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Norihiro Nakajima
Japan Released:1977 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1979
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2009/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8111 Host:7914 Browser: 9466
77-79 years in serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump was Norihiro Nakajima teacher of hot-blooded bulls cartoon. Kochi of the original gangster son `tantra AsaTaro 'will help the old man was almost swept away by the waves in one day the sea. Otokodo story that people in the president `Ohirasan ManGoro 'with a large force of yakuza world, AsaTaro that was expected later to grow while meeting the various people and incidents.

Professor Nakajima, famous for "Astro Cyprus", tried challenging things like a hot-blood campaign in this work, was handed down as a posthuman of the same kind of "male big cock grandiose" and it is a work drawn (or rather, I think that the editorial department requested to recreate the enthusiasm of the same work that contributed to the upward development of the jump until then.) The story is a son of a hot Yakuza ` Asarotaro "is a real drama that is being involved in fights and conflicts, but it is a real drama that will polish and grow a man, but its base is the original" male big cock sucker "and added a struggle of yakuza to it Although it is finished in a tangled development, most of it is a dispute, although it is the point of this work that does not go to Tokyo or overseas like "Togawa Manchichi", but spreads various things in Shikoku, Fight In the scale of the battle, there are only thing the author of "Astro baseball team", does not in any way inferior.
The hero 's "Tantora Asaro" is a straight-line hot-blooded boy, but it is pure and has no cloudiness in the idea compared to the warrior, and it was quite familiar to push forward without thinking anything. However, as the other characters had too much emotions, there was a feeling that it passed too hotly, and the picture was too realistic, I felt that the momentum is over drunk.

This work is I think that can well as a hot-blooded drama, but I felt the fight, including the mob was too too. However, I think that it is well finished as a work, so the evaluation is [good]. Although it fucked masterpieces, though it has taken over the man's faithfully well, it is a work that is not ashamed, but I do not know whether the present reader can be felt.

2007/03/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Speaking of Nakajima Tokushiro, I only know this work and the "Astro Ball Team"
It is a hot work called Jump.
However, I remember the picture that I feel a bit coarse and the face with a hero small (like Gatai was good)
Most of the others were not remembered, the story was also a battle thing, it was not something that attracted much attention.

Mr. Hiromishi Motomiya's "Sugin Shinjiro", "Yamazaki Ginjiro" and others still empathized the hero,
In this work, I feel like a subflow of other writer by all means.

2005/12/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25850 Host:25655 Browser: 4487
Among the deteriorated copies of [Giant lady general], even compared to the case of Masami Kurumada 's [Masaka] who sunk by erroneously erroneously erroneously because of the era that the era hoped for, the feeling of luck is also felt.

Well [Competition ~] compared to the unreasonable addition and subtraction of this work there is a feeling that this work is somewhere else, but the cohesion itself is not so bad. As a result of proposing "questionnaire system introduction" in the publication magazine, it was possible to obtain the number of turns and the number of publications of the comics next to the [Astro team] in the work of the author who made a foolish attempt to narrow his head As a work, it will remain in record.

However, "I maybe it feels like I'm supposed to do a crowd of the [male] class," a certain potential [manzaka]
Compared to this work, this work is unfortunately a work that does not remain in memory? After all this work is after all [male]
I guess there will be unhappiness that it will be reduced by being a degraded copy ....

Well, as a comic itself it is pretty good so give "normal".