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Japan Released:2008 Monthly Shonen Rival
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2013/08/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Prophecy" was taken as a theme ... ...

A hero who was obstinating from the surroundings due to his ability to see the future, and the hero who was struggling to save the people from misfortune, even knowing the prophecies concerning their own death. The encounter between these two people was exactly destiny. Such a story is drawn as not necessarily bringing the best results, although the story of Clock Tower was true,
The grandpa of the guest, while talking about things you understood in your mouth, had enough to conceive the mind that witnessed the result that denied your life work.

However, they were not even as deeply as they empathized with the combination. The former was caused by somewhat arguing how to draw such "beliefs" etc., the latter was a solid, a setting that had a heavy past, or a slight excessive tearful scene that I showed in other stories, but the villain service It was also a big deduction factor that the villain was bad.

Ma Hokkaido was uncompromising because he took the heroine to take a hostage with a small smelly thimbus, and was also dissatisfied with the fact that I did not receive the appropriate rewards and I forgot the name, but suffered the "mask of Cassandra" which was the key point of the final stage A certain man was also a halfway paranoid system involving up to irrelevant heroes with a small grudge. And it was "Skin of a good face" because it was made to leave without a hitch when the role was over.

There was no catharsis, even if it seemed how much it was finally settled at this.
It seems that the treatment of Ma north North which was said to have ended halfway was dead ended, but it probably did not have any help. Evaluation is "very bad".