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Fujihiko Hoshono
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Japan Released:1983 Big Comic Spirits / End:1986
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2013/10/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
It was a cartoon depicting the youth of young older brothers who burned passion for film production.

Although it was scarce in love luck, it seems that there is nothing to be around, the elder brother hero who had a close feeling, Michi Michi who was actually a man who looked like a woman, he was an okay but occasionally showed a hot heart through fellows and filmmaking Mr. Ozi, and the position of Azusa who was a cupid of love and the position of the leading character line, etc. were clearly shown,
Settings such as blood glues etc and background production etc. The point that was drawn largely clearly for the amateur about the movie production and the amateurs was a big impression, a good impression.

The composition of the story was an omnibus format that wrote the relationship with each guest, and indeed it was a drunk Osan who was involved in Daimon who had brought up his son's education and film production with him I did not hate him at all, and the story of a fighter-style brother who was a former child actor appeared in a special effects movie was also a second life (dropped out of college and helped the parents' family business).
I thought that it was good to step on, but the story of the former lover of the hero who refused the proposal looks like this woman purely, replaces the man and replaces the hero with another man who has been hurried I was tossed while I was bothered (although I was injured even though I was injured), I recommended to stay at the main character (after all refusing to refuse) What woman is better now It was. Also, the story of a certain band also used the remuneration which he was supposed to pay to the main character in trouble with a friend as arbitrary hand-cash,
Although it became fighting fare, exactly "I do not need the police if I am sorry."
It was.

In other words, there was also a difference between the stories that gathered well together the subject of film production and the story that was a bit crisp. A former lover 's woman was wondering what you thought about looking at the relationship between the hero and Azusa. Evaluation was slightly lost, but considering that the empowerment of more than a certain amount was able to be carried out to the main character line, with the very good, "it is good".

2013/02/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7600 Host:7492 Browser: 9931
A youth group image plot depicting the passion for "movie production" by five young people gathering at the university's studio club.
Even at that time it seems that the theme of this work is enclosed in the "8 mm film" which was being recognized as "a dead culture" already.

Something other than movies while having extraordinary directive sense is a bad coach.Kanno, a beautiful long-haired young man who boasts professional-grade photography tech Sato, a sound that also sticks to the power of the underarm while letting suspicious unknown suspicion Haruna of the stunts, a female scenario writer spinning a story of fiery sensibility, Azusa of Onnae tone, Katagiri of the agile producer who put together the division while spreading the surroundings in smoke ...
In the extremely short episode of one complete volume each confronts conflicts and conflicts, love patterns and setbacks are drawn without excess or deficiency, and a guest character drawn to the past with translation and drags is entwined, so that a story It was groaned by the cleverness of the constitutional power which further increases the tasteful depth.
More than anything, the point that I was able to burn my passion to be foolish towards "dreams" The fact that I have also drawn the air of the '80s is really outstanding, and the past relics of 8 mm are "symbols of the youth" There are also metaphorically used as something, and after reading it will also invoke some kind of nostalgia.

It is not only pleasure and dreams Even hardships that can not be done alone can not be here
(From Southern All Stars 'Sixth Personality')

Every time I read this work, the above lyrics will flow into the brain.
Although it is a minor title among Hosono's works, it is an unforgettable existence that greatly influenced my view of life.