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Fujihiko Hoshono
Weekly Shonen Sunday
Japan Released:1985/07/17(Wed)
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2014/03/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I like the work of Mr. Hosono, I also read this work and saw it ...
Compared to "Sugaru's Sarutobi" or "Gu-Gu Ganmo" I can not deny the feeling of lack of power Does that mean soccer cartoons were weak?
There are times like that, but it may still be amazing as it has continued until six volumes

As you can see, it is interesting to note that this work is not only children's suffering, conflict, and sense of accomplishment and joy?
Although it seems so far, it seems that children 's genuinely emotional expression is well depicted in this work It is being bullied while living by saying that she can not go to the game because she is a girl Tsukio Tetsuo, who drives into football for Hitoshi Stoic who became bad for reasons such as being a yakuza parent

Child grows while worrying I think that soccer clan was left and I think that it was an interesting work as children's growth story.

2010/02/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8085 Host:8277 Browser: 8451
Football manga by Hosono Fujiko who was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 85-86. 'Sora no Tokio' which was an abandoned child was raised by being picked up by the vagrant. Tokio who entered `Kabuki west middle school 'after 12 years showed agility and brilliant handling of balls and will be invited to` Miyako Takano` who was a classmate and a football club member and will play soccer at the club. Tokio owned by the charm of football entered the football club. Tokio's soccer life begins.

This work is inspired by Mr. Hosono being fueled by a soccer boom by "Captain Tsubasa", as a boy's football cartoon after the end of "Gu-Gu Gangmo", a hot boy whose main character is a boy who lives brightly without suffering while lonely It is a soccer drama. The hero 's "Sky To Tokio" is a vagrant child, always bright and innocent without suffering from such circumstances, as well as `big sky wing', a hot-blooded boy who is attracted to football. Well at that time it might have been made because such a soccer boy was in fashion. Tokio is a favorable character, but the presence as a leading actor did not reach as much as the wings. While story deployment also entered the club and fought while fighting, Tokio was banished as being a vagrant and exiled into junior high school football club, but as it progressed in such a bad feeling that it was bad, Perhaps it has not been exciting yet. Captain 'Ouchi' and rival 'Five Gods Tetsuo' etc will appear and then we will finish in a game that will stop without showing so much excitement.

This work is different from the tension high "Sugaru no Sarutobi" and "Gu - Gu Ganmo", which contains various elements, the whole feeling is modest, there is not much familiarity among the Hosono work group, and it finally became a match It was an unfortunate work that ended when I thought. So the evaluation in this work is [normal]. Mr. Hosono also said that he made a comment that failed in this work. It is nice to draw along the flow of the soccer boom such as "Captain Tsubasa", but it may have been a failure that I could not put out the individuality as a work.