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Naoki Shigeno
Japan Released:2002
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2010/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43716 Host:43786 Browser: 10712
As this title "man of big family" is as the title, 8 main children, father and 1 dog are main 4 manga comics. (〓〓〓mother died)
Brothers are 22 on the top and 5 at the bottom.
Even though all personality and hobbies are disjointed, they are perfectly attached.
There is no need for halfway.
It is not leaning to specific characters only to it, but someone is hitting the balance in a well-balanced fashion.
Even a father who is said to have a thin shadow.
Characters that are becoming the center of the back cover and cover of the book is relatively somewhat more prominent than other volumes in that volume, but the features and stories of the characters that are the main in any volume can come out is.
By the way it is from 1 volume to older siblings.
After that, will the next 7 volumes be the 3 guys?
Somebody in the family is the main manga, but sometimes the 3 fool of the neighborhood association is the main, and female employees of the company whose father works recently are coming out very often. (To be honest I do not like this woman ^ _ ^;)
Not only comedy, there are also stories that sometimes come with Jin.
Just one bad thing is the place where the difference between 5 female Rin and 2nd son Daigo is intense.
Clearly speaking, Rin is being given preferential treatment (and even where she is in a good condition), on the contrary the second son Daigo is not being treated very well.

Lynn is overdone, points riding in tone
Miyumi 's practice to go upwards, Miyumi was suffering as "I can not reverse up .." Besides listening to Rin, I could reverse up with a single shot. (Also in the bonus page of the booklet (this is also Ayobo of rope jumping))
Toru went to Nagano and Nagano, when they came back, I broke my brother 's sister and hit Tor and Toru. (I would not be getting beaten up by a rush like rin, if you do not care about me this time)
There are many stories that are ravely acclaimed by everyone if phosphorus can be done alone by marathon or shopping alone.
A story where Rin alone answered and was drawing Aiko 's painting with no chest saying "Aiko washing board.
In the first volume of volumes eight volumes, while everyone else was headed down, I was beautiful and big tits. (When laughter actually grows, you can laugh if there is no chest than Aiko)
A place where I go skiing with my family, where Lynn is being hit by a skiing earlier than Chisa.
Rin stays in the story, two people, Kyrika and Miyumi who broke Bonsai and Kumagoro told, "Even if it is done with a dream ..? "Rin, I do not know .." and cut off. (If it was Daego, it seems likely to get caught criticized like Matsutake's story)
Even if I do something, there are few scenes to be scolded. (Although Kirika bought a personal computer and talked about it by Kirika to get him to stop too much because the younger squirrel got hooked up, there is something that will erase the scribbles drawn on the veranda by the story to clean up the house)
Around him, especially Aiko, is sweet with phosphorus. (Although Ogo pointed out to Aiko "My sister is too sweet for phosphorus")

The point that Daego is not treated well
It is a story that Saiya goes on a bicycle trip, and when Daigo told me that "I have to leave the house for a while with my training camp", a storm of joy from my family came down from behind.
Talking about grilled meat, I could not just go. (Moreover, rather than not having been able to go from the beginning, the directors on the day were making extra battles without permission)
In the story of KV (Farewell Valentine 's Day Alliance), Daego was given a diet medicine and the other two got a favorite chocolate.
In Matsutake 's story, Daigo condemned everyone because of eating alone, a roaring storm. (This means that Aiko who did not put it in the kitchen and put it in the kitchen will have a non-existence, and if it is Rin instead of Daigo, I think that it ended only by lighting with a stop)
There are more stories that can not be saved than everyone else.

It is because there are differences between kindergarten girls and boys high school students, but I think this is too different. (There are personal feelings, too)
Sazae's Sazae & Watarase bonito and seaweed. Even when it is worse than the treatment difference for Tarao.
Other characters have their own taste and I like them, but I can not like only phosphorus at the above points.
I think that Daigo is not a problem child to be told so far. (I think that older people who have worked or contracted with a story of Rin and Matsutake are problematic)
I would like you to talk about making it strict against Rin, treat it equally, such as increasing the story saved by Daigo a bit more.
I am not a fan of Special Daigo, but I really think so.
I set it as "highest", but I also dared to get a dry spot.
If I improve these points I would like to achieve the highest possible.

2010/04/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4679 Host:4466 Browser: 10689
[good point]
Each family member is rich in personality and seemingly unlikely to have in common, but the essential points are similar, and never misunderstand each other. Sayuri 's "Each direction is looking apart but the back sticks perfectly, it is such a family." That is exactly what it seems to be strange. Everyone shares the feeling that if my mother is lost, no matter who my family lacks, everyone shares it, and it also has a strong bond.
In reality child rearing that keeps track of children is now common sense, and there is nothing to make me think of it "It was good to be born" even once. On the contrary, the family itself is becoming more and more irrelevant to the extent that killing between parents and children is uncommon, and it is said that it is an unrelated society. Therefore, the existence of this work can be considered a bowl of cool sensation. It is believed that it is symbolized by Rin, "I think that I was really glad that I was born this way."

[Bad point]
Recently, my colleague at my father's company than people in Uchino family, I feel that Satomi is conspicuous ... .... Also, the gap between books is too empty!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
But that means that I am longing to expect that a book is out. I have never experienced the entire volume of books in one cartoon, but I think that this work is the whole volume.

2009/12/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29418 Browser: 6792(Mobile)
Manga that I want to recommend most.
As commented on the previous comment is a family comedy. There is no unexpectedly flying sky developed like a popular four-frame movie recently, I like it unexpectedly, unrequited love of Kanzi's style that has been crippled. (Recently I have a little bit of funny talk but also ...)
It is really amazing to be able to laugh each time though it is a speedy story that does not feel so much separation of four frames. At the end of the book a little disgusting story is prepared and you will feel better after reading.
If it is 4 frames, the quality is too high, and if you do not go well, is not it possible to aim for animation as well?
Personally I recommend 3 to 5 volumes. This time the most comic book "Rashizu" is blurred, and it is easy to read because it is a story in which the family composition and synopsis like the first episode are well known as the first volume of 3 volumes. (It seems that it is a synopsis tailored to the renewal of series magazines)

I'm out of 7 volumes for a book. In 4 frames, it's a pretty major work / author, so even a slightly smaller bookstore dealt with a lot. It is terrible at the end (big) It is recommended.

2006/11/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17574 Host:17513 Browser: 3646
None of this author's work has a loser. I think that it is Moe, I think that the four-frame world which tried and errored in various ways is supported by such a stable writer unrelated to such a flow.

A work set in the large family as the title. However, it is not so-called "everyday" (not a story of life-style writing), it is made as a neta. More than anything, regardless of how much the character is issued by this author, he is competing with each piece of story without drowning in that character or setting.
I think that it is an orthodox four-frame manga, which draws a line with the setting of the character and the recent four-frame that seems to be just between the two. Even people who can not read the four frames, I think that it is easy to get stuck.

In the baseball club, the second son who likes animation, the fourth sister who likes the eldest son, and some characters that can make a story with it individually, but they do not push only specific characters, but all the characters halfway There is nothing to be drawn, and the character moves with exquisite balance. Even a dad with a shadow is thin, it occupies a solid position in the work and exists in the story.
As I read it thoroughly, I can see that the individuality of each character is fully demonstrated in short material.

Although there are also sometimes people say that Tsukkomi enters and likes to personally like the form which is peculiar (although the form that tightens the fourth frame with a blur is like a Ueda Masashi work, a format seen from a viewpoint that tossed out that blur to some extent I like it), faithful to the basics of transferring up to its petit is very easy to understand.
Also, the tempo of each piece and the tempo of one episode are very elegant, so it is fun to shed lightly and read.

The story that the story that I read today is independence of four women's independence & second daughter? Beyond the match of the eldest daughter a while ago, I am excited about the pretending which makes me think that it is near the finale. I want you to continue more ...

2006/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
The character allocation is a feeling which makes songs of nostalgic Ladybugs somewhat reminiscent.
I have a father. Works with a bright impression because the characters are all upper personality characters. The balance feeling of the whole is good and it is easy to see and it is fun.
Personally, the manager of the rival team approached the second son of the baseball team supplementary ... ... I like talking about the otaku?

2006/04/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32773 Browser: 2850(Mobile)
A healthy and stupid Aiko,
Musician hope sounds,
Daiko then Daego likes baseball and anime,
Kirika who is keen on hobby while keeping his spirit,
Chirpy student Chisa,
Miyumi weak,
Ryosaku drawing a very good family together quite a large family, considering their individual personality, the furthest lost father, Lady Life's dad, and innocent love dog Flanders, who is the coolest curious, curiously rich Lynn.
I do not have a mother, Aiko accomplishes her household chores, brothers seem to live by themselves and I think that they are considering others properly with confidence.
Because it is a 4-frame manga, the way to draw it is properly used, and such a work that I can recommend to anyone.