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Japan Released:1997 Weekly Shonen Sunday Super / End:1998
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2015/01/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1944 Browser: 7420
Was not it registered here until recently, was it a minor one in the Sunday system?

The hero who was born in the magician's house, the friendship with other people was also thick, and Kansai dialect talked with my brother who was familiar with me, but I was repeatedly transferred to and faced with trouble at the school one after another. It was such a drama of parents and the people surrounding them and it was discovered that a father who had lost a lot of horse racing with horse racing went along with the hero as he arrived at a restaurant in the town and sometimes a May cry frankly silenced him and that there was a man who was also dating the manager of this woman Especially talking about my older son with a heroin outstanding in the early stage to the middle stage also involved her but I could not stop blaming myself every time I had a boyfriend's boyfriend who was not a bad person, There was also a good story such as the story, but a subtle story was also outstanding.

As to what I say, as I see the dogs as a "chewing dog" as soon as they are looking at, there are a lot of stories about patterns that can eventually lead the main characters to make up the role as planned, "The bottom was shallow" A typical example was the story of a temporary teacher specializing in living instruction.
Well, even if I punished it once, I did not care at the next work school, he understood the feelings I wanted to change "change school destination" due to the aforementioned circumstances of the hero, and in the end it was punished again exactly But it was a small item that was drunk by this "self-righteous justice", and it was necessary to make it appear twice as well.

Rather than he probably should have deepened the relationship between Mother and Sister who the hero had a chore. Especially in the former case, even though there was a certain thing to deny even the hero's personality, it was "It would be too bad as a human before a parent ...", but I also got a sense of entertainment A match between the hero who got angry and his sister,
That picnic was surely the same as one mother even in such a locust - ness .....
Although it seems that there was something that included her something indeed, there was such a "family conflict" that ended halfway.

Perhaps only three volumes of booklet could be delivered, it was a censoring, but the last story also tried to take revenge when the hero was enrolled and enrolled, no interesting,
After all, "Hero hero, 10 years old !!" That story, there was no catharsis. I had no idea what would happen anymore. As the subject matter of magic tricks and the characters of the hero were not bad,
I wanted a more contrivance such as a more story (better being upgraded as well). I could not believe that the series ended in a short time is regrettable. Evaluation is "bad" on the side of "very bad".