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Asukashinsha Publishing
Japan Released:2010/01/23(Sat)
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2014/11/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7368 Host:7312 Browser: 3994
[good point]
47 The prefecture is easy to understand, is drawn cute, anything funny, and the prefecture (Ibaraki is) that is not attractive enough to say at all is drawing attractively so much.

[Bad point]
There is none.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
it's the best. Every prefecture is well-balanced and I think that it is a work that any prefecture can read fun. The memorization of the society which I was not good until now, thanks to Toko, I remember it. Today, characters come to mind when prefecture names appear in tests and textbooks. If we read Toko out of here, Japan geography is perfect!

2014/09/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24678 Host:24442 Browser: 5779
[good point]
The point that made prefectural citizen a gag cartoon.
If you take it into the degree of maturity, it will not be a poison or medicine.
When the prefecture where I live resides, it is quite remembered.

[Bad point]
A composition that the head of the Kanto region compacted with male characters does not raise head to the Kansai region which frozen with female characters.
Attitude to make laugh by making a prefecture responsible for masochistic.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The content was fairly laughable,
Since I think that I tried also about setting 47 prefectures all the characters,

Rating: Good

2012/12/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10691 Host:10921 Browser: 5577
[good point]
I think it is a very good work. The reason is because it also makes me study and interesting.
[Bad point]
Is not it?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It can only be said that it is wonderful!

2012/02/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12521 Host:12605 Browser: 11391
Personally because it is a very favorite work, I did not think that it was criticized so far.
Because it is a principle that does not evaluate a work which is not completed (although it is unlikely to be completed), I will leave it only for comments.

There are many people who think that Hyogo prefecture alone is inequality in five people, but from the viewpoint of me living in Kobe it is impossible to tie Hyogo prefecture to one prefectural property.
"Well, why only Hyogo Prefecture is five people," the reason is simple. Climate and culture are quite different.
Hyogo Prefecture is a prefecture that is sandwiched between the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓apan and the Seto Inland Sea. The climate is quite different between the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓apan and the Seto Inland Sea. Although the snow falls off the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓apan side, the Seto Inside (especially the area near the ocean) does not snow and does not pile up. Because the fish that can be taken are different, naturally local cuisine will differ as well.

Here, if you divide it into five areas and easily organize its features,

Settsu: adjacent to Okayama, Seto Inland Tamba: adjacent to Kyoto adjacent to Tottori, Kyoto, with no sea, no mountain, adjacent to Kyoto. Awaji on the Japan Sea side: Hyogo's only island area. The former is Tokushima prefecture.

As you can see it is as you can see.
The climate and culture of the five regions are perfectly different. Culture coming in depending on the neighboring prefecture will be different.
Furthermore, looking at the history that Hyogo Prefecture made, there is a history that it became a big prefecture to develop Kobe.
I thought it would be interesting if I tried using such a story, there would also be an intention to divide it into five people.

Therefore, I think that it was personally correct that I divided Hyogo Prefecture into five people. However, it seems to me that it seems tough to call Seto in full and call it Kobe.

As it can not end only with the story of Hyogo prefecture, as other impressions, there are many parts that I wonder if this is a prefectural civilian character. It seems that each prefecture 's personality etc is based on the prefecture' s prefecture property, but there is a bit of story that is subtly out of the prefecture 's personality.

However, I think that you have investigated the characteristics of the specialties and dialects of each prefecture well. Although I think that dialects in other regions are manga, I think that it is not a common difficulty to reproduce so far.

Even if you feel close to the prefecture you did not know, I think that this manga is worth reading even if it makes me think "I should go this time". Because it is not for a specific person (in other words, it is a strong moe element), it does not fit into such a unilateral route, and it can be liked very well that it is a pattern that anyone can read.

There are many opinions that the handling of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake is light, but what if you think that the subject of this story is "to cross the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge"?
Although I said that I live in Kobe, since I came to Kobe two years after the earthquake, I do not know the fear at that time well. For those who were affected, I think that I feel aversion to the lightness of the handling of this cartoon earthquake.
But was the subject of the disaster the cartoon?

It should not necessarily be the case. It shows Kobe 's hardships until the bridge is built up.
If you think so, can not you see it in a slightly different way?

Trying to make a bridge from the desire to make it a more prosperous city, overcoming a lot of hardships and setbacks, and finally finding a breather to completion a major obstacle.

Although I wanted to make it a prosperous city, people will be gone as usual and it will be stingy. Still, Kobe children who do not depart from Kobe.

The attachment of Kobe child to the local, more energetic that vitality is local is truly amazing.

There are many people who think negative about the disaster, but rather Kobe is making a city more prosperous than the earthquake on reconstruction.
Kobe is always positive and there is a strong desire to challenge new things more and more.

After all it is a viewpoint of a human being who has not experienced the earthquake disaster, so in fact there may be a part different from my opinion, but I think that I drew a picture of Kobe who challenged a big project to build a bridge Is not it?

After all I stopped a lot about Hyogo prefecture, but I think that this comic is very interesting.

2011/10/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43883 Host:43980 Browser: 12164
First of all, it was the worst at the time of publishing most of the cartoons published in this book on the web.
That means that you could read on the web without buying it.
After the last long manga, there is not on the Web.

But I think the manga by that Hanshin Awaji great quake is terrible.
Is not that manga rude to those who actually experienced the earthquake? It was not Kobe-san,
Is not it a citizen? Anyway, I wanted you to stop treating earthquakes as "neta".

Originally this book is supposed to be drawn primarily "prefectural character" so I think it is more particular.

But there are many things that are becoming harder than the prefectural character.
Clearly there are few stories that I think is not related to the prefecturality.
In general, I do not think that it is made of anthropomorphization of prefectures by that.
It seems like there are characters that make me feel like this character, 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓...?

Also, I think that Gifu prefecture, Hyogo prefecture alone, five people, that is not equal.
Because Hyogo is not the only prefecture that can not express prefecturality with just one person.

Because the author is from Ehime, I do not know the sense of other citizens.
I do not think that some people will feel uncomfortable if my prefecture is expressed with these characters.

I feel that it can not be said that it is also good with a picture.
On the last page, it was written that "The turn of Shikoku is decreasing." It was written in such a way that it seemed to me that the appearance of other prefectures was disgusting, I do not like it. If only then Shikoku should have been drawn.
Also, I would like to say that if the image of another prefecture does not come out, do not draw from the beginning.
I thought that I do not want you to draw a way to make people feel uncomfortable at least.

Finally, the price of this book.
As I already published it almost on the web, 1300 yen is too expensive.
I want you to return the money.
Evaluation is "worst".

2011/04/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3264 Host:2994 Browser: 9739
I read it as "Four Shikoku brothers" on the website.
It was published ... it did not notice because the title is different.
Well, considering perfection degree and familiarity, I thought that would be published.

[good point]

All the characters are standing.
Picture is cute.
There is a part that seems to be indeed part of the prefectural personality story.
While the story fell within Shikoku (and surroundings), there was truth and it was fun.
It has not become a development that has been flourishing.

[Bad point]

Because the story develops based on the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he author, the bias of one-sided thought is felt especially in the long film.
I feel that it is somewhat with the impression that he is talking about without saying it is a fault of his thought at all ... (Maybe I just do not get along with this author) .
Thinness of depiction related to the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
Liberalization of making characters in Gifu Prefecture.
Regarding your hometown and surrounding prefectures, you often want to say "No!"

[Comprehensive evaluation]

As a Kansai, the treatment of the Great Hanshin Earthquake is too rashy and it is hard (I think there are individual differences).
I was reading it to some extent happily, but I could not stand it over there.
I myself have 5 seismic intensity areas and have not suffered damage suffered, but even after that, it is about to show an excessive fear response to the earthquake.
So, rather than spotting only positive and positive spots (of course, although the speed of reconstruction should be praised), after all I wanted scratches to be properly painted as scratches.
As a matter of fact, economically, Kansai is dragging the influence of the Great Hanshin Earthquake for a long time.
... It's a bad way of saying, but I thought it was "a storable story as I did not experience it after all."
That way of drawing (although it is on the Web version), I personally, I feel nauseated with so much fussiness
(However, because evaluation comments on Hyogo prefecture living in the Hyogo prefecture posted on the Web, there are individual differences in feeling).
Personally, I thought that I wanted serious subject matter to be written after coherent interview
(Of course, I understand that I was hit with the material, but that means I can not feel "the voice of life" ... it will be a strict way of saying, but a desk paradox).
If not, I would like to say that you should not put out your hand just by imagining what you do not experience.
Probably, I think that evaluation of this work will change greatly depending on whether this part accepts.

Also, I thought that it was too cruel that I made sloppy characters because there was little information about Gifu Prefecture.
The characters themselves are cute, but I can not have a favorable impression because of their throwing.
To be honest, I felt that the character of Kyoto where I live and Osaka where I am living, such as Osaka's branding, was a one-sided branding, but I could not like it much ... If I was a Gifu citizen, I will
(The cheerful manga artist is from Gifu Prefecture, and it mixes casually with Gifu local neta, so it is a familiar prefecture that I have not been to ...).

As expected, about the Shikoku residing in the author, the story is very solid and persuasive.
I liked the material at that time pretty much, so I wanted you to write only in the range you understand.
Seriously, if you are not experienced as "Chushingura" in the web version, you can be impressed obediently ....

It seems so even in "Hetalia", but I want you to forgive me for "events" that people have as a real feeling.
If it is only possible to publish it on the individual web yet, it is OK to do it "freely" with that.
I think that it is more responsible to publish, because it is a letter to the public (Oh, it is a manga so it is also a picture).

Evaluation is tough, but "worst".
However, the interesting part is funny and I think that the person who is suitable can be enjoyed very much.
Because my extremely personal circumstances - relatively mild while experiencing the tremor of the Great Hanshin Earthquake and still dragging it down - is a big part.
"Hetalia" of the same anthropomorphization is "bad" ... moreover, the degree of refusal to neta is "Hetalia" better.
The biggest drawback was the fact that this person often had a "one-sided" impression, the "disparity" due to the familiarity degree of the author was great.
As individuals, it was more outrageous than "being caught", so it fell to here.
If you are close to the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he author or you do not mind, the style itself is not sticky, so I think you can enjoy it.

... To be honest, it is quite an emotional reason because I knew clearly the merits, and even compared to the work that wore "the worst" so far, so I wondered how this evaluation is?
However, it is true that my reading feeling at that part was worse than any work I have read so far, so I made it "worst" based on that fact.

Although it is a personal impression, the character around Kanto, Chubu, Kanto is subtle ....
Shikoku. China. There are many good characters around Tohoku ... This also should have individual differences though.

2011/02/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45710 Host:45539 Browser: 8556
At first, I thought it was just a trivia manga.
Because it was put in the corner of such a system,
"Anthropomorphize each prefecture and make it manga 〓〓〓quot;
I could see it like that.
However, I like tokens, so to kill time ...
With such a light sense, "Is 1,300 yen a bit expensive?"
What a cashier.

It is funny when I read it!
First of all, 47 prefectures were funny one by one,
Still drawing while laughing.
Certainly not all of them are so.
However, as you are singing in the process, you can enjoy it if you consider it as "fiction".

For example, our Hokkaido.
"Why does a receipt come out at the funeral !?"
Is not it normal? I am with the box of Kago Refuse.

"There is almost no bite"
Of course. It makes the window double triple and warms the house itself.
Hell inside the gapy interior house is!
When I went to my father's family home (Niigata) in November, I was caught in a cold weather, my mother caught up in the stove.
A break room in the workshop is prefabricated for a while, and it is midwinter !! The only heating is 〓〓〓〓〓(crying) !!
I thought I was going to die at that time ...

"When you fly cockroach it's glossy and beautiful? It looks like a firefly?"
...... Do not get angry! I feel too close!
"He's flying in the sky!"
Even if I told you so, I could not imagine the fear of anything (sweat).
I do not know the feeling that insects fly = scary.
I did not recognize cockroaches as cockroaches and saw the real thing, nor did I see flying!

A work that can be laughed. That would not be a high rating here.
However, the biggest point of this work, the biggest point is the latter half "One bridge of dreams" of one volume.

"Connect Honshu and Shikoku through a bridge!"
Everyone knows that there are bridges connecting both now, if Japanese are not clear of geography so much.
But "I will make three bridges."
How this literal "super-huge construction" was invented,
And what kind of circumstances made "three" made?
While being fiction named anthropomorphism,
In the form of anthropomorphization, the state (dare to be replaced by "Tokyo") and
Interaction with the prefecture concerning the bridge is very exquisite.

Shimunumaru accident, Prime minister's speech, oil shock etc ...

After various twists and turns,
"Although it will allow construction for the second and subsequent ones, the state will rarely make money"
Kobe also confronts the notice which can also be said to be irresponsible,
While continuing to make Akashi Bridge on its own, soaked in joy and accompanying fatigue,
January 17, 1995 ......

"I want to build a bridge!"
Kobe which I first mentioned (for reasons from work for one reason Hyogo prefecture is divided into five people, others are one prefecture)
Various pros and cons. Residents and other prefectures, and ultimately to the Hyogo of the people,
But still do your best and work hard,
And the tragedy of the arrowhead that saw completion.

A lot of colleagues came to relief for her.
But she managed to take the lives somehow, I hope the completion of the bridge.
If I do not get firm, this town (literally herself 'Kobe') will die.
I feel like that, I continue to run with full body creation, and ... ...

The Akashi Ohashi bridge that was batted in the Seto Inland Sea in the last, superbly.
And while being amazed around her, she moves more energetically than before.
This circumstance is very good.
It is good even if it is known that it is fiction.
Indeed it is not surprising that such interaction is real.
It makes me think.

Also, not only Kobe, but also other two bridge combination is exquisite.
Especially the Ehime. Hiroshima combination has only laugh.
"I also joined with Hiroshima-san !!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha!! It's cute, is not it?"
It is reluctant to build a bridge. Ehime who loves herself is cute.
The reason why Hiroshima became active in the plan ... ...
Though it changes the tone, if it comes to saying that, Hiroshima gets angry (lol).
The youngest child of the four Shikoku brothers (haha) Kochi is "Idiot brother (idiot of Tokushima)!"
Ehime is my pace in Ehime.
The author also said that "I do not know what I'm thinking about (local)."

The first half is a realistic gag cartoon.
The second half is a realistic serious manga.
Both can be recommended.