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Tsutomu Takahashi
Japan Released:1999/10/24(Sun) Weekly Young Jump
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2016/10/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20407 Host:20468 Browser: 5171
The death row prisoner who was sentenced to death by murder charges suddenly escaped the execution of sentence as suddenly on the morning of the execution day but this time it was imposed "second punishment" beyond the measure of law and unimaginable "living Suspense plays mentions the boundary between "live" and "death" to draw sadisticly how to suffer in "hell".
Because it was serialized between "landmine tremors" which gently embrace the dark part of the human heart in time series and "Sky High" which draws only "Karma" which human only possesses, "Mine earthquake" It is a feature that the raw psychological portrayal and the occult element of "Sky High" are finished in exactly "fused" form, and with a subjective view, although it is subjective, the meaning of "study" towards the start of "sky high" Although it seems that it was thought that it was included in the result, in consequence it became to be echoed to the evaluation.

Two of the death row prisoners who have escaped execution by extra-legal measures are isolated to a separate room that seems to be an experimental building, where a proposal is whispered from a nude woman who appears through the glass. "If you committed me, kill each other" - the hero who is wary of the "experiment" which can not be read intentionally, selflessly calling for a rough man, "witch", who can not suppress sexual desire under stress against long-time musho living A woman who plays the men 's men, what is the real intention of such an experimental staff who continues to monitor them?
... ... the story began rolling, including the skill of grabbing that another hell was waiting for you to survive from hell, including a strange sense of solidarity that can be held because of the special position of "death row prisoners" It was very exciting until about 3rd episode. Dr. Takahashi Tsutomu thinks that it is a writer Sun who has something outstanding for handing out human nature under such extreme circumstances.

However, in the fourth episode, "Heterogeneous matter (I do not know what to read because I did not shake ruby, is it good"?) "" Host "SF (occult?) Ticky word has appeared Slightly cloudy began to become suspicious, the character of the film suddenly changes after the rogue man was killed by "Heterogeneity" in the sixth episode ... The development of the vivid "psychological suspense" until now is "devilman" " Was it just "prefix" to bring it to "SF horror route" like parasitic beast?
After that, the story will converge at once to the climax by "hypothesis" to the main character, but the route that I expected as if pointed out also is the direction of the day after tomorrow It sounded like rolling to the end, and I read it with eyes that woke up a bit in the end. "Kin" that can kill humans just by merely thinking, but do not take fatal injuries ordinarily with pistols ... "including the regret feelings.

Even if the route switches, although it can evaluate only the point that tells the story with the meaning of irony 'freedom' obtained by giving up the main character 'raw' and 'hero', the expansion of the opening stage is excellent As much as it was, there is no choice but to do. In terms of evaluation, Choi is strictly "bad" in the "normal" side.

2016/07/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3991 Host:4011 Browser: 8636
A man of death row prison who was a human being who ended his life. But in a room where the sentence was not executed, another room was sentenced to death row, and naked woman through the glass. There is a purpose for this experiment
What fate awaits the three people!

,,, In the development like a suspense movie of a closed room, it was thought that what a person who was driven into a special situation does what action, such experiment of such devil, or I think that it will roll in the direction of behavioral psychology However, this prediction has been lost in a bad way

I will refrain from writing what happened, but at the beginning I was trying to bring out reality fear and urgency, so it is not easy for me to say that fantasy is a fantasy development from there. And I think

There is also plot of the drama, the atmosphere is good, I keep it as [evaluation] because it is gathered in one volume, but I wipe the feeling that I wanted to read with the pattern rolling in the direction I was imagining can not cut