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Comics avg pnts Rank 343in 1,327 titlesAvg 1.53=Very good/47 reviews
Comics rank of 1997 Rank 7in 198 titles
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Character/Setting1.86(Very good)7
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Shed tears14%1/7
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Ryoji Minagawa
Kyoichi Nanatsuki
Weekly Shonen Sunday
Japan Released:1997/03 Weekly Shonen Sunday / End:2002
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2017/01/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2685 Host:2522 Browser: 10047
[good point]
Scenery description, scenario itself by the author power is very interesting.
Carnagi vs Hadahito 's spread 2 times,
Relationship between Drakken and Crimson Triad,
After making Mushi hibernate, I finished it to develop a great catharsis in the resurrection,
That arms consistently existed in one will,
Behavior of the extinct species of the carillon tower (Dr. Taroku) ,,,
Although contradiction is a lot of work but the root is not blur at all, detailed doubts are stunned by the scenario and scene depiction.

[Bad point]
But there are still many contradictions.
Recollection and motivation are added to most characters other than Carnagi in order to make the kyara character thick as well, but it is often that I think that it is funny in terms of expansion.
For example, against Huey who was supposed to have reached the next in boys'
Johan, who was his mentor, was saying the words "with that face, voice, do not mock my battlefield (Hugh 's thing)!" ...

Also, since the enemy's appearance 〓〓〓the flow until the exit is similar to the whole story, it is definitely a place where the sense of deceased comes out.
Finally, it is a very small thing, but the cliff and the character of Katsumi are distorted.
Besides these two people, I thought that people who are key persons of the story but whose character assignment is broken have not come out and have finished reading.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that depiction is a really good and polite work.
The action scene has little dynamic feeling,
I felt that charm was too nice and I did not mind.
Personally I think that it is a masterpiece.
Before and after the New York Final, I cried a lot.

2014/12/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46114 Host:46130 Browser: 10199
[good point]
Although it is a sharp SF, it is full of human taste.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought it was a wonderful manga. Thank you for a pleasant moment

2013/08/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:33979 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
The eerie and powerful presence of Hayato who aims at the main character, the secret of Arms that is an aggregate of nanomachines, the contrast between the two people, especially if they affirmed the murder ... .. yet I can not control Arms yet I feel the goodness of the cool place etc. Hayato suddenly became a good person, Keith, secret of eggryoli. I think that I draw well by contrast of combination. It was good to say that it was a shame. The skill and composition are also high levels.
It is good to say that it's okay to accept rejecting Arms.
It was good to understand and sympathize loneliness that samurai who protected Al and Jeff had never touched human beings.
A plan to brainwash the villagers and crimson.The fight with triad, the death of Katsumi and the reality that we must live as a warrior are drawn, and that sorrow leads to awakening and it is anger that it will become a vengeance and at the same time to her two Kurume I also hit sorrow. From there it leads to hope.

2013/08/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15030 Host:15288 Browser: 11728
As you can see, Mr. Minagawa Ryoji. The pair of Megami Kagetsu is interesting!

When I was reading at the beginning of the series, I was really impressed with the naming of Alice in Wonderland!
It is very cool!
It is still interesting after reading it now.

However, there are some drawbacks when it comes to letters as impressions.
The biggest point is "Katsumi" again.
I will die as quickly as a heroine ...
Since I was not very active so far, I could not empathize.
In the first place, it is doubt whether it was a position called heroine until then.
It seems that there was not much love love condition with Takatsuki ...
Still, it is still alive ...
Hmm ...
So, I have died many times ... But I am actually alive ...
Hmm ...
The existence for awakening Jabberwock is funny on the setting, but for that it seems that Katsumi was thin.
The only one involved in the story is the last one.

Al quite active but ... He was originally twins right?
That partner died soon ... Is that it clear?
Was Jeff's existence such a thing?

Cliff ... well ... well ...

There was a feeling that the talk was prevailing all the time.
Was it made a bit more compact?
I feel that the period of sleeping samurai is too long.

Also, compared to other works there is little mess and I am constantly feeling nervous, I feel like I did not have time to breathe.
I wondered if there was a little more waves.

Personally I like Mother of Takatsuki!
As usual it is a mediocre housewife, but in reality it was a mercenary ...
When the Takatsuki family was attacked for the first time, I was numb!
It is also a highlight of Minekawa's work that attractive women come out like this.

I think that it was not bad through the whole.
A magnificent story was a very interesting work.

2013/03/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42508 Host:42740 Browser: 6132
Innovation to the subject of alice in Wonderland in boys' manga. It is a good girl cartoon style, serious place.
It was nice that there was a story for each enemy Keith series.
I also like the picture very real.

It was a young manga I read for the first time, but I have never encountered a comic beyond this.

2012/04/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45946 Host:46137 Browser: 9461
[good point]
Setting which made the original ARUMS entwined with the alice of Wonderland, a hard and serious worldview.The story, the biological weapon depiction, the expression depiction, the background,

[Bad point]
Takatsuki Iwao is too strong, the enemy side is going to be reversed and it starts to be reversed at once, that big head difference is big thing, Katsumi is injured.Injuries have been living quietly at pears at all,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The highest peak of the genre where everyday collapses.

The world and common sense that the hero thought to be common until now have just broken, even life and family until now were really lies. Human beings can catch a glimpse of what happens when they get into that situation, and what kind of response should they show? But not only despair, but still there is salvation where bonds of time have been genuine.

In addition to that, you can enjoy Jeubaok's demon beast for the first time as "Wish for power? I want you to have power."

From the place where childhood friend Katsumi was thought to have died, the story further accelerated, and the narrative and their secrets, the secret of ARUMS, the recapture of Katsumi and the ultimate choice of "take peace or take a katsu" Hard hardship stands in front of them.
The good part of this work is a growing tale of four boys and girls, mainly confronting them without escaping to such harsh trials.

2012/02/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9800 Host:9651 Browser: 4895
[good point]

Is it a magnificent and hard world view involving eggs and so on? First.

I think that cool was digging down such as conflict against Katsumi and bond with parents who raised, but I could have empathy in young people and there was also a place where Al also looked down on others because of genius, but the twins There was also a sad past whose kid brother was killed, it was a nonchalant character.
Hayato 's grandfather who showed the existence of "Mother Naka Hawk hides his nails" at the ground, at the time of its appearance, at the time of its appearance, would have had an interesting character.
Also the characters of the Keith series were well divided into characters. Speaking of that,
Colonel Gauss was also an impressive character in any mind, I think I was stout in a good sense,
It was just a waste, its last was pathetic.

The action scene, as well as Spriggan etc was impressive indeed.

[Bad point]

As a matter of fact, it is somewhat somewhat painful.
It might not have been easy to see.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I do not know the animated version, but I received the impression that the good place in Spriggan was largely utilized even in this work. Spligan is my favorite manga, but I think that this was also good.
Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2012/01/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29049 Host:29226 Browser: 5941
[good point]
Catharsis at ARMS invocation.
While being able to endure strongly and becoming the strongest Simple as a great reversal,
It gives me a wonderful pleasure.

[Bad point]
Personally I felt a little bit of sermon smell

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A cartoon that a boys school student should read for the time being. Required subjects.

2011/07/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43305 Host:43295 Browser: 10806
I will be missed if I had read it when I was younger.

I think the form of arms is wonderful. There is no beauty in the person, but the characters of different shapes have great force and beauty.
However, I thought that the enemies who come out at first are honest cartoons by repeating that the characters losing with the flow that there are stronger characters, in fact the stronger characters are actually partners. I felt like I understood the feelings of those who wrote that I did not read ahead from Piccolo in the evaluation of Dragon Ball.

At first it was swallowed by an explosion if Katsumi forcibly came up with the hero and thought that it could only be a dress but it would be jabberwock but it was awkward for the convenience of that story but it was too much midfield Sub-characters will endlessly explain so that they will adapt quickly in the rapid development of. Whether there was consistency of the previous character or the story was nothing good at that time, but somehow it was finished reading through the end with the charm of characters other than Ryuu, characters such as Al, Violet and Hayato. Since I have read only once, I do not understand, but I was convinced that it was probably Tsujiki.

I did not feel attractive to Katsumi at all, so it was not convincing for the behavior that Ryo took care of Katsumi. Clearly, Yugo is depicted with emphasis on subtle emotions, changes in facial expressions, etc., and subtle frustration remains.

Takatsuki's father and mother are the strongest jokers, it is cunning.

However, it seems that the story of scientific, religious, and wonderland narrative each entwined exquisitely tangled with each other's persuasive power, letting you read it to the end, in fact it was a pretty masterpiece? The evaluation is good, I will assume it.

2011/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 29314 Host:29051 Browser: 10315
Whether you fight in the heart or it is proportional to the battle ability, the enemies are on your side, superpowers warfare, fighting your own heart that runs away,

Weapons and meat bullets in the royal road development of boys' cartoon.The brain warfare is real, the power of the battlefield and the presence feeling are overwhelming.

Draws the solidity of the human nature to which a creature battle and a person were deprived,

As a result of human beings developing methods of killing humans, reality "normal" battlefield depictions are terribly horrible head drops.

How much manga deformed creatures are rampant, you can see through it,

It has been practiced with chemical weapons and weapons flying over the battlefield of "ordinary reality" and weapons and ordinary sense connected to the cotton behind it

The history of mankind's arms (weapons, weapons) development and experiments is far more grotesque and embarrasses as a bogey experience.

Although it has a challenging description in boys' magazine, it draws as the entertainment without removing the base routes of the royal road.

There is no waste and there is a feeling of running and the dynamism and completeness of each frame are almost the same as movies.

And the realness of the battlefield have been done while eliminating the human nature itself In the history of weapons development like human pain,

I think that it is the skill that was needed to draw human suffering while being cartoonically deformed.

It's amazing times to cut out the air of the battlefield with expressions that can only be done with manga, with "silence (silent)" with no words and no sound effects.

I spread folding furoshiki and nanomachine, Gaia theory, solid world conquest or something and pierce through the royal road of boys magazine until the end.

Although the speech at the point of necessity is stinky like a boy 's magazine which does not apply to the simplified reality,

It seems like a journey that picks up the heart and pain that mankind dropped while the characters were walking in the darkness of the blood "evolution" of human weapons development.

The battle to deprive the deprived reality and the future in manga may be a mirror of reality of the reality of this side, a future combination mirror of the reality that goes forward while striking pain.

What gives a certain realistic weight to the story is the weapons, weapons and battle missions that have evolved, specializing in killing and destroying.

There is reliable gravity in the feelings of another reality character that was thrown into the reality aspect of a world.

Weapons and technical knowledge that have evolved greedily with the momentum approaching God after the birth of humankind but have accelerated and amplified seeking for endless abandonment.

Introducing attractive characters and stories (It is a manifestation of the strength of human beings against ARMS, but it seems that the protagonist's honors are overwhelmed)

I think I showed off one aspect of the world that was also an evolution that more efficiently kills and destroys more rationally.

I think that the position where the old martial art of the "heart skill" (ninjutsu?) Is interesting in the war competing for the enlargement power of ARMS, killing each other.

Weapons (ARMS) that have developed at the expense of human dignity and harsh life, life that is manipulated by genes and can be born preliminarily determined fate,

As a symbol of a mad industry, a pharmaceutical company that has developed with the history of human experiments, a mad scientist father Keith,

The world where human sleeping desires and insanity run around with mechanical mechanisms.

"Where do we go from where we come from? For us "made human beings" it is a very real problem. "

Where is ARMS 's own voluntary free will, such as where ARMS' s 〓〓〓〓〓wn will, what the human beings are asking is the "realistic problem" that is here now for human beings themselves.

Life and death trapped in the glass of the hourglass of the world which violent intention and power regulated and controlled,

Time Limit We are confronted with "the created world" holding a time bomb, we are now "here made man" that hurts and bleeds blood, we are here.

Science and technology that has developed with the history of war and weapons trampling down lives, dignity, hearts, perhaps ordinary daily life.

Works that could only be thought of as an elaborate juvenile battle cartoon comic book if read in peacetime have certain reality behind SF exaggeration and boy's magazine simplification,

When I read it now I have a completely different impact and a weight that I have to look directly at and I will be approaching my mind.

"Even any creatures do not have the ability to kill themselves. It is because that creature evolves in a long history.

It's because of his own abilities and bloat and adaptability. However, the evolution of ARMS is rapid and too intense. Just because I lost my balance I got this. "

"When you make a ski to the spirit, ARMS starts to runaway any number of times ... to respond to the excessive desire of a person. This may be our fate. "

The word is said to point to a person who is ARMS and sting it as a word.

The scream of children struggling in the glass of the test tube which was planned and planned beforehand, the despair of the human beings whose minds are becoming irregularly interfered by the violent world,

Hoping for freedom, struggling to battle, blood flowing, hope to crush in despair, hatred of the world burning even his own body,

Human hearts lost in the automated world, voices sinking in the fire of the extreme situation of war, voice to reach,

Each one echoes with a weight that will sink to the bottom of my heart.


"Mankind who has reached the age of nuclear we can only make two choices. Will it be destroyed? Do you adapt? "

"ARMS" is not the adaptation nor the extinction among them, the third choice path that mankind can take, the possibility of the evolution of mankind.

However, as the third way of ARMS also decided the way of fate from the beginning when the characters were born in the predetermined plan, test tube one after another,

Everything is "the age of nuclear weapons" Never under the umbrella of absolute power that can not be free from that, humanity, the earth,

It is only the way human beings have decided beforehand in advance to be taken in the limited choice of destiny (program) that can destroy time.

The organization "Egurigori" which the hero confrontes as fate is an organization that tried to pretend to God by rebelling against God and giving wisdom to people,

A fallen angel of steel written in false statements, an angel with a metal face and an unclosed eye, "a sleeping guy".

It evolved wisdom and weapons from the moment that the fruit of the wisdom forbidden to God said, trying to become himself himself in the world pursued paradise,

It may be the name of mankind's practice that reaches out to the forbidden fruit one after another and then goes down to anything.

ARMSs, where the heros confront and fight, are the ones who took over the DNA of the original ARMS, like the family and brothers connected by blood,

Their alter ego as reflected in the mirror.

It is a moment with a great power, seeking force endlessly by distracting himself with God, being ingested by force, erroneously using usage of power, self-destruct and melt down,

Human stupidity that has not evolved all the same anytime, anywhere, the mirror of our own stupidity here now.

Rather than describing the evolution of mankind transcending the "nuclear era" by the ARMS, this comic is nothing more than what it is like to live in the present nuclear era,

I think that I questioned the human beings of the nuclear era now.

In ARMS which is the core of the fallen angel "Egurigori" written in the pseudonym, among them the monster Jabberwock, who is responsible for death and destruction, burns a horrible hatred of fire,

Takatsuki of the hero to which the monster was transplanted.When Ryo loses sight of his own heart drunk by a monster living in the heart, it gets melt down by being swallowed by his own power,

I can swallow the world with the hatred tsunami and destroy the earth and humanity altogether.

The power of the core of Egurigori, human beings who are moving culture through the "fire of God" robbed from God, our own figure.

Like the legend that mankind robbed God's fire, in the land exiled by God who used fire and tools to destroy darkness and fear, he made his own world and pretended to be God,

It is uncontrollable and seeks to compensate for the fear of blistering and loss, and war without slaughter and massacre and madness, a sleepless gear of human race tracks.

ARMS is the only world where the Pandora 's Box of despair of human beings who are hungry to be strong enough to destroy everything is opened, the evolution of the mind is depicted as hope,

Maybe it is a place that is making juvenile-like optimism, but when you feel the reality of the evolution of mankind who has been far apart many times still far from the science fiction behind this work,

At the same time as fearfully feeling the transience of that optimism, I asked himself what kind of place I am now, the place where the hero wanted to go home,

The place where I am now is the "battlefield" which is more afraid than the SF or more than the manga, it was only the extension of the battlefield,

Suddenly I think that it is the essence of this work to glimpse the reality of reality cracks with realism.

It is mainly focused action, but children (adults) who are surrounded by the mighty power that immature heart has brought,

It is also interesting in the boy's magazine's royal road that the story spreads and changes as the mind ties together.


ARMS is torn by a world gear that crushes a human being without sleeping, and its life and death are confined in the glass of an hourglass,

A girl who never got freed from the world of the well, a girl whose name is the same as a girl in a story that adventured Wonderland in a dream,

Despair of "Alice" and the shadow of hatred occurred, "power" of the wailing of "over nuclear" rocking in the universe and rocking the earth.

Silicon life originating in the earth, azazel who wanted to touch the heart of people drifting the isolation of the darkness of the universe in 4.6 billion years (which became a factor causing Noah's flood,

The fallen angel who gave God's wisdom to a person, is chief of Egurigori who was punished by God and was brought to death in the basement, authority to treat evil freely)

Alice had the origin of DNA in Azazel, born from a test tube, had no parents from the beginning, and was alone in the darkness of the person's heart,

It will become one and the same body so that the twin cells that split at the time of the birth of the earth 4.6 billion years ago will call again and it will become the intention of the Earth to respond to the universe.

Alice and Azazel are hearts of "water glasses" in which the innocent heart like a newborn boy hates and loves human beings, looking for the heart, reflecting the color and darkness of the world as it is.

A messenger of hell, a devil that rebelled against God Fallen angel Azazel (Satan, Lucifer), like a darkness illuminating the darkness,

Looking at a theory that also says that it will save relief evil from God's hand is not a story of a simple good and evil conflict,

From Azazel 's deep universe (ancient name is Aariman meaning Primeval), good and evil, hatred and love, destruction and creation, hope and despair,

The inner universe of the heart with infinite spectrum from yes to no, white to black, selects and shapes one future,

I think that it is becoming a myth that follows the implied notice after the depraving of God, the world of fallen angels (human world) that started from the depravity from God's providence.

Alice and Azazel are lonely children who are heart-hungry for being human beings by touching people's mind, being raised in the hearts of people.

The cry that Alice finally gave to his father "I want to be with you" is just a child who hungry for parent love and requested freedom of mind,

The scream of the heart cried out with a pain that raised the blood and raised the blood.

The hearts of Alice and Azazel's blank paper touches the world's despair and the human madness, is swallowed by sorrow and hatred, shakes the earth, and a monster of heart that roars in the universe is born.

As the force beyond the nucleus that the power of the mind is realized, as ARMS (weapon).

Alice who became one victim himself in the blooded history named evolution of the human being is the despair and hatred of mankind who can be said that it is a clear feeling,

It turns into a goddess of destruction that shakes the earth as well, and the devastating monsters that Alice 's mirror of the mirror which reflected the despair and hatred of the world broke into pieces was born.

But Alice 's intention to diffuse refuse cries out at the bottom of despair, like a spectrum, like colors, lights, wishes, thoughts, feelings,

"Sons" who inherited the pain of Alice, which was given a lot of color names, reflecting fragments of the heart of differentiated Alice,

Among the gears in which my father (XY chromosome.Keys) and mother (Alice) were drunk, the color of freedom Alice asked only one, the possibility in the impossible, at the bottom of despair and hatred,

Under the name of "Blue Roses (Blue Wish)", I am entrusted with the power of hope of one piece that opens the story of the future.

Father Keith who dragged the ghost of the past Nazism called "eugenics" and "evolution theory" to God became the future of "children" one after another,

While being torn by despair and hope, hatred and desire, while being called on Mother Earth Alice "Believe in your heart and live"

Children break down the future scenario (implied) that Father God drew and controlled.

While fighting over the human flesh and heart, fighting the giant blood-clad mechanically-driven world running without stopping (without sleeping) the prescribed program,

Fighting against the monster of the heart (Jabberwock) where Alice 's hatred shadow came, she fought and fought a future where Alice's fragments dwarfed slightly.

Azazel and Alice, who were alone for 4.6 billion years, wanted to touch humans, looked for the hearts of those who were lost,

The story of wonder that traveled searching for the possibility of human evolution and the end of human beings.

In a dark heart of heart that can not touch anyone, a girl who hates mankind and dreams of destroying everything in the world, entrusting a minute wish to the story ahead,

I dream about embracing the pain of a star full of sadness and blood.

The spectrum of Alice's heart (Black Alice and White Alice) shouting hatred and freedom at the bottom of despair, autolyzed,

Hope and despair torn apart as self destroying.

For 4.6 billion years, Alice's loneliness heart judgment falls to the world, looking for the human heart in touch in the darkness of the deep space and touching the trajectory of mankind.

And God 's egg breaks. The world hatches.

Alice's 10th birthday, the world is broken, the world is reborn.

Alice's dream breaks the world, Alice's dream creates the world.


Blood-clad gear in the world that does not stop with the power which lost human heart while crushing life, heart and dignity,

In the world where everyone is only part of a disposable and crushed gear, while walking in searching for freedom, walk forward before stepping into the tomorrow at the edge of the barely desperate.

"Schumann resonance" of the earth's electromagnetic wave, Earth's brain wave, resonates with ARMS which responds to human intention at the same frequency as the human brain wave.

If ARMS that responds to Earth's EEG and human brain waves, human wishes and intent will shake the earth and resonate,

At the same time as the work carried by human beings as human beings, the power which can not be controlled both inside and outside, and the stars are also destroyed in the inside,

The power of the intention to walk even in despair It is the heart that wishes tomorrow, that is the only thing that "powers over the nucleus".

(Arms is in a state of killing everything that disturbs, but I think that momentum is that cool parenthesis goodness so Ali)

Desperation and hatred for myself are amplified to relay Azazel and to have all weapons that can hate and destroy all the world, everyone, all the time.

There are no weapons beyond the weapons of mind that denies yourself, nor any monsters in the world beyond the monsters of yourself who oppose themselves.

The biggest enemy whose main character Takatsuki Ryo has been fighting for the whole time is the darkness born in the mind by reflecting the darkness of the world, a monster that hates and destroys himself within himself.

The monster Jabbaok who lived in the heart of the hero negates all existence surrounding himself with the heart by negating and canceling self existence with despair and hatred for self,

The strongest weapon in the world "Anti-substance of the heart".

Anti-substance born from the heart, hating and counteracting the existence of Jabbaok itself destroys all reality in resonance with the earth.

The thing that makes the final judgment of the world flows into the heart of Alice (Ryo), the heart of the person who Azazel relayed, amplified and embodied and reflected as a mirror.

My heart and mind are irrational to the violence and control of the world, and I am deprived of myself, being drunk by the tsunami of hatred and despair and the heart meltdown,

Beyond foolish adults in the world of Pandora's box that has opened, beyond the destiny that is structured, children will believe in their own minds and walk,

Then the future starts from here, from here, to do what he wishes himself.

"Those who stop their feet are not despair, they give up, things that advance people's feet are not hope but wills"

Children stared up straight without looking away while being carried by fatefully being burdened with the treacherous past heritage of human beings,

"Now" to step forward to advance forward without being swallowed opens the way and wins the future with its own intention without anyone's belongings.

A wish entrusted to a climax scene in the world where "Blue Wish (Blue Wish)" that made it impossible made possible.

Those whom Azazel (the truth of the universe) has been attracted to innocently by slipping through the cause of human beings and reasons, the heart that connects together so that the light and light of firefly are required,

"It is only a natural phenomenon produced by the spectrum of the atmosphere and water" The power of the human mind that can tremble and tremble in the sky, the sea and the blue of the star (blue).

In the final struggle, as a result of the evolution of the endless power that tore through countless enemies in search of power, ARMS returns to the human arm, not to weapons,

Embrace the loved one and unleash the frozen heart.

Like the balance of choice, the fate of being held in two arms of a human being, the arms holding and holding people, the weapons of destruction,

Two "ARMS" people have.

"Last hope" of this work that depicts the world that opened the Pandora's box, even if it is a life created in a controlled world,

Grasping their own intention without relying on the control of the world, drawing out the maximum potential from despair and crisis, self-change, self-evolving mind power.

No matter how much technology evolves, human primitive instincts will always runaway and self destruct, so that people will create destructive monsters that destroy humanity,

It has unlimited potential like a deep universe of destruction and generation that might also be able to save the mind.

Now that we are in the "nuclear era" that has the power to destroy themselves by our own power, the future of human beings is perishable, adaptive, whether the third road can be,

It is a desire that each inner person's "inner power" of the inner universe which is more than the power of the nucleus, expanded indefinitely and has the possibility of evolution has decided the future and can choose.


This work (fiction) itself is another world beyond the mirror, the ARMS embodied by the power of the heart.

With the motif of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in Mirror Kingdom"

The thought of black Keith and white Keith (fantasy) and the fate of the coma that the black Alice and the digital dream of white Alice made,

In the world on the chessboard which decides the implied notation of human beings (There is everything that measures human wisdom on this small 8 x 8 board) White and black chess where past and future, conflict of despair and hope fight.

Chess game betting the way of the weapon, "fruit of knowledge", which is also the seed of innate inherent in human beings, the ability to produce despair and the ability to produce hope.

The story of an adventure that regains the lost heart and finds the place to return to (after paradise) that was swallowed by the past muddy stream.

What is drawn on the white and black chess board of "to measure all human wisdom" is a bruised inner child who is traveling through the deep space in the spirit world looking for the heart,

It is led by the voice of Alice 's star, who began 4.6 billion years ago and now the world (self) is here, who is from, who is going, where to go,

At the end of the apocalypse, the fight to tackle the answer to the future of a blank sheet with no answer.

I will lose sight of what I want, run away hatred and seek power endlessly,

The wounded children who are tiny and crouched in the lonely heart that no one touches may be the appearance of the human race who lost God's love.

The same children draw also how to live the world of cursed human beings (Pandora) who will self-destroy after the Apocalypse, after being abandoned by God,

The fight of life to seek out where hope is.

"I never touched people" Twins of Chapel, Al who killed himself with intelligence as a weapon was hit hard by Hayato (in a good way)

What I did not understand in the egg rigori who tried to dissect the human secret scientifically by shining "touching humans" in the journey,

Understanding "human" through ARMS, finally knowing the heart of Azazel and becoming the best medical professional in the world is also nice (he is a hidden hero).

It seemed like a thing that the concept of the bandder snatch (thunder god) edition or author was inflated and added,

The hair style of Katsumi of reminiscence of Ryo that appeared first is the same as the illustration of "Alice of Wonderland"

From the beginning I think that it is a terrible composition force calculated from the way of spreading the wrapping line of "Katsumi = Alice" or extending the wrapping cloth from the beginning to the end of folding.

This work is touched by the "fiction" which the reader is only a mentality (dream), and it exists for the first time in the world that the world lives and moves in each person,

It may have drawn the anti-matter world of the heart (suitable).

It is a beautifully completed work which draws with the calculated setting, the high degree of drawing power and the straight message that folds the royal road of boys' manga with the magnificent big furoshiki.

Even though I am crushed by despair and being squeezed, I believe that Japan is a wonderful place to believe and wish for the possibility of human beings and have a moving and shaking heart.


There can not be denied that there are practical conflicts between society and individuals. This collision can be explained as the indwelling of social nature within the individual.

In other words, each individual of a person has a self divided into several parts within himself, and has the ability to feel as a true ego with this partial self.

And this true ego collides with other parts of him and starts fighting about the provision of his act.

The ability of such self-division in humans places themselves as opposed to social existence and the self as perceived as sociable, and the ego which is sensed as nonsocial existence and often opposed to each other.

Thus, the impulses of society and individuals are continuous as part of a conflict between parts within an individual.

Nevertheless, human beings strive as independent subjects to unite this as a whole on top of split conflicts between such parts and parts.

Society, on the other hand, regards each individual as merely a member of society, and this is also a unified principal as a whole.

The conflict antagonism between society and individual here can be recognized as mutual negative tension among such entities.

The conflict and conflict that both individuals and societies are supposed to be other organizers of each other has no other choice but to be left as a fundamentally unresolved conflict between the two.


Hegel, at the beginning of "spiritual philosophy", states that philosophy about the recognition of the spirit should depart from "knowing yourself".

Probably this indicates that it starts with "to know" and ends with "to know".

It is possible to know for the first time when the self has the intention to relate itself to self.

"Consideration of Social Anxiety" Kanji Kanai


"I am doing a great game of wonderful chess - set in the world - if this is the world, then.

Oh, how fun it is. I want to join a group.

If it is in your company, you do not mind walking pieces - of course, the Queen wants to be the best. "


"How do you say your name?" At last he asked Sikako Jika.

Alice who thought "If it is understood!" Answered with a sad voice.

"I do not have a name, now,"

While thinking, Alice stood still silent for a while, but eventually he began to talk suddenly again.

"If so, who on earth am I?

I will remember it somehow. I will always remember it. "


"If the King stops seeing your dreams, where do you think you are?"

"Of course, here we are here"

"No! You do not have anywhere, because you are just a dream in the red king's dream!

You know that you do not exist, do you understand well? "

"I am right here!" Alice said that, I started crying.

"If I say that I am not really living, you should not be able to cry!"

"Alice of Mirror Kingdom" Lewis. Carol


I trust in Azazel and appear in the place of those who call upon me when in trouble.

I am interested in everything that people name evil.

Because it is only thought to be evil by the faith convenience thought, custom.

I am generous as long as each of my friends obeys the original character.

I will watch everything and boost what is beneficial in our cycle.

I have given the right to voluntarily judge those who I admit to be my friends.

I will never let my friend die.

I will surely make up for everyone who suffered for me.

I am hoping that my friends will be united to combat the opponents.

Friend, my statue, exaggerate the sainting and my symbol (the emblem of the peacock).

These will remind you of my words and what I have decided that you forget what you forgot and will give you unparalleled power.

The name Azazel derives from Al-Uzza al-'Uzza, which means "power" in Aramaic / Hebrew / Arabic, which means "Enhancement of God".

Azazel's revelation

2011/03/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27871 Host:28171 Browser: 11162
[good point]
Battle with dynamic feeling Dense and not broken scenario Takatsuki and Mrs.
Facial expressions of design characters of perfect body arms
[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A masterpiece of the past Sunday masterpiece It is also shared with the boy's manga drawing and the original Although it is as good as I can say the contradiction which is common in juvenile comic books Mr. Minagawa's finest in manga with readiness that is full of lively dynamism It is a manga that has coolness that does not make you feel old as you read it as well as reading the perfection degree as a boys' manga, but there are many scenes you like but especially the three chronicles of the last chapter 'give me'

2010/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1856 Host:1847 Browser: 3876
It is impossible not to put out this work as Rinji Minagawa trilogy. "ARMS"

Unfortunately for this work, there is a part of the reprint of sprigan in some places. If this is TYPE - MOON, I can tidy up the sharing of the world view, but it 's not a bit better. Especially the part to suffer is a cyborg soldier. After that there are similar places like Kung Fu and old martial arts.

The other point is that battle is monotonous with force on Jabbaok. It is a flashy destructive power, but I feel that Spriggan has become a dragon ball. This has some fun, but it's subtle as a battle. I just feel that Jabberwock was a transcendent as a battle. Strength to stand at the top matches the flow of the whole story.

After that, there are both good and bad, but it is the final Vander Snatch version. There is also a sense of snake feet. I will also mention good points later.

The good thing about this work is life, including the birth controlled by someone, and planned, and you can hit your enemies to become stronger. As a generic term for these plans there is a Jabberwock project. This plan was really good as this hand. That may not be the best way to talk about this kind of movie compared to movies that end in two hours. However, there is no beautiful way to activate the plan beautifully without much collapse in this long-term serialization. I rarely evaluate the beauty of the goodness of the story consistency, but I feel comfortable watching that this is beautiful. I do not like myself saying too much contradiction or consistency like coming through a corner of a box with cartoon animation. Such a thing is easy to occur if the series becomes long. There are also places where I think that it will laugh if there is something inconsistent if it is interesting. However, I often feel that this work will be carried out according to the plan Alice set up.

Although I am not familiar with this story in detail, I feel that it is a goodness of cohesion that is located considerably in the topic of this hand.

After that it was interesting that the SF-like setting called silicon organisms was interesting. Especially it is not detailed SF, but I think that it is good to make a variety of unique settings as interesting so much regardless.

After ARMS both complete and incomplete are good either way. That cool-hearted scry is probably popping. After all it has an appearance impact.

I think that this is necessary for everything, but it is common to all three trilogy, but Mr. Minagawa's writing meat is a cool moving picture. Animation Although I saw it for a moment, this is a little work that you do not need to animate. I did not think that it was such a good animation. Because cartoon picture was a good picture that imagines movement.

Well, although it is Vander Snatch of the problem, I felt that I used the katsumi who was born as an ARMS conformant properly, so there is a snake feet, but I think that it is not bad. Although the latter anime took place, it is better than the animation in the flow of the last. When I think of it, I am able to do this well. White's disappointment and Black Alice's relief. I cleared up all what was left halfway. I felt this last better than I felt that the animation was not so good.

Finally, there was charm of this work besides using telepacist's Yugo and ARMS use. There was almost no word used in Dragon Ball and there was a place for everyone to play an active part to the last. Collecting stories, effective hints and recovery of hints, and how to use the characters that came out. The goodness of the whole is overwhelming with this work of three works. Although Spligan is better on the world view, I think that it is said that it was pretty well summarized because it is told that such a story roughly hints throwing big wrapping cloth spreading too much.

2010/03/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1232 Host:1176 Browser: 5234
[good point]
With ordinary manga, I bring people of Hayato 's personality to the main character, but it was good that I made Ryu the hero.

The mother of Ryori was devastated.

[Bad point]
I do not feel appealing to Katsumi.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is ... a masterpiece.
It seems that there were not many works to be drawn so deeply in that era.

2010/02/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8781 Host:8805 Browser: 8792
[good point]
The skill of the picture and the setting of the drawing ability to which the battle portrayal is depicted Character has personality in the character

[Bad point]
The existence of Katsumi (heroin) is weak

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway numb work.
I think that it is a must to see the knight and the white rabbit first awakening scene, "Kure struggling three times" in the last stage.

2009/07/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20851 Host:20642 Browser: 9556
[good point]
The height of drawing power is wonderful. Battle scenes are particularly brilliant.
Design side is also wonderful. I saw a foreigner cosplaying Knight before, but that's cool.
The setting is also nice.

[Bad point]
Content is monotonous. Because I made a partner clone, I feel monotonous.
Basics, runaway patterns are many and stall as they become late. The stall in the place where it is exciting will make the impression of the whole work worse.
I think that the main character is the most subtle among the three men's arms team.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Mr. Minagawa 's work is good because stylishness and hard - boiled are fused well.
However, as I thought it would be more exciting, I felt regrettable.

2009/07/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4885 Host:4830 Browser: 6883
As other people have already written various things, there is not much to write.
The first half was good, but in the second half I got bored very much.
However, I would like to send a strong tribute to drawing power.

2009/05/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26251 Host:26365 Browser: 9124
[good point]
The setting is interesting.
The view of the world is good.
The picture is fine.
The theme is solid.

[Bad point]
Story of the second half is not good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was very nice to bring Alice in Wonderland.
He was directing tragic content creepy.
The middle story was also very interesting.
However, I wonder if there was a little impossible in the second half.
I get the impression that I was running away.
The setting and the world view are wonderful, so the evaluation is "good".

2009/04/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21769 Browser: 2135(Mobile)
Professor Murata of eye shield 21 said, but the painting is fucking good.
The story is heavy and long for boy magazines.
But it is also a class of masterpieces on Sunday magazine

2009/04/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18595 Host:18730 Browser: 9572
I tried being recommended by a friend, but it was interesting and unexpectedly unexpected and I completely wound up.
It was fun, but the second half also feels like a snake feet.
Also, is not Ryo's father too strong?

2009/02/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31929 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
I read it before Oita, but the picture was also good and the story was interesting as well.
Each depiction was polite.
Just because I thought that he was becoming a mannerism on the way surely I thought that the heroine girl was caught or died but that was also the first person, but the prolongation from that was too long.
I thought that the last one will still continue or will continue ... I was Gudaguda.

2008/12/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1074 Host:1048 Browser: 8090
It is easy to say that it is "a story of boys and girls getting involved in world-wide conspiracy"
Each carries heavy past and responsibility, and the story is never cheap.

What I felt particularly interesting personally was Ryo Takatsuki.
Each of the four protagonists (and dare to say) has been transplanted ARMS to a part of his body, but coolness is quite special among them.
Three other people are quite convenient in themselves, if not the ability they wanted,
The trouble is that the nakedness rate rises markedly.
However, in the case of cool, it has an ARMS with an overwhelmingly high combat capability, but the price is great.
Every time I use power, the negative feelings of huge "hate" hijack him.
It is not the case when you are concerned about naked any longer.
He is a very personality person (in addition to saying "I do not say you are different")
Some sense of martial arts and survival techniques have irregular skills,
Although it seemed like a hero unsuitable for such a work,
It is impressive as to how he will be mentally cornered and how to cheat it.

However, it was a bit disappointing that I finally saw the shape of Jerbaok walking down to the cool.
I think that it would be better to avoid deployment that seems to be "invincible anymore?"
It can say the same to the cool father.

Anyway, having been able to go to the end completely without becoming a comic depended on battle can be likable.
I think that expressing Azazel as "solitary" eventually gave a certain persuasive power to all developments.

2008/10/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2339 Host:2336 Browser: 6342
It has entertainment and theme and it is very interesting.

What is the metal life form ARMS sought ?,,

There was something very deep.
Were kids born between themselves Alice for fun ,,,,

It is one of the cartoons I'd like to recommend.

2008/07/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22432 Host:22519 Browser: 7395
[good point]
The skill of a piece of picture.Demonstrating the ordinary ability (such as psychokinesis) It shows how to draw a destruction depiction power Expansion of a story (except for the final stage)
Personality of the main character is solid

[Bad point]
Katsumi editing like enlargement My father is too strong and invincible. There are times when you may not know whether the protagonists are necessary ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway the scenes that emphasize something are overwhelmingly overwhelming. I think that it is a manga to show with a picture.

2008/07/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46887 Host:46862 Browser: 6342
I was recommended by my older brother long ago but I read it at that time, did not I?
(Well, at that time there was no money and the means of reading was mainly browsed)
However, I reread again and was touched by the story!

〓〓〓Including neta stays 〓〓〓

Personally my favorite scene is the place where Hayato invokes the final form of Knight (Knight) at the end of Part 2, and I think that the last volume is a set of name scenes.
There seems to be many opinions that it should have been completed in Part 4, but I like the development of Part 5 quite a lot, do not you?
Egurigori who was the hero who seemed as if he had recovered a peaceful life but had been thought that he was settled has yet to be destroyed and the final plan is activated.
No matter how many times I read it 〓〓〓 I will thrash
So I do not feel like watching anime that ends in 4 copies.
I think that it is reasonable that the final form of Java Wow is too strong, but I thought that it would be hard for convenience because it had an important role in the story.

2008/01/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27153 Host:27258 Browser: 3875
I could not feel much appealing by reading. What was the battle depiction, what was something ... It was a work I do not really understand. I think whether the picture is also a bad person. So this evaluation.

2007/11/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19906 Host:19808 Browser: 11867
"It was disappointing that this" Katsumi that I thought was dead was alive. "
When I read back later, Ryo 's runaway in Akamura looked like an early look and it looked stupid.
The end should have been settled in NY, honesty Vander Snatch edition is a snake feet.
Well it was possible to enjoy even including a crazy place.

2007/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26232 Host:26151 Browser: 6308
It seems that Ryo has become enemy that he was drawn as a pretty flat main character from the first episode both skillfully and mentally.
From the second part I have come to see clear guidelines that "it's time to go back to daily life with Katsumi ..."
He was lacking in a juvenile catharsis because he was one or two better than Mr. Hayato and samurai in spiritual and combat skill as well.

When it is called a juvenile-like character, it is Hayato, a samurai.
Hayato is thankful for giving me the opportunity to view events under consideration from reader's point of view anyway.
He alone is concerned about clothes when ARMS is in its final form.
"Well, I do not like being streaking because I like it! It is forced midway ..." I think it's a name (stray) to be under construction.
In the battle, Part 3 was not so much active (in the honest 3 part, it was not able to compete with the overwhelming potential of the cool and the ability of the samurai), but from the fourth part I remembered the heart of water I think that it was the true point. Among the main members, it was the only person who could actively fight.

A samurai was also a character who received a popular image of a character named a boy of introverted character at the time. Basically, however, Ryo and Hayato have a negative feeling to the ARMS as it is, they are going ahead of time, so it is somewhere prepared as a character that was looking at ARMS thoroughly at first (originally) I think I had to do it. Also, since Ryo and Hayato are too strong, I thought that it was necessary to have a character who had a viewpoint of the general public somewhere. He also learns catharsis in the fourth part and the fifth part which is grown completely in one person.
It was obviously too strong to break the battlefield until the climax in 4 copies (I think I was stronger than him until I remember Hayato in mind)
I wish I wanted to keep it as a leading role.
(By the way, his ARMS is more versatile than Jabbaok, and I think that actually it is stronger than Knight if it is an interpersonal game.

2007/09/16 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32864 Host:32602 Browser: 5234
It is just a battle cartoon and it is a manga that contains some kind of knowledge. Per antimatter is an example.

I felt sluggish to read from the middle in a series of battles, I skipped 12 to 13 volumes and skipped and skipped, but the final stage approaching the core of the story was the most interesting.
It is extremely tiring to read and I can not grasp the story well because it is developing without having time to rest with a new series of thugs. Why is this such a battle sequence?

Black has been defeated and I read it until I come back to Japan.
Black is overheated too much;
It seems that the treatment is a bit lousy, as if you are looking cool in the helicopter, being the elder brother of the Keith series, or why it seems to be strong but it ends in one shot ... ...
It seemed only to be used for white after all, Keith series became increasingly poor.

On the way, it was hard to read in battle succession ~