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Kia Asamiya
Japan Released:1993/10/23(Sat) Monthly Afternoon / End:1995/10/23
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1. http://www.tron.co.jp/ (Translation)
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2013/07/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27049 Host:26922 Browser: 9932
[good point]
〓〓〓till dense drawing and stylish character design as usual.
- Numbers of Tokyo local material that can only be understood by people living in the Kanto that develop in relation to the Nemaru Queen edition.
〓〓〓n a variety of ways too much Yaba magazine serial version super 4. Episode 4 (Oh yeah Jeu - Ann O - Son has come the claim?).

[Bad point]
〓〓〓artial change of character deza. Especially the interpreter which was rebuilt to "aging face" was miserable (I bought some stuff for drift and I went back to the previous work on the way).
〓〓〓garashi brothers complete air conditioning, and the significance of the existence of a plasma whose shadows have become thinner as soon as they are new characters.
〓〓〓he experimental spirit of trying collaboration with other Asamiya works such as "silent mebius" is interesting, but it seems annoying to those who have not read the story.
〓〓〓lthough it improved slightly owing to the increase in living odor over the previous work, as usual a subtle gag sense.
〓〓〓he revised edition of the monograph series, the fourth episode is not fun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Just changing the title with the assembler as the main character rather than the sequel to "Compiler", Nori of the main part is the previous work. Although I was chosen as the main heroine, as a body I liked the character deza of my previous work, there is a memorable memory in Assembler that had been modified to a spoiled bangs of my bangs (I'm not good at himself "Okba girl" ...) w
Although it seems that the response to the first to third episodes seems to have been given considerably, it seems that "Compiler" itself is seriousness of other Asamiya work originally, Although it was somehow launched as "relaxation" against the "breath", there was a sign that "There is no way it can be a serious manga as it is", but it has drifted in recently (recently, "This grand prix only for one punch When I thought that I had watched a movie of development that closely resembled the technique to continue pulling in front pretensions, it was "Shibaru" by Matsushimoto Hisashi.
Although it is a translation settled down to the traditional "Sudara cartoon" afterwards, it was regrettable that "romance pattern" of Assembler and Shu ended in indigestion by putting too much emphasis on idol activities and Nerima queen editions. In reaction to that, it seems that it is painful and itching that the impossible elements such as clumsy "friendship of a woman" that Assembler and Megumi fly with are born.
A magazine series version with a strong sense of overwhelmingly just as "copyright? Nanisole OISIINO?" The fourth episode and the bias & directory that unfairly depicted the sorrow that any single male would have experienced Since the episode which was laughable obediently also exists than the previous work such as the leading role of the game, the evaluation is "normal".

2012/07/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
A sequel to "Compiler". Shift the main to Assembler and draw the university life of her and high school student Shusu Igarashi in the previous work.

After all, the conflict of assemblers who are not humans, Shu who decided to take a distance with her on the notorious course,
The story opens with a dark and serious development like rejecting the previous readers.
But this is an author's fake or something called play or black jokes.
Chara doza has changed somewhat, but from the last 3 talks back to the traditional work color fairly easily.

Assembler who lost the ability of Denno routine will go through a battle at the driving school around Megumi and Shuko of love enemies, make an idol unit with them and make debut in the entertainment world and repeat the stupid daily life.
Mr. Asamiya thought from the time of becoming a professional seems to be strong in the heyday period Rumiko Takahashi works strongly ... ...
Taking this work as an example, after the "Urusei Yatsura", Ram loses its horns and enters university,
It was like depicting the first half slapstill everyday while suppressing the depiction of the alien.

This also enjoyed so much so "with good".

2004/08/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44077 Host:44241 Browser: 3846
I do not know the animation of Assembler, but the manga was a good feeling that characters were coming with a sequel from the compiler. Tokyo mask Kamen Nerima Queen who came out in the height of Sailor Moon is a gemstone character It is a gemstone character Before the transformation it is true that the identity of the sailor moon is reversed to the contrary point of the sailor moon was made to the contrary?
I guess it was Miss Mikko Kotono that I was honking at OVA

2003/11/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10672 Host:10794 Browser: 3646
Is it about Assembler 0X by Mr. Kazuo Azumiya? There is only this work that comes up with just "Assembler".
I think that it was only OAV animation, there were about three works. (But, the title was "compiler" ..)
For the evaluation, since the manga "Assembler 0X" of Mr. Asaka Kiki was funny ...