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Koushi Rikudo
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Japan Released:2012/04/30(Mon) YOUNG KING OURs / End:2013/06/29
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2014/10/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Here seems to be a manga serialized with Young King Hours with many commenter's works but it may have been "a good point, a typical example that offset bad points".

As a good point, it was the setting that the heroine's Ageha was reset when it first died. To put it badly, there was also a somewhat opportunistic aspect, so I think that there were also aspects that can make use of ideas such as "high degree of freedom" that can draw various unreasonable things.
Also in the end of the day I thought that he and Ageha 's "bond" was well drawn, such as giving a test to the hero' s heartguard, as opposed to such setting. The character deza was also good, and it was a pretty girl who was ordinary cute Ageha Surprisingly, it was a beautiful girl who looked like a woman,
Mr. Hoshiaki Hoshiaki and other members and others who also had strong academic discrimination were also well done.

However, the important scenario is .......... Ageha, and not only the face, but also the color of the exquisite which seemed like a girl was also a bit scary,
That fate was such a misunderstanding that Mr. Hyakka encountered a disaster or the face of the heartfelt touched like a golgo 13 for a moment, left Tani who did not see the face clearly was one of the seven wonders of the school, Hanako of the toilet It was also a tension high in my thought that it was too strong consciousness trying to make you laugh too, but it was feeling cold too much ......... obliquely downward rather than obliquely above It was a gag as if I had gone.

At the end, I heard that the punch line was also unexpected, after all it was said that it was being swayed by that teacher in that school until the end, or she was a true hero,
It seemed that you were made me feeling that there are things that I can cover especially with imaginary gags and others like a character dyad. Evaluation, it was no doubt that it was a popular system if that gag was also laughing with this.