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Sugimura Mugita
Monthly Champion RED
Japan Released:2007/05/19(Sat) Monthly Champion RED / End:2007/11/19
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2009/07/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15740 Host:15701 Browser: 6210
I already have a lot to do with various things.
Even if I have a girls' juvenile attribute, it is honesty ... I thought that ... .... There was a picturesque Dogitsui scene. No, I was fine. Trapped and tortured or a common story.
Well, the story itself is simple. The Kururu 's fight is to protect Akihabara, their colleagues and their whereabouts. There is no twist any more. I am writing in a straight ball. Because almost all of the extra things are dropped off, everything from strengths to weaknesses and stories are all very easy to see. It can be said that it is obsolete if it says bad, but if you say it often, you can express it as an old-fashioned old-fashioned.
That's why I wanted to see it for a while. It can be said that there was only a skeleton.

Later, it's cute and cute. That is a good sister.
My sister attribute was a little tied to me, but this girl suffered from it.
...... I have a tall child attribute though.
No, it is a nice child, Sodama. What has become of him after that.

2008/01/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49097 Host:49116 Browser: 4184
Anyway, it was a series of series that was said to be "a nuclear test site in the cartoon world", which is not uncommon in Champion Red, which is highly flexible, if it says better ... ......

[good point]

The theme itself was attractive to those interested in Akihabara who can be said to be one of the symbol of contemporary Japanese culture.

[Bad point]

However, as usual the naked appearance of the hero is unpleasant normally, Mikaru X or more bad work is also not a rare thing in RED Yeah Je,
The place that I am aiming anyway is blatantly. (Bitter smile)

At the end was the development of the maid figures to rampage to have a personality, the heroes stopped it, but the figure actually girls maid to the maid,
Electric attack on the symbol of the man of the hero who was also showing off frequenting, stunned and bound with a rope, the heroine was torn in breasts, milk was forcibly squeezed, etc. Now it is uncomfortable to read I got laughed and amazed at passing through.
Wow, dazzling !! (bitter smile) Moe and others were 500 perpeters free. (Bitter smile)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is not without champion red nor manga which can be read nevertheless,
It is said Mikaru X mentioned above and this month issue also encountered the other girl who entered the bath with the hero becoming a transparent human being, a solid erotic scene was seen, a witch trial and good, Recently serialized I think that it is blue drop that I did, I think it is the best material (bitter smile) if it is a neta,
Looking seriously, Mr. Hirai famous for the Gundam seed series etc in this time is also a line barrel which can handle animated version character deza, Kiriyama of the enemy character is also ordinary unpleasant quadrupe scoundrel with,
I've commented on almost all of the serial works until now, but I can not help being a rigorous comment by all means. This time as well, it seems that the book is sold next month on the 20th,
Unfortunately it is frankly doubtful whether it was originally established as "work".

Evaluation, well, on the system I can not put anything other than "worst." Recently I've been looking at curiosity recently, saying "how cruel (bitter smile) ......."
I'm getting crazy when reading it. (Bitter smile)