among them, Azumi watches what the world is like, thinks about what you can do in the world, how you confront the world yourself,

I make choices that can be made to Azumi.

He does not have any thought, and tomorrow it is no wonder no matter who loses his life,

An innocent and ordinary girl who innocently dives into the bosom of a person without enemies or ally and defenselessly,

Having a strong humanism, staring at the world with a single eyed sword like a sword, looking at right and wrong with your own eyes,

While seeing a temporary rest in relations with people, the appearance of Azumi who lives in the middle of the turbulence of the world, lives in battle,

I think that it depicts the appearance of a universal, modern democratic human being in a true meaning confronting the world and the era as an individual.

Even if you say that you do not want war, war etc is a fight between justice and justice.

As long as humans are human beings are born.

What people live is that in everyday individuals' lives, in the daily world, the justice of people and people collide,

While defending something, something is damaged, breaking, selecting something, denying something and affirming something, war goes up and peace is kept.

The word "war is Ikenai" is a word that puts war and peace far from himself as a human goto.

The "war" itself was built into human activity.

It is more important than the words of the fantastical million of those who pull themselves away from avoiding the blood flowing in war and blood flowing to keep peace, shouting against war and peace,

With the intention and choice of themselves, the life of human beings who kill themselves, the weight of life kept by slaughtered lives, and the azalei who is responsible for work are filled with human love.

Azumi swings and lowers the sword while carrying the weight which cuts his own heart with the death and the weight of the living of the life which he murdered slaughtered on the back.

By hurting something and destroying something, I will accept it without running away from the business practices that human beings live their daily lives, keeping something.

Azumi, while holding the weight of war and the weight of peace, will consciously choose it as a war act,

Azumi who carries the work of living while suffering the distortion of the time with taking the whole body of the life, the blood, the curse, the cry and the wailing of the person who slashed himself,

Underlying that human love underflows.

The battle of Azumi is a fight that people and people live in inevitable, people can do the only thing,

I think that it is trying to break the path of fighting that can not be killing just to destroy it.

Azumi is not an external enemy, fighting the fight of going along the Shura path in the azumi, carrying the weight of the life just as much as it has been truncated.

The appearance of Azumi who hits his life as a single sword fascinates nothing about enemy ally and does not like that charm but love,

Suitable for the word "to fall in love" with the soul.


Shake the sword that keeps his life and cuts down his life, and Azumi himself puts himself in the toughest place.

Azumi's slaughter is a self expression that is a shout of Azumi's whole being.

The figure that Azumi kills a person is made on the enlightenment that the azumi can not stay with the aza other than to make a choice to kill people, it is beautiful because it is sad.

While knowing what you are doing that Azumi is just the same slaughter as the enemy fighting, you understand,

Azumi wields the sword and fights, standing in the place of recognition of the last minute like a blade that pierce the tip from within the azumi, which is not to do otherwise.

The appearance of Yasha and Bodhisattva, Azumi loved, trusted, crushed, frightened and evaded by absolute power.

A genius sword judgment, ability to judge the speed of the gods in the battlefield, ability to judge the speed of the gods in the battlefield, in the dead ground, a figure of a shura who cuts between life and death with a single sword muscle,

It has the face of a pure bodhisattva, living with the weight of the life that is built upon the slaughtered death and the weight of the abandoned death,

The character called 'Azumi' wearing innocence and eros in dancing between life and death is nothing wrong.

On the blade, literally, the scene of the death and the compelling scenery of life with the paper is full of gravity and imminent.

In order to protect our lives we cut down our lives and weigh heavily and they are also transmitted to the hands of readers.

Azumi is like a god Buddha (monster) drawn by human aspirations only when convenient.

In the age of warring States, Azumi who puts herself in the midst of dead life and death, opens the path with a sword and belief in the blood of rain,

In truth, I pray for peace than anyone, I wonder who is saddening the killing more than anyone else.

The author seems to want to write a sad and beautiful figure of Azumi.

Even though you possess the capability of transcendence exercise, you are concerned about the reality of the neighborhood whether such fatty fat is good.

Raw erotic dancing on death and paper blades is represented in the body called Azumi.


I think that the most important point in this work is "sword fighting scene that can see orbit."

Azumi's human beings are departing from the sword trajectory with a movement that makes you feel weight with physicality, mobility,

In the scene where the life and death intersect one another in a whitewashing futuristic,

In a swordsmen scene that puts life on something like a lump of passion "Japanese sword" and gives life to it, dripping feelings arise.

I wonder if I'm trying to write something like Japanese emotions.

The sequel "AZUMI" is the stage of the Edo period.

....................................................... ..................

It is good to believe in your own righteousness and to find the best principle of self action and determination there,

But for that reason it became subjectively blind, became partisan in conflict with others, had no power or intention to understand other justice,

It is obviously contrary to the spirit of democracy if it comes to feeling the significance of life only through thrusting his own justice.

All factional conflicts arise from it, and buds of fascism arise there.

Defeating an enemy and defeating a ruling class is to eradicate enemies of justice from human beings,

It must be to deny the existence of the ruling class in the world towards the eternal future,

If the powerful intentionally irrational thing similar to the opponent which defeats this is left without being liquidated,

This battle has no other choice but to be fundamentally meaningless.

Everything that fights to the outside must always have the effort to fight inside against this.

Anything that fights an enemy must simultaneously fight itself.

Centrifugal force and centripetal force are always contrary to each other in that direction, but if you follow only one of them,

Objects that move do not go out of their orbit and scatter in unlikely directions, or solidify and lose their dynamics.

A great democracy should have the courage to fight until the end by betting his own life for social justice in one aspect,

Also, as always, you should be a man with a conscience in conscience, a person with constant paroleation.

There is no way to overcome society by leaving efforts to overcome self.


What is born from the relationship of power is the relation of control of power to any degree and can not be more than that.

Beat the established privilege class, never stop the hand of the mortal thoroughly until this enemy is as ruthlessly ruthlessly as possible for the enemy.

In a struggle world viewpoint such as the battle against bourgeois must be an extinction battle everywhere,

Although there are sufficient reasons, at the bottom of it must be the spirit of strong humanism in some sense.

If justice is a blade, a cutting blade, love is divided into two Blade that connects opposing things, a blade that creates new life from there.

Justice hates injustice and denies this as an enemy and destroys it, but love forgives this and creates a correct sprout from the bottom by putting it inside of me.

To the bottom of that justice, deep love beyond mere justice is actually moving.

That is, the blade must have been a blade of love, not just a blade of justice.

There was a necessity that we had to find the world of love exceeding this by reaching the limit of justice.

It is never a denial of contemporary fighting principle, but we must deeply love human love at the bottom of this struggle of justice.

Kenjiro Yanagida "Ethics of Proletarians"

2010/07/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16293 Host:16144 Browser: 8739
[good point]
There are erotic scenes that are attracted to from the first episode that has personality in the picture, but I do not feel too erotic

[Bad point]
Patterning after the middle stage

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are cruel scenes, but if you do not get used to it you may feel uncomfortable,
Actually it will be such a thing. Whether it is difficult to draw without mangling with that cartoon.

A cute expression that occasionally shows azuma can not be said at all.
Spicy monkeys are also good taste. I do not want you to kill only the apes.

2010/02/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6639 Host:6795 Browser: 14895
[good point]
There is a peculiar taste in the picture Suicide scenes are good

[Bad point]
The same development from the middle continues

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I had friends, I could write the skill of the scene of the sword and the suffering of the samurai of the world of Taiping and it was quite funny, but after my fellows and grandfathers have gone, the same developments will last only for a long time in comics It has become.
It is very disappointing that it was a beautiful work if I finished beating Mr. Muneaki Yuyuu, the grandfather's enemy.

2010/01/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19079 Host:19044 Browser: 15599
[good point]
I think that the depiction of the feeling that it seemed like a warring country era was good.

[Bad point]
It is the subjectivity of BASARA and Musou Otaku, but the warlords of historical figures are only visible to the bad guys.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I have caught a glimpse at the time of elementary school student, it is a work which became a trauma.

Because of this I came out about a dream for about a week and I could not eat meals satisfactorily.

Recently I started watching it again, but I still have a weak consciousness.

2009/12/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10050 Host:9884 Browser: 8451
[good point]
I do not feel salvation with a lot of grotesque descriptions,
That is what it felt like "war" "battle" "killing" is absolutely useless. In short, it is a teacher's work.

[Bad point]
After all, it is the point that I do not feel salvation with a lot of grotesque description.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will keep this in [very bad].
There is no one who is honored like a movie version because he is a haunted lol (lol).

2009/07/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16029 Host:15859 Browser: 5234
The poor after reading was the worst, it was a way of finishing not refreshing the last round, but why I went through all the volumes for some reason.
Azumi is cool and it's cool. It may be my favorite in cartoon female characters.
Basically there are many stories without help, so I can not recommend it to people, but I like quite a lot.

2009/07/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2325 Host:2227 Browser: 9207
[good point]
The first one was brilliant anyway, including the death of later parties, the first half had a speed of expansion.

[Bad point]
From the time Miyamoto Musashi appeared,
Friends can be 〓〓〓Enemy is found 〓〓〓friends are killed, there is no purpose of the mannellized hero

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The impact of the killing of the first friends was great.
Until the Osaka summer camp, there was momentum.
I think that battling the Ono school's younger brother and showing the hero's competence is not bad.
I was totally forgiven "KIKU" to be a woman, I drowned with that,
And, the way of being killed is the way to end,
I think that it was shocking and good that it is not inferior to the first half.
After the middle stage, the goodness of the first half is killed.

2009/01/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29910 Host:29856 Browser: 8090
It was good that I knew the importance and goodness of my colleagues when my friend was in the early azuma.
But my friends also wiped out, Azumi became alone from around the death of my grandfather.
Although you can make friends on the way, in the end they all died for Azumi, so it is like this one in this comic is living to extend the life of Azumi.
Somehow now, the fellow of Azumi tends to already have a death flag since it first appeared.
Mr. Koyama who killed to Chiyo ward, what are you going to do in the future?

The part of the sword is drawn well from the early days and it will not change even now, so you can watch with confidence.

The story that remains the most in the mind is the story that is killed but killed.
In that story, unpleasant customs of those days are evenly drawn, and for people who are not good at such parts, do not you think it is quite uncomfortable?

The feeling of losing sight of the end at the end is getting ridiculed compared to the initial stage.
The story also goes to a new frontier after knocking down the bad guy, it is considerably mannellised.
It is about time to put together and I hope that you will end the series.

2008/11/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26889 Host:26636 Browser: 6342
At first it was fun. But from location to place. Deployment. If there are differences in people,
In the root part commonly I notice the fact that "I repeat the same thing".
I wonder if there really was a meaning to go over as much as 40 volumes, after the grandfather died the loop phenomenon has already begun.

However, the main character Azumi is cool though without complaint. Like the Mikuni Musou, 1vs 100 etc. are superhuman to truncate without scratching one.
Boasting a strength that is no longer a human being, after the middle stage "the incident occurs - Azumi kills"
The fixed pattern like Mito Komon that is said to have settled.

Evaluation is "bad". Although it is one of my favorite manga,
It seems that you can read the figure that the author is thinking about finishing the way of finding out.

2008/10/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13294 Host:12886 Browser: 8374
[good point]
Paintings that were suitable for periodicity

[Bad point]
Face division is very simple and bored

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Azumi trying to survive desperately is so beautiful that it seems not to be able to escape with unexpected destiny.
That was good, but it is too long. It is too long.

Although the paintings are old-fashioned, they felt fresh as they fit strangely with the times.

2007/06/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27930 Host:27693 Browser: 4184
[Comprehensive evaluation] In the Daimyo renewal issue, a hit man who can cross over with the two major forces of Hidetada and Amami equal.
Many people have noticed by seeing this. Yes, it is G13. G13 is the world against you.
There is no one accusing the sexual depiction of G13 as Eroro? It is already how old it is! It is a great movie (anachronic way of saying ,,,) that neither the author nor the reader thinks about.
It is fun to see Azumi as Japanese-made G13.
Let's say such a thing, I will comment on Majime. The best deaths were Kambe and Sakon.
It is two people who thought about how to die, so the azumi at this time is "Bodhisattva" itself.
This "manga" is a work that depicts how far Azumi can become a Bodhisattva against a human being killed.
Any pattern of repetitive patterns of Azumi, patterning repeatedly, making manners is OK.
But, enforced ending (hope prediction.)
Azumi loses her virgin because of trivial things. (Before the monstrous monkey and the man dies ,, everyone expects it ,,,)
After that, a few stories in the development that a man who surely got died die. Of course I will feel pleasure.
After the death of Amami et al., There are various things, running to homosexuals and not working at home I will teach "the wonderfulness of women" as a station of Kasuga, reform and build the world of Taiping.
A word to the author.
Let me refresh the accumulated readers soon.

2007/05/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53899 Host:53946 Browser: 6287
Among Japanese history, I think that it is popular alongside the end of the Edo era, there are not quite a few works drawn so darkly this time around the early Edo period, which tends to be a stage even in big dramas and era novels.
In that sense it might be a great work.
In addition, although it thinks that it is rather a gorgeous image in this era, it is a work that makes me think that the reality was this kind of thing.

Personally the most intense thing is the story of the early noboseli (I do not understand kanji).
Easily saying "repeat looting and assault", but there is a memory that was pretty shocked as to whether it is truly disastrous so far.

But in my case the elements of grotesque and erotic are too strong and painfully accompanied by reading honestly.
As the painting of the horny skill is good and the main character's azumi is drawn so beautifully, the wretch of the scene is further complemented.
Well, I'm only extremely weak against these elements (or grouch), but I understood the reason why my parents said "This should not be read".
I think that it is better not to read those who are not good at groans or eroticism.

Although I am a little hesitant to learn, the evaluation is "good". It is not my favorite work and I do not want to read it again.

2006/12/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11236 Browser: 6363
It is a sad story, but it is a work that you can enjoy. Is the goodness of the story's tempo the sale of this work? Although it is not yet complete, I am looking forward to what kind of deployment it will be in the future, it is also uneasy.

2006/09/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52459 Host:52448 Browser: 4184
Mr. Yu Oyama's work "I am right" as it is, so it does not have such a feeling to such extent, but unfortunately this is also low evaluation. Mr. Jean Gabin was also told,
In a gruesome atmosphere, the story that disgusts continually darkens and the enemies are nothing felt like the charms of the men who are crazy with Mio. I felt that the battle scenes with them traced only the cruelty of the upper side, I do not feel the appearance, historical facts can not be helped,
It is uncomfortable that the Yagyu clan or bad guys are being treated. Although it was made into a movie twice, honestly I can not find such value.
(The impression that the proposed actor wasted wastefully was strong, especially the bad handling of Mr. Miki Hira at 2 was unpleasant.

It is painful to have finished in balanced disproportionate work as a result that the thought put on the author's creation spun out. It is a bad habit of this author, especially to draw power that opposes the main character more than necessary. Although it is fiction everything,
Everything is clearly nothing but black and white.
Although it is severe, it can only be attached with "worst" with this.

2006/09/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13988 Host:13854 Browser: 4184
Although it is my favorite work, the fate of Azumi's tracing is already miserable ... it will be hard to read (not uncomfortable)
Shunjiro who I personally liked. That way of betrayal, how to die, has begun to have disgust with not much from those days.

2006/08/10 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
Whew, I lose up to Chihiro (bad name) where the face of the example crooked, what will Azumi do? If you fight it will fight and you will not get rewarded at all. It is a work that can not see what you want, no matter how far you read it.

The enemies that come out are always fascinated by men who are always crazy and it is painful to read and read.

2006/08/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8587 Host:8291 Browser: 4184
I call it from time to time but it is a subtle work as I am.
I think that it is good to have exhilaration, whereas the picture and depiction are partly felt like eggs.
I accept that it is a unique work ..... So "normal".

2006/05/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25962 Host:25729 Browser: 3875
I like manga, but there have been no manga to read for a long time properly. However, I liked the historical drama, I knew there was a comic called "Azumi" of the pretty girl 's thugs setting. Recently, it happened to see the movie "Azumi" by chance, but it was kind of felt but suddenly I was going to see just a little about what "original" was in the bookstore, I bought up to 38 volumes at once. Why are you addicted to this? Although I have been reading about manga books etc. in the past few years ... I thought about it,
〓〓〓Speedy feeling of the story 〓〓〓Growth of the girl "Azumi" 〓〓〓It expresses part of the darkness of history well

Especially 〓〓〓 How to draw the movement of the heart of "Azumi" is excellent. It is mysterious that it gradually comes to mind as you follow this story behind "Azumi" gradually "as if you had slashed a man even though you did not slash it." Overall cruelty The part of eroticism is drawn, but that's why, let's make the darkness of that era realistic, even though how dirty it is with blood it will keep shining brightly Azumi is rising think.
She is strong. It is tremendously strong. Emptiness, sadness, loneliness due to being too strong come to the reader all the time. After the decisive battle with Yagyu, it appears in the rain, military assistance and embracing crying scenes, etc. Do you feel guilty that robbed a lot of people's lives, sadness to keep losing important people, follow chases It is getting heavier and heavier. I think that Azumi surely understands the mission raised as a thugs better than anyone and understands clearly that the last will be cruelly unlikely to end. Whether the death of such 'Azumi' visits at the end of this story, is not there emptiness and there may not even be a sense of peaceful feeling?
Although the death of the assassin 'Azumi' will be buried in the darkness, although Azumi who was an orphan who was originally unknown is the strongest thug, while women like Virgin Mary gently enveloping both joy and sadness While the sublimation process seems to be contradictory at first glance, I think that it is drawn in nature. It is the word left by Inoue Gyouei in the first half of the story "There is a Bodhisattva in your heart .." I think that it has become a wonderful hint up to now.
Is it merely I who is anxious for the death of Azumi that sublimated to that point but is looking forward to a deep death?

2006/04/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13265 Browser: 4483
I think that it is good to draw quickly and swing swords.
If there are many sexual depictions, how to kill people is still unfriendly!
Not only is every part of the body easily cut off in pieces, but also it is bad feelings to say honestly about the depiction of blood. It was awfully killed and the dislike increased. None remember "anger" that is not as expressible as "fear".
Initially it was a historical drama and suffered "Rurouni Kenshin".
But when I think about it well, "Rurouni Kenshin" was better for me ...
Raroku was drawn in an easy-to-understand way of the flow of the world and the movement of the government in the era when the Meiji era of Japan swayed,
This is a killing in the era of all-you-can-not-for-the-age where even the characters of "civilization opening" can not be seen.
The enemies of this cartoon are merely cruel and crazy guys never have anything to do with this guy all the time.
Yuichi Yuuichi of RIKARIZOKI and the people of the scenes still have humanity still ...
Besides, since elements such as eroticgrooes match the paintings which were killed, it will not be read anymore.
(I apologize for a while compared to Rakko)

2006/04/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53004 Host:52977 Browser: 3846
I think that the content is interesting, but the picture does not particularly like Erogro depiction.

Evaluation is "normal"

2006/04/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Gold gold angle, was it silver angle?
I hate that. I thought that it was okay not to take care of the last Azumi.
Well I thought that it was more interesting to see such people.
I am not interested in the current development.
Oh, I guess there were other villains I hated. He also told Azumi that "You, what is it?" And it ended up being killed in the end. I wanted you to suffer more.

2005/12/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18537 Host:18226 Browser: 4696
Evaluation is "good".

The shocking first episode and the tremendous environment surrounding it.
Originally it was Ozama Manga, as I was thinking only about ordinary historical objects, I realized that I was drawn more and more as the series progresses.

From the beginning to the beginning, there were ten ten friends including Azumi, the execution of duties and farewell to speed and sense of speed, easy to read, history, even I who is not good at Sengoku Mono is accepted without resistance However, since honesty Azumi has become independent, it enters a stable period in a good sense or a bad meaning, there is no dramatic change in the environment,
I think that it is the current situation that it has become a little mannered.

Although it is unknown how many years have passed in the work, I do not want to lose the advantage as a good work of the former stage, I think that I would like you to be tightened tightly by getting into the time of the summary soon.
In that sense the final round is a fun cartoon.

Although it is totally snakeshoe, as for the movie version, I think that the actor can not fully express the manga and it is the worst.

2005/10/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12544 Browser: 2753(Mobile)
Azumi is kind and friendly to various people regardless of gender (^ ^) Azumi's character is attractive to the highest! Although it may be a bit of a manneri certainly, I do not wish to finish because I still wish to see the activity of Azumi is. I think that I should buy cartoons, but I'm lost because there are a lot of depressing characters and depressing characters. I forgot the name, but when I saw a child who was fucked by an okama and thrown away (TT) I just thought that it was too cute that she was caught in an azuma .... It is cute that Chiyozumi is also in Azumi. I want you to die beautifully, even if it is destined to die.