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Other media: JP movie:YELL FOR THE BLUE SKY
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Comics rank of 2008 Rank 110in 276 titles
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Character/Setting2.33(Very good)3
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Hot heart67%2/3
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Shed tears33%1/3
Learned something33%1/3
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Kazune Kawahara
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Japan Released:2008/08/13(Wed) Bessatu Margaret
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2016/02/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38702 Host:38942 Browser: 8632
[good point]
Balancing club activities and love The club activities part is real and dedicated. Refresh part with fiction.
I am beautifully writing the three years of my high school life to throw my best in club activities in love

[Bad point]
There is no convincing power that makes it possible for sound to be heard through the screen if music is not being transmitted

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At least I do not know any other girls 'manga that can be honestly opposed to this effort so much (not only for girls' cartoons, but for the entire manga work as well)
It was already hot enough to be a sporadic even just a brass band part

Of course it will not be possible as a girl's manga alone, so whenever I'm about to give up, by having Yamada Kim, who is both a thought and a baseball club, save me, I also become a love girls cartoon that keeps trying hard but encourages each other It is dazzlingly beautiful that the relationship of supporting each other is beautiful, but I know that both of them work hard on their respective stages, so I also wanted to cheer for both club activities and love to go well

Mr. Ono is a crybaby massive god crying about ten times in one volume (momentum) So, I will be crying 190 times in 19 volumes, but even if I smile for that amount, I will overcome the hardship , Since there is absolutely a scenery that can not be seen without doing it, Mr. Ono has been able to make efforts to reach that area properly, it is said that it is "hard work" and the word has power It seemed to teach me

Because I have read such a girls comic which is too pure for the first time in a long time, it was just a crying story about here, it cried too much for Ono san so I cried a couple of times (from the teacher of the final story consultant Language and lacrimal glares were marred)

Even though the daily practice portrayal of the brass band is still realistic, Mr. Ono and Mr. Yamada are present as fictional men and women relations fiction and it is refreshing, it was refreshing and it was not pleasant, but, contemporary Because there is a place like the most proposition of how much reality can be trapped in fiction by manga works. This is correct as a form

Evaluation is [very good] I will. It was a very good youth story

2014/10/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Because it is said that it is a popular work, I was able to read the work of Mr. Kawahara for the first time.

Oh, it's hot, it's too fresh to be a girl's cartoon.

It is manga that I can not say otherwise.

Clearly, there are no particular novel methods and expressions.
Even the main character is almost a standard character setting that there are places like Manjke in Togi but it is straightforward and hot and hard.
However, its heat is not extraordinary.
Continue to blow trumpets until they collapse in the brass band, failing to confess and falling all the way.
Besides, not only the hero but also the baseball team of the love partner is hot.
"I like that of you, but going to the Koshien is my mission, I will not go on until the Koshien girls are gone" until the other party of love says it is comic books that you should express nothing but refreshing with hot blood.
It is too dazzy for Odysan like me that is dirty now.

However, girls 'comics and boys' comics seems to be the same, but I think that this is OK.
Of course, it will be different whether the current high school students are so hot.
However, this is the boy, the royal road of girls' cartoons, and it is only when these cartoons are at the base, spreading wings to other areas called Iromono. I think that it is such a cartoon.

As for the picture, there is neither possibility nor impossibility, it is a place.
For girls 'cartoons, it is not a complicated frame composition, and the background effects peculiar to girls' comics are not so flashy. In that respect it is easy for men to read.
Also, I saw catcher protector so seriously with girls' comics so far.

I am worried that this heat can be maintained until the last episode, but for now I have a good comment.