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Minako Narita
Japan Released:1979 LaLa / End:1980
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2009/10/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A young story growing little by little surrounded by students and families of the same school as a usual school girl who casually met two senior students who came next to me.
Because it is an old work, with no comment on the picture and how to keep the cat of the hero family.

Although it can be said to the short story (simultaneous recording in 2 volumes) (with main part and link)
Throughout the story, heartwarming and peaceful, adolescent peculiar blank feeling such as suffering and light-hearted love are drawn.
The hero who had no dreams had a dream, confronted himself, overcoming the danger with parents,
It can be said that it is a work full of youth and hope.

All 2 volumes are short, and since there are not much psychological depictions of characters other than the hero, it is easy to read it comfortably.

2007/02/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Mr. Miko Narita's style, which changes the style for each work,
The stage of this work is in Japan and the hero is a high school student.
There is no memory that a foreigner came out, but in that sense it is unusual, is not it?

I remember that two high school boys, senior high school students, moved to the house next to Misato 's house, but I forgot the name, so I examined it, Koji (I thought it was cool.) Tsunenosuke It looks like.
It seems that Ryo was as conspicuous as it was, but Tsunosuke really felt as sub-character, the impression was thin,
I was sorry about that.
Besides that, everything was refreshing with 臂〓〓〓〓〓(〓〓〓I do not have sarcasm), but everyone was refreshing, such as Nagisaki (Nursan was in memory) and so on.
But Koji would have smoked cigarettes. That place was kinda ... (if you were wrong, Sumi Marsen).

Misato Hino also has a favorable feeling with ordinary girls, and may be said to be a high school life such as interaction with Ryouji.
I remember that it was made easy to read.
Was it the end at the graduation of the colleagues surely? Then,
I feel like I was over a grade better than that, so I graduate already, I do not have confidence ....

Comics It is easy to read in 2 volumes, 1 volume in a bunko and a short, but it is a little longer,
It was a story from the time Misato entered high school at least, I wish I had more draws.
From the title "that guy" it seems that it is a love story, but there is not such a thing,
Regrettably it was regrettable that I felt that I was not sure whether I was not sure whether it was alive or not.
Still, since it is not heavy I think that it is a good work that is easy to enter the world.

Also, it is also recommended that the junior high school student who is included in "Hatsu" Comics Vol. 2 is the hero's "2 year 4 group series" (Mr. Yuji will also appear).