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Yuu Watase
Japan Released:2001 Shoujo Comic / End:2003
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2011/03/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Whether the development of fighting the inner world of human beings, the darkness of the heart was a new ground of the author.
Especially the story that depicted two aspects of Wakamiya's uncle couple 's feelings of disgusting him and accepting them as a family was good.

[Bad point]
There are many gloomy stories just because the stance of the work is a stance, there are also descriptions of abuse in the school.
I choose quite a reader around here.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Arata kangatari" serialized in Sunday seems to be culmination of the author,
On the other hand, it seems that the element that I could not accept the same work is coming from this work.
The reason why the hero is bullied is more natural than "Arata" but it is a problem that you can read ahead.
What I really like the prince 's Wakamiya is a shy heroine It is a girl' s cartoonist promise to Moro.
A flow that goes out with another partner so as to be flushed, and people who were made a horse fall on the dark side are too ordinary flow.
Although there is a depiction that though it is thought that Wakamiya is probably white in school,
To have someone who hurt through the inner battle forgive, and that they are tied up,
It was a feeling that there was no ending to be possible from the first volume.

I could not feel the charm of the two main people (especially Wakamiya was drawn like a perfect beauty in a possible viewpoint and a character could not be grasped as a gag entered from the person's point of view)
The hero who is the bad habit of the author = discomfort to the existence chosen was not dispelled.