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Go Nagai
Ken Ishikawa Dynamic Pro
Japan Released:1976 Shougaku sannensei Televi-Kun Shougaku gonensei
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2013/06/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Commissalize of special effects film "Pro Wrestling Star Asteka Isa" produced at Tsuburaya.
Since Ken Ishikawa famous for "Cartoon of Getter Robo" draws it, I thought that it would be amazing, but it was rather cheap.
Or, the bizarre of Aztecizer 's design is already originally, and comic calling of special effects programs does not feel overwhelming Jabasa as "Ultraman Taro".
If anything, it seems that a word such as "kill" appears in an orthodox hot-blood cartoon.
Well, the corpses of dogs came out, and from the shop blinds they came by bicycles with Tukko ... There were as many Ishikawa nodes.

Aztecizer's character was good.
It was amazing but it was easy to be liked that it was a gentle, strong sense of character.
I did not think that he was crazy as he had other Ishikawa works, and I feel I felt like it was for a child magazine.
Although I was left in the impression to beat the gorilla at first and destroy the store by motorcycle.
By the way, I was burning a boy 's enemy, but I did not look like a boy ....

Is it a particularly good episode when Antonio Inoki comes up?
The scene that defeats the enemy of black mist along with Antonio Inoki burns.
Despite being alive, the strength of the two men who defeated Black Mist and their conflicts and friendships were often drawn.
I believe that Aztecizer was not an absolute brave and that he described that he also had heroic strengths, and that it was a nice scene after all.
I think that sub-characters also played an interesting role fundamentally.

I guess the final round is still discontinued.
At the beginning the enemy base was blown up and confronted with Satan Demon 〓〓〓It fought a little bit while being defeated ... It was an ending that was too overrunning.
It was a shame that it was suddenly becoming a fight that suddenly became a fight as it was interesting until then.
I was only fighting, and I was talking about like "Defeating Satan Demon if I defeat Satan Demon", but I just ended up being defeated.

Basically it is Ryosaku, only regrettable.
The cartoon "Getter Robo" which was recorded together was also fun.
Apart from Getter Robo Saga, it was a getter for children. It was not terrible, but this was a fun feeling with this.