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Other media: Anime:Arte
Comics total pnts rank Rank 1,483in 9,230 titlesTotal 7 / Deviation 50.72
Comics rank of 2013 Rank 15in 290 titles
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Character/Setting2.25(Very good)4
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Okubo Kei
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2013/10/25(Fri) Monthly Comic Zenon
Official sites
1. http://www.comic-zenon.jp/magazine/arte.html (Translation)
2. http://www.comic-zenon.jp/tachiyomi/pc/arte.html (Translation)
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2016/06/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7659 Host:7766 Browser: 5171
[good point]
The first thing that was fascinated by this work was "Renaissance", the following "Venice (may be affecting ARIA)". A female artist "It was just when the encounter was the final story of GA." It is a skill that I can not draw, but I felt that I needed effort to draw.

[Bad point]

Although I drew even a good point, the story does not proceed if I draw the drawing, depending on the qualities ... ... the effort the person can not have. It is in a completely visible state (there is a good place). Does it make sense to see or do not miss opportunities to strive?
I have read many comics, but I think that this work is the one who turned down at the age with a single reading. I just can not deny that it seems like it overlaps with my own rule of thumb. However, in order to enjoy this work, I thought that it might be better to read Nanaso Shiono's work.

2016/06/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44658 Host:44516 Browser: 9831
[good point]
A polite drawing and a heroine that wants to cheer up anything!

[Bad point]

Drawing of characters, especially poor in extraction of face drawing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/11/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18980 Host:19133 Browser: 4763
Time is at the beginning of the 16th century. Italy is Florence.
It is a common sense that "Women" is obedient as a male companion, and it is a time when everything was established as being inferior to a man otherwise.

The main character is Arte.
According to the work of that name, the daughter who is from the aristocratic family but desirous of the art direction is also exposed to the laws of the times, each time learning anger and regret, becoming a motive force and progressing step.
The family environment that made her such started, that even if the person himself did not want, the taste learned at home firmly becomes her blood and it is fully utilized for others (work) ,
From that point onwards, I have learned a lot from the teaching of Leo and I am very polite with no waste, making it suitable for the title first.

Speaking of "Even if the person himself does not want", Ubertino says, "It is possible for negotiating with a man who does not like it separately, when buying and selling paintings in which Alte is a living business." That is, "I can not avoid things that are opposite to what I want in things"
So I am familiar with learning a part of Veronica's methodology which Arte disliked in negotiating the contract contents with him.
That '
"While painting" Hatari ", it has its own eye for beauty" Ubertino,
While ordering against the backdrop as a "props" in "portraits of high-class ladies", they actually read all of them and make them their own blood. "With Veronica, for the sake of life, things not directly involved with it It is clear also from the way you know it.

Also, Veronica's idea for Arte "take pride in being able to fulfill a job that matches high consideration without cheaply estimating the value of your job."
Even here, it was one answer to the values 〓〓〓〓〓quot;impotency being cheap with cheap wages" that had been imprinted in Dacha from the lower class people.
However, because I knew such a thing again, it began with a righteousness to the situation where a man could see his feet, after understanding Alte, he had studied her language as herself.

Speaking of understanding, Arte looks up "Veronica is a (luxury) whore and said that," I respect the effort. "
After speaking remarks that were unaware initially, after witnessing one side of the light of Veronika, I started to understand in a true meaning after talking about the bakery craftsmen. That "there are no nobles in the numbers that have accumulated so far".
After this I met Dacha and I admire her rough hands as a craftworker, but when considering what I had thought of Leo as well, I think that Altec's eyes are as natural as it seems to be funny.

More than anything, Leo, Master of Arte, is a heterosexual girlfriend who touched herself seriously for the first time except for her father and family tutor, and face himself directly from the front as a human being. In addition, because it found out also in terms of "women", it is also natural to shift to love.
However, knowing Veronica 's devil in love in this society, the finish of Nanna becoming an example, at the same time, knowing the purity of veronica (and bakery craftsmen) as well as knowing the understanding between the rigidities of Leo and Ubertino This will bring about a change in consciousness to Leo as well.
"Stairway" used as its image was a very suitable motif to achieve both "step up" and "same line of sight" at the same time.

Even with Leo, while working in the studio of the master of the teacher, only the other apprentices did it lukewarmly, growing enough to draw a line by answering straight from the teacher to the "teaching" from the teacher Because I realized the real intention of my teacher there, I told Arte that I did not despise it because it is a "woman" from the beginning.
Among the severe initial conditions, the teachers of Leo and Arte who wanted to be independent, to be independent, as well as those of women, Arte and Veronica, which are strongly rebellious and rebellious, and Hatari It 's not exactly the same "Veronica and Ubertino, it is well characterized that people who try to work for their lives will resemble somewhere.
Furthermore, in contrast to Leo who was "observing the quality of the painting tools imperatively" just before the work of the Palace College, the man who met there (from the hairstyle, the leader of the same gate who had been despising Leo a long time ago ) Ridiculed Leo but also from the sort of "like kicking out the box containing the painting material tool" in the belliedness which was decorated without blemish, it definitely highlights the difference between the two cases. (And rumors that two people of the same painter and workmaker without a job go to drinking with a bad mouth of a boy's son)

And turning point, Yuri. Request from Farier.
As a role of the work, "woman from aristocrat", which is the reason for choosing Arte, was just a remorse at the outset when it was mentioned again, but after consulting with Leo, it removed it I showed growth that I was able to give an answer.
But as Yuri saw the study of Arte, as you can see her possibility showing, she is obliged to learn "the current state of Arte" - such as speech and "I do not care about manufacturing" - In comparison with "Cliff" as opposed to "opportunity this time" as "stairway" even the reason for choosing Arte, exactly what she herself said that "the essence necessary for a painter is equal to men It may be said that it was found that "it may be more than that."

In this way Yuri's case was well done as "Summary of Florentine compilation".
At that time, Alte is caught only in one word, and it is out of conscious about the story supplementing it (If you understand these, at least the story of Yuri was able to draw a conclusion early without having to worry at all ) Highlighting the immaturity, such as not understanding the meaning of being qualified about the conditions in negotiations, and it shows the length of the "stairs" that she rises.

It is also fun to continue watching the future while feeling a steady progress of such a "staircase" or feeling frustrated.
"There is only one who can protect his life" ... but it is not expected, but it is hoped for Alte 's destination to see a wide world as a whole.

And the stage is to Venice ---

Ubertino who spends all his work tools and boils his work into leos who do not throw in private life.
However, there is a contradiction in that the amount of remuneration does not pay out (production cost exceeds) in proportion to this, but this is contradictory because it is due to wait for Leo through negotiation anticipated from the content of the request It will be a fair way.
In other words, "Although it is" Trying to die "Tsundere" (laugh), I also care about the Leo negotiations until I start to profit from that severe procedure.

2015/08/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40968 Host:40959 Browser: 10123
Although it is simple, there is something in which the allocation of pictures and frames is not a newcomer, there is something one can felt a story characteristic, and there is no blur in the setting called "girl who wants to be masculine" positive action of the hero and I will receive courage while thinking into cartoons.
Some criticize about love or etiquette, but I can only see the pros and cons of feeling that there is the original character of the hero, so I like it so much, I'm expecting various stories

2014/10/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14704 Host:14682 Browser: 5137
[good point]
Character of hero Arte 's character It is positive and its core is strong and there are things that can be attracted because there are cute. I want you to penetrate with this character till the end
Interesting subject that she aims to become a painter in the 16th century Florence It is likable to feel that she is working hard on the theme of discrimination against women and independence as well as good times era
The drawing power is intensely high. A newcomer who has been pulled in at the beginning by the magazine's browsing reading apart
[Bad point]
The pace of the story is rather short. Promoting from an apprentice to an assistant anymore at the end of 1 volume Although it may be difficult to draw an apprenticeship that seems to be boring Well
I think there is no problem in itself that there is a seeming contradiction that there are many love elements (love for Arte 's parents) while having independence as the theme. It is also sad to become a typical conclusion of this era which is not only to fulfill independence without love like Nyima. I would like to see Alte conclude her conclusion as a problem that completely contradicts this era of independence and love.
Well, though I thought that the timing to fall in love with the above is slightly earlier in the second half of the volume (
In this neighborhood time it is over half a year since Alte became his disciple since working in).
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Currently one volume but a powerful work that I can not imagine a newcomer painted. Works I'd like to expect in the future. It is a short-term serialization of around 5 volumes at the current pace, but I am wondering what it will be like in the future. Currently I think that it is "good" in the evaluation from a standpoint

2014/09/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47657 Host:47723 Browser: 8306
Set in the era of Florence in the 16th century, women's social advancement,
A story telling a nobleman lady struggling to aim at a painter.

It is a work that I was interested in browsing 1 talk on the site of comic Xenon.
Although it seems to be seen from the cover page of the book and inside,
The height of drawing power that I can not imagine as a newcomer is attractive.

Lady who was "Basket of Basket" just abandoned his house and confronted the world with his own favorite "painting" as a means to refuse "living under the guardian of a man".

As drawn in one episode, it was strangely felt that there was no simplicity like "Become a painter because I like painting" in the motive of the main character.
...... However, as for the story a little love picture depiction came in with the last volume of 1 volume,
Future developments are a bit uneasy.

If it seems that the hero who said "Independence!" Suddenly begins to develop to such an extent that it will be overwhelmed with "romance"
Since I think that it will be blurred "independence intention"
It is a place where 2 volumes of development are really worrisome.

Personally I want a hero Arte to be "a person who stands up while confronting difficulties"
It is true that I do not want love affair for a while,
Well, what will it be ... ....

It is one work I'm expecting right now, so leave the evaluation once and leave it a comment that I think is good this time.