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Japan Released:2006/11/25(Sat) Comic GUM / End:2010/06/26
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2009/06/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Kenji Kiyohara, commonly known as Kiyonago. The Heian Tsundere Rampire girl.

She likes Nakomiya Koiko, and she will spend her time in the secret palace. It is a work that innately innocent, whether it is not cloudy in the mind, or laughing off with the wind stream, laughing away, and being able to do it happily - a piece that threw a great life into the success story template. Truly 16 years old is not historical palace.
Well, since I first sent my life as a model of a success story, could I leave my name in history? But she would have kept her as it is, even if it never stays in history.

Kiyomo 's proclamation that is done in such a way as to be believed so is fairly stormy and shows herself through the flow before the wind stream. It's cool to be pleasantly pleasant anything more than anything.
"Familiar with the future husband, Tsutomu Tachibana" educate "the flow of cherry blossoms and to leave with a smile of revolution, in the meaning of wanting to buy brothers' cups. The relationship that the rigid way of thinking, which does not solve the turbulent wind flow, is a foundation of only one clear view in the world of Lenko was also very good.
Tachibana Norihito, which is said to be blunt or windless, or so it is scattered, hence - hence - without being danced in a prejudice of being a wind stream - Ya! - I can see the part closest to the essence of the object directly. So it seems that Kanji who seems to be isolating sensibility and his way of living through himself without being swept away by the beliefs of others, was intensely fascinated.
The crystalline "Pillow child" of the subjective wind stream of Qing Dynasty who tried to live by himself as it is is the irony of history that has turned into a model of the wind flow through the times, true that changed the atmosphere without breaking Is it proof of the great man ... ... its emptiness is also the wind flow.

This girl was told that it is Tsundere, but before that the destructive power is at the highest.
Principle of Martial Arts It is said that the vividness of the hands that knock down the light will give parameters as warlords in history simulation. Well, women's social advancement ... ...!

Of course, it is the feminine part that really has high destructive power. Pillowless child born The secret story written by Tachibana Norihi was to read the essay and it flew all through death. I paid a pure, exposed subject on the paper, the truth that I wanted to read the substitute which I could say mostly self as a self, the trust that he would not refuse if he would admit it.
Just thinking about it, I felt very warm and disgusting like seeing all "fulfillment".

From 2 volumes, hammerheads' momentum is on the runaway cow carriers, and historical consideration no longer makes any difference. It is exquisite the sense of balance that I can only take in deliciously delicious performances in art.
Mr. Fujiwara Mamotomi women, Akiko appears to thrust the Heian world into further confusion, which is a rival of the regular child over Emperor Ichijo. The character which flew away from the stage of her appearance was also amazing, but it was amazing how pleasantly it was to do a little bang phrase that hangs over it too ... It was just laughing.

In the third volume, the wind direction of politics has changed, and even smells like kina smell are felt. Fujiwara Michihiro pushed away his brother 's clan to represent Nyokinogi' s head, and is about to repaint the court 's power map.
Forever flower you can not just play with a butterfly. The unrefined reality comes close to the people who have gone apart.
I could not forbid a single loneliness that the elegant time passed though the point of the poor prosecution continuing to face that way did not give way to such a mountain breeze. Perhaps it is evidence that memorabilia reminiscent of characters like flowers to characters has been remembered - actual women are not far behind the moonlight.
In any case, you are pretty cute. Everything is a blind spot to her who has established herself as a weirdest bitch! Although the behavioral principle is not feminine but unbelievable, it is rebounding from ourselves towards ourselves - but it is not dangerous - irritability is absolutely cruel It pierces the heart. Is it the ideal prey for an intrinsic sadist not to mention a sadist like her? After a while she knew why she received love for her son.
Although I'm divergent like that, Ijime Izumi club with a shadow that is not shadowed has been depressed aside and, as soon as I noticed, Fujiwara Nobutaka has become a character to love. Just come out and come out, such as the figure that is being held in "Banquet of bowl of water".
Even if it is called Playboy, it is because it is mass produced mumps special shoot down. I hate but I can not hate it.
And Fujiwara Ikumi, who seemed to contrast with him, did not hate if he knew the truth - no matter how much his family is political heavyweight it is not necessarily endowed with talent. It is strangely love that miserable things get lost despite being desperate despised. If you break your belly and you speak, you can compete spiritually with Lawn light.
Even if I get along with each other, it is very useful, but ... I am sad that I'm poisoned by such a thought.
Akiko Fujiwara with Fuji Kibeba as the leader comes in and the battle of women starts. There will be flowers that are blooming by narrowing down the competing wisdom. Sad but this is history.

Currently the latest 4 volumes. Even though Akiko went into the palace and thought that the confrontation chart would become clear at a stroke, it was a Heian aristocrat who is doing unexpectedly friendly. Even so, Izumi club transfers are bad. It is no use trying to change only the man to change.
Well, even though Akiko had never heard of it, Kozo is in a state of giving birth. First of all, Aiko felt even a little sorrow, because there was a difference that would not be a game against women as a woman.
In a story where Loli - principal has come to learn a woman, she consciously considers her similarity with Ryoiko Kiyohara. Even a terrible heartache is out for those who think that myself is more important than anything - even as a consequence of painting mud on the key people - even worse behaviors and attachments will spring up To get away.
The vampire babe poetry actively plays mischief in Akiko may be the ale of feeling something familiar - as it is similar, he is going to be uncomfortable as "life force is on his level" Though I'm bad.
Tombs are in a flashy movement - but repeating the serious meandering - with the shadow that is about to bloom, it is impossible to miss that Fuji Katabe has grown quietly as an adult woman. Recently it is cute. No way, is this a coterie girl Moe !!
In the story of Arashi Shoji which was surprisingly seen to be more materialistic and more positivistic side by Murasaki Shimibo than in Kiyomasa, she seems to be a child rather than a woman who is afraid of scarecrow, and she confronts Watanabe Watanabe who fights not a child but a woman It was interesting to seem like nothing.
It was a dangerous thing to turn a literary girl like that, No way Nobuaki Fujiwara ...... It is dangerous to cut the 〓〓〓〓〓〓into the author of the Tale of Genji as "Please look directly and properly!" Would not it be possible to expand the logic of 'Do not know a man' if you go one step further? - If you proceed further - Fujiwara Nobuaki sinking in the "Do not know the living spirit -" is even more dangerous !?

- Yoshiko and Nori Hikaru are really great, as other characters are struggling with love a lot, but they only become hanging out.

Moreover, I personally think of mass production type.I think that mumps taste good.

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