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Yamato Waki
Japan Released:1979 / End:1993
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2012/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Good point] 〓〓〓quot;drawing" It is very beautiful, boasts the highest peak drawing power in the history of history manga. Even if it is exhibited in art museums and museums, coupled with a neat style of pain, which is also highly valued by people who are not familiar with manga, it is in no way inferior.
It may be declared that "it is completely sublimed into art". The drawing which was the best class from the beginning,
In the end it was amazing to go sublimated to the highest cartoon history. Alongside Waka it was nothing deteriorating.
Ultimately beautiful world is built up to not only the character who is beautiful beauty of absurdly but also the luxurious life of Heian aristocracy. In the era when CG was underdeveloped, my head fell down when I drew everything handwritten.

〓〓〓quot;The lives of nobles in the Heian era are clearly drawn" The net is underdeveloped, in order to gather data, I flew around bookstores and libraries, reproduced perfectly in times when I had to look through everything I also marveled.
Comicallization of "The Tale of Genji" is focusing on the love story, and although there are not a few works that mimic history, ... This work performed perfectly the era verification, so that the enthusiasm of the author directly taught and spread the correct history to the reader and the world "is felt immediately. The way of life at the time.
Aristocratic clothing and aesthetic sense. Waka and Gagaku. Furniture and furnishings. Everything was totally reproduced.

〓〓〓ince the original sentence was written only in the beginning of 'Waka', it was hard to read ....
Dear Yamato 's thoughtfulness of the author, it became easy to read comprehension once it became like "Writing modern Japanese translation notation beside Waka." Because Waka is one of the important factors,
Because it will become "treasure trouble" if you remain unknown. Except for a few,
It was a happy reading time to be able to enjoy a heavy story at the same time while enjoying a lot of excellent poetry as all of the people are masterpieces of Waka. It did not change until the end.

〓〓〓quot;Characters" I am a philante who likes "all the characters of my favorite work".
From people who have problems with human nature like Mr. Genji, until the perfect superman of the saint Kimiko like purple,
Each of the various characters was very attractive. Although the main is an aristocrat of a beautiful girl nasty,
Other people always entertained the eyes of the reader and excited the story.
Everyone contributes somehow to the excitement, so there is no one character you do not need.

The problematic figures including Mr. Hikaru and others who went over in the long run, as they had their own difficulties, so that the story could be hastened, so that they could watch over the long term as "necessary evil for raising the story."
Although Mr. Seiji is certainly a useless man, it is made a model that it is wonderful and likable and can not be hated.
This is because Mr. Yamato says "from the motto" If the main character has no affection, good works can not be drawn "
Because I become a bad man, I can not sympathize if I paint childhood poorly, thanks to consideration and ingenuity.

In the beginning, it was not good for some people who are hard to be human nature such as Mrs. Ninomiya and captain of black mustache ....
Especially the woman Sannomiya was a favorite on purple, so I disliked seeing it as "a source of all unhappiness" at first. But as I read it, I accepted it as "Contributor who made the story heavy," and now I can be fond of being obediently obedient.
However, only you of Ohmi who is Daima's favorite favorite are still a bit weak ... (bitter smile)

〓〓〓quot;On purple" This is her most beloved character is her. I can not help thinking "I want to be such a woman".
Somewhat, some people say "I am not good at hearts (characters)", but I am contrary thought.
It is one that feels "to be precious and perfect because it is a perfect person." Is Mr. Genji a genius miserable business,
Including children (evening fog, emperor Koizumi, Akashi's Princess), you have been very successful in nurturing the perfect superman.
Although Yuzu fell in love with the temple of deciduous leaves, I got out the boro ... (sweat)
It is completely indispensable for beauty, personality, elegance, education, entertainment all over purple.

I do not regret that I did not receive a child with Genji as a child though I like it.
Just like Felzen and Mary Antoinette, because there are no children,
It may be that each other was a loved one and kept being able to be "an eternal ideal lover".
I was always asked to be a perfect woman and I did not feel sorry for making myself going to narrow my head more and more as I tried to meet expectations.

In reality sometimes, but anyway "I have only a positive feeling, I must not have a negative emotion", I forced to think, desperately pushing in negative emotions and trying to erase them Because it was. Contrariuity is a crime,
Even though there are just good reasons, it is only natural that it hurts people and hates them.
Although it was a very intelligent person, I could not see that it changed to a painful figure as it became later in order to notice the fact until the end. At least it was good to go out.

Although I cried for having caught a tragic end, it was happiness that I was appreciated as a "true beloved person" from the source of light. "The supreme woman for men. Perfect human beings,
It is a woman who attracts me attractively because it is the one who is responsible for the inferiority of the world and the tragic nature that he can not become happy even if he becomes an ideal human being.

〓〓〓quot;Character design" Correctly the figure of people appropriate for the title of "Beautiful Absolute Beautiful Woman" was about to see and even "dazzling" was felt. Every character had the same eyes and appearance as the inside, so it was charming.
Sometimes, as a disadvantage of this work, there is an opinion that "it is impossible to recognize characters" ....
"The aristocratic men and women must not do other than the prescribed appearance" "Men's ideal is Genji Genji and head of head"
I think that Mr. Daiwa really did a good job in the presence of severe constraints that "women's ideals are on purple and on akashi."

Apparently it seems that there are few patterns of people 's faces from the original ... ... Nevertheless, it is a big thing because it gave each person individuality both externally and internally, with consideration to make it easy to distinguish from hair style and speech.

2010/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30928 Host:30839 Browser: 11341
I'd like to read the Tale of Genji, but somewhat higher thresholds to read with the back.
Recommended for the modern people Introduction to the Tale of Genji.
As I write, I also know the contents of this immortal masterpiece with this manga, so I'm sure there is no doubt that it contributes to the improvement of the name recognition.

Since the original is long, the amount of serifs on one page one page is large.
Usually it would take about 50 minutes for books whose book volume ends in 30 to 40 minutes.
The contents are condensed, psychological depiction is also skillful. Painting is beautiful and I write a spiritual production of fantastic production.
The elegance of the Heian aristocracy is expressed well, and the "wave" of the story is gentle and stable all the time,
It has a kind of healing, so to speak, a manner of healing comic.
Everyone in the main characters has patience and modesty, none ugly complaints or tantrums.
What is portrayed is the heart of quiet jealousy and passion. I think that "the goodness of raising" born with the royal family and the nobility alone exists in this neighborhood.
Especially, I am hat off in spite of the longevity on purple trying to play a good wife who hides Jealousy to protect Genji 's love affair.

On the other hand, it is not clearly distinguishable whether there are too many characters.
If you do not read it carefully, you will be confused that the readers will not be able to tell it apart, you will feel some difficulty in reading.

Evaluation is "good".
Original author.What elegant love story of beautiful woman beautiful woman Murasaki Shikibu thinks is often comicized so far.
"Name compiler" It is a thought that my mind goes down to Mamoru Yamato 's ability and extraordinary efforts.

2009/12/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9954 Host:9795 Browser: 9670
[good point]
In Genji Monogatari cartoons, animation Ujiko tectonic book is not too long Tightly put together in a firmly put together Limited to be the highest peaks The magnificence of this work is not something you can not tasteless until Genji death after the first deed
When reading from the original text, there are many cases where only the surface is drawn and left to interpretation by the reader such as psychology,
In this work, it is generally appropriate for the author to cut in there and fill the line spacing, or it is interesting as one that makes the drama property
A woman who seems to be a female creator and the overall flowing depiction is warm. It tends to be seen only in the dark story and only the synopsis, but it makes me feel like I can make it so easy to read

[Bad point]
Old girls' cartoonistic patterns got used a little harder to get used to
Character drawing is not good. However, even though I was almost able to distinguish women by Genji's last recollection of Genji, I could think of difficulties with the author,
It probably was good as a cartoon
I drew until Uji ten books, but that part was truly short with 3 volumes. The omission here was quite conspicuous here. It is rather difficult to pull it after Genji's death

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the point that I gave the highest point in a good place is also the greatest evaluation. It was wonderful that I managed to finish it from the beginning to the end. Because this work is wonderful in the Tale of Genji, I do not see manga drawn in a compatible form later, so I wonder if I can understand the magnitude.

I am hoping that you will want to have comic books coming up that will improve the part cited as a bad point and be completed properly. Evaluation is very good, close to the best.

2009/01/02 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Yesterday, there was an article about manga in the T newspaper which I subscribed to at home, and this work was also written.
According to it, "When the words of Heian aristocrats entered into a balloon with modern words, they could be read alive."
Such a place can be evaluated and since it is a cartoon, I think that there are many parts that you can certainly read.

However, the story itself does not feel so attractive.
Who is Genji, in particular?
If it is agreed, it is still good, is not it clear that he made purple on top of it
(I remember that there was no depiction of the scene itself .... Even if the concept is different from Hyundai, I can not convince you)?
In "Genji Monogatari", it is written as "New pillow"
There is nothing wrong with anything else.
However, similarly there seems to be similar cases for other women, Genji.

Genji seems to have noticed important things at last after the purple upper died,
It was not a hero who could empathize.

2008/10/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8983 Host:8822 Browser: 6342
I stopped reading on the way with a boring story.
I realized that Mr. Genji was Mazakon.
Genji 's way of living with women one after another was inevitable.

2008/09/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8090
[good point]
A range that is faithful to the original and convincing changes.
You can understand the customs of the time, the structure of society, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓hings etc. Because there are also many Japanese poems, the vocabulary power of the ancient word increases.
Characteristic skill that I can give out to the face (expression) the character of the character. Nature depiction is also beautiful.
The scene of the gag touch is mixed in a good condition.

[Bad point]
What made it obviously a work for women. Because the original is an immortal masterpiece, I did not want you to stay only with female uke.
It seems that male fans have narrowed their shoulders by the rise of this work though the gender ratio of Genji Fans used to be half before.
Face distinction ... I could not attract male characters.
As the latter half comes, the tempo gets worse.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The story is alright, it is a work meaningful also for academic purposes.

2007/09/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 4184
Despite the drawback that it is difficult to distinguish a face, I want to evaluate that I have drawn the "Ya" appearance.
Well, I wonder how Furanariri is a round puppy ... (bitter smile).
And it is a little troubling that it is impossible to distinguish between purple and akashi people ^ ^;

Base is not "Genji Monogatari" but Mr. Seiko Tanabe's "New Genji Monogatari" and "Koi Fukaki Uji no Koi".
So, pretty much 'Genji' 's huge places have been eased and mentally beautiful.

Interpretation of the evening something is too beautiful and opinions may be divided.
Feminine Sannomiya is also just like a daunting child (In Shigenagi I was emphasized innocence).
The briskness of the clouds of the clouds was interesting.

What I'm evaluating with this work is the original scene which is not drawn even by "Shinsei Gen."
Tang Dynasty and Dressing, Hanagiri and Genji 's encounter are contemporary only to the original, but it was easy to empathize for that amount.
I was glad that the emotion of the beard's beard black was also warmer than "Genji."
Because it was a big deal, I wanted you to properly draw the clouds of clouds and reconciliation of evening fog.

2006/10/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
It is good for people who like "The Tale of Genji", but I think that it is a matter of anything to other people (is it natural?).
I do not like the light source.
Well, since there is an original at the beginning, I do not have to be unable to read, but I do not have a sense of exhilaration when reading ... ....

2005/11/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15394 Host:15409 Browser: 9300
As a result of university entrance examinations, be sure to check the university planned to take the exam regularly to the Tale of Genji,
I was borrowed that year, I borrowed from the library to read the synopsis and read it.
(I was given a diary of a nobleman named that I never heard ... Well, I hope that I received it.

I think that it can be said that mostly the purpose has been reached. There was nothing troubling to distinguish between the characters.
There is nothing you can not read if you spend it overnight, so why do not you try using it even overnight in the slump period.
There is no loss as each princess appears on what kind of time axis it appears and what kind of relative position it is.
However, this is a story only for the test students. If you do not mind manga, there are many other good media as well.
However, it is meaningful to grasp the composition, even if you read others, so you may want to read it if you have the opportunity.
Because the interpretation enters basically any medium in the expression of emotion, I think that it is harmless if it reads it incorporating it.

2005/10/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20847 Host:20687 Browser: 5234
I bought and tried to understand the Tale of Genji often appearing on the entrance examination,
If not, I think probably did not buy it.

Because the character is difficult to understand as its biggest reason. Even though I do not say anything about female characters, it is hard to tell them because the faces look quite similar. My friends distinguished it by coloring it on the face.

But it would be better if you were a student. Because it came out of this, I could get a good point if the Tale of Genji comes out with classics.

2004/11/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13606 Host:13765 Browser: 3646
As I put it in a high school library casually I read it but the picture is elegant and I think that it is enough cartoons to grasp the contents of the Tale of Genji roughly.
For the person who likes the Tale of Genji, I assure that Mr. Genji is Japan's first Lori and mother.
Well, although it is evaluation, because it may have raised the performance of the classics thanks to reading this, I am doing it "very good".