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Shinobu Inokuma
Weekly Shonen Sunday
Japan Released:2001 / End:2002
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2015/05/29 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9563 Host:9834 Browser: 10257
Since I had only 1 volume in this secondhand bookstore in this neighborhood I bought while I knew the evaluation of this site but it is more severe than I expected, when I encounter painful cartoons to read even the first episode rather than one volume What.
I am also a kendo experienced person, but it is not praised even without it, but it is a series of unpleasant developments from the beginning anyway.

I do not know whether the author thought that if I was a beginner, I did not know whether the author was thinking, but in the first round I put an iron array in the hakama. In the second game, not only the hero who banglessly shot his opponent's shin but also an iron array was attached To the referee who sentenced the infringement defeat, the audience who skipped Nozado as "to keep it because it is interesting", and the irrational who revoked the judgment of defeat in the way that it would be pushed by what it would be or was nothing but irritated.

The main protagonist who was a masterpiece who repeatedly inflicted the game by repetitiously punishment was lifted by other students as if he was a hero later.
I was terribly frightened by this deployment and gave up reading here.

I will never read the continuation of this manga again.

2015/02/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10788 Host:10930 Browser: 9629
It is famous as a bad manga. I also read and read it ... I got it

Anyway, there is no sports such as boys' manga-like direction and sports like kyara and kendo It is also that the hero is too shabby, but it was not even trying to keep it down

Also, it was a problem that it was not possible to build a foundation to draw Tondemo Sports and it was designed to give misunderstanding to many people. You probably could not see it from a third party perspective ...

Well, it is a bad thing that paint is not so bad. It is a very regret work.

2014/10/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12278 Host:12310 Browser: 10352
[good point]
It is equal to nothing like that.
[Bad point]
I can not feel favorable with Tachibana.
I am going to eat it in a dojo, I put an iron array in a hakama, clearly saying inside.
That Tachibana is on the truck.
I will go to the other world if I do not do it well. Is not this a crime in the first place?
A scene to play a kendo game as soon as Tachibana who does not understand Kendo at all gets into the dojo.
It is so-called expeditionism. Beginning with kendo, when I started other sports, I started knowledge and basic things about that sport. The author does not understand such a thing at all.
On parade of the scene that made fun of kendo.
Scenes that are eating oranges at bare handed kendo and dojo, Tachibana is watching as putting iron arrays in hakama and it is very annoying. Although I am not experienced in kendo exercises, I even looked at himself and I felt aversion.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is stupid of Kendo which is not downright, not interesting, a courtesy sport before that. Where did the author know what he was doing since the last series finished? If I had time to spare a month, I should have read Kendo books or go to the dojo and actually try. Evaluation other than the worst can not be considered.

2014/01/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10281 Host:10328 Browser: 5949
[good point]
Although it is a serious story, there are no factors that can be positively evaluated.

[Bad point]
This manga is a cartoon that deals with high school kendo.

Kendo is a sport of "road" no matter where I go.
(Although it is argued that it should also be called sports in the first place).
And that kendo has a conservative atmosphere unique to the industry.
The attitude that begins with bowing and ends with a bow is outlining it.
However, Professor Inokuma seems to have thought only about the acceptance of just a little Ranba without considering the atmosphere of such a world of kendo ... It is too bad practice.

The attitude of the protagonist who goes to the "winner's righteousness" ignoring the courtesy (and the hero side affirming it) is in my eyes.
There is no courtesy or shit. The hero of the kendo amateur who knocks out a skilled swordsman one by one using only rough skill like infringement. There are no factors such as effort and guts there, even a message that talent surpasses serious practice makes me feel.

I was just reading, just uncomfortable. that's all.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that gave discomfort to experienced people of kendo and misunderstoods for inexperienced people.
By the way, I am the former. Therefore, it may be an emotional impression, but please pardon it.

2011/12/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34055 Browser: 1957(Mobile)
[good point]
The feeling that kendo is fun is transmitted

High drawing power

Character of the characters

[Bad point]
The contents of the game and the practice method are confusing.
We will follow this one point.
I think that falling in the bath is hard to accept practice in the bathroom because many people are experienced at once, it is easy to imagine pain and danger.

There are no gags or gimmicks that make it ridiculous content or turn it into a surprise in a good sense.
On that point, throughout Ranma 1/2, the table tennis section of rice was effectively used as a gag.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that surprised readers surprisingly badly. Works related to kendo and fencing seem to have not seen much for a while after this work, is it due to mind?

2011/02/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15995 Browser: 3107(Mobile)
Although I read it at a secondhand bookstore, there are many depressions that are totally unpleasant.
[good point]
[Bad point]
A depiction depicting kendo as a fool.
Bubble Deathmatch, Barefoot Kendo, Sleep Kendo, Eating Mingle in Match Ground, Penetration of Prohibited Area, etc.

A depiction hurting the conscience of Ehime prefecture.
"Ehime prefecture eats only mandarin", "In Ehime prefecture do it like this" etc.

It is "10,000 yen" of an old-fashioned Jiji. Is not it Master Botakuri BAR's master !?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A thing that completely defiled kendo.
Only this can be asserted.
If you are a manga with Kendo as a theme, the "Sword of the Sixty-Four" is far better than Mashi and it is very interesting.

2010/08/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24212 Host:24064 Browser: 10225
[good point]

[Bad point]
Make sure that the rehearsal area is a public bath Bubble Death Match or anything poor ..

Many techniques that can not be thrown bamboo swords, machine gun thrusts, Tachibana missiles etc ..

Tachibana Tachibana, such as director Tsukishima boasts discomfort

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the secondhand bookstore nearby where I live, only two volumes are put and lost,
I could not write too specific but still enough "worst" worth.

2010/06/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53562 Host:53722 Browser: 6395
Author's insane and product of self-righteousness.
In a word, this work is like this.

After talking about Yanagida pulling out four people in the group fights of Kendo, it starts from where the Tachibana who came like a jump came to fight against the remaining general.

A scene to jump high at the first game of Tachibana and hit the other's face.
At this point, the author knows that Kendo has only recognition to the extent that he can hit the opponent with a bamboo sword.

Even after that the scenes of Tachibana who doubles the discomfort doubling the discomfort, the scenes like shinning peddlestickly pull off,
Practice with public baths, bubble death match, machine gun thrust existing in 634 swords of NES version,
The work itself was a problem before recognition for kendo and manga, and I could not help doubting the character of the author.

For that reason, I stopped reading when Tachibana saw the scene where I threw a bamboo sword.

2010/03/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3196 Host:3180 Browser: 5698
[good point]
That the picture was nice This is it, Speaking of a good place ...
[Bad point]
〓〓〓Practice place is a public bath
>> What you practice with public baths ... you will die if you do not do well!
I think that it is not permissible because it is a setting that there is nothing to practice.

〓〓〓A number of unavoidable skills Although I do not care about impossible techniques, I wanted you to stop having techniques that are impossible for Japanese ancient martial arts.
If you give it a little ...

Machine gun thrust
>> Hokuto 100's martial arts?

A bamboo sword extending
>> So it's impossible

Disappearing bamboo sword
>> I'm covered with the Magical ball which the giant's star disappears.

Tachibana rifle. Tachibana missile
>> It seems rude to those who are serious about kendo practice seriously.

Rurouni is not a sword card ...

〓〓〓Unpleasant characters Tachibana Tachibana
(A hero who aims at the universe in a way that is self-thinking without thinking about people.
It is a good idea to make fun of kendo.
There are some aspects that sometimes say that you can sympathize, but I do not like it at all, including that)

(People who are making the most kendo paths with this manga.
I do not like placing funny exercises such as practice in public baths.
Also there are places that show inexplicable attitude although members are injured.
Even with the same director there is a habit of getting nervous quickly, but Koichi Kawafuto of "ROOKIES" which trusted people, confronted from the front, talked hotly about the faults seen by cold eyes from the surroundings, and rehabilitated can be likable)

A-n ja ji
(I will make a request for 10,000 yen if I eat dangan, I do not like crying in so much Takashigan crushed)

Domoto Hito
(It is also a basketball player that is also accepted from the NBA, and the kendo is fine, but I can only imagine myself blaming the kendo.
But the thing that I did not like the most was that I broke the girl's piano lying in my house with a bat, did not he?
I was trembling with anger when I saw this.
The piano is from a father whose girl died when I was small, so to speak it is like a memento of her father.
How low is this guy to break that wishful eyed eyelash?

Director Takita
(Saying that it does not mean exercise in public baths, saying that Tachibana can sympathize with thinking that he is making a fun street, etc. There is also a serious aspect than Director Tsukishima, but I definitely dislike him as well.
When it is abandoned by Tachibana, it would be nice to get angry, but he would not hit him.
There is no teacher to hit because it was abandoned at this time?
So I do not like letting out Tachibana because I do not like it. I am not sympathizing with Tachibana. The nerves that let me drop out for selfish reasons can not forgive.
And when I dropped out to Yanagida who scouted for myself, I thought that I should stop playing.
Also, I did not like the side that my father used to be the chief director and I do not like himself.
What you are doing is the same as Life's Ai Miyasu)
There are other Atlantic Hira and others, but I will do so far.

〓〓〓rude words to Ehime citizens

〓〓〓Bare hands Kendo and kendo asleep also blasphemes kendo
>> Because it is kendo, there are no bare hands. Because it is not a drunk after sleeping kendo ...

〓〓〓On parade of the lowest line
>> I can not afford "10,000 yen" of especially Jangjiang.
And when I do not help my friends, I do not like the words "I always live life".

〓〓〓Content that blasphemes Kendo
>> I will attach a banning tool, I aimed at the banned part, there were a lot

〓〓〓halfway deployment of Jade Dragon Flag game

〓〓〓The picture of the last round is poor

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not like sports cartoons like this and Mister full swing, the New Ten Giants star flower form.
I could not enjoy it as an older brother who was doing kendo.
Evaluation is "worst".
Anyway, my previous work "SALAD DAYS" of this manga creator was very funny though ...
Well, it seems that we have cleared the stigma of this work ...

2009/12/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8734 Host:8912 Browser: 9929
[good point]
Character, character, foreshadow spiral of Moriyama, women's picture
[Bad point]
Bare-handed kendo, the last five episodes forced spirals were a good idea, but it is impossible for people to turn around

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I changed school in three volumes, but it was late but I have 5 good volumes

2009/09/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11196 Host:11401 Browser: 8365
The criteria for my evaluation of the worst is "It makes me feel uncomfortable with that work." In that sense, I do not know the work that makes me feel uncomfortable any more.

It is not an exaggeration to say that everything comes to mind, but the point which was especially unpleasant among them was that the main character who knows the opponent of 10 years of kendo history, the hero who does not know the rule only wins with its physical ability, efforts It is Makiki violence in a boys' manga which denies technology at all.

Even in the works of the past, the main character was a genius, and there were as many works as it has a talent full of amateurs but overflowing. However, it keeps gifted education and intense exercise more than a childhood, and it gradually blooms by the accumulation of daily practice little by little. Sakuragi does not get out of Sendo in a practice game with Linan. To make it suddenly imperative suddenly beat the opponent, I am stupid of those who are studying kendo, or who are doing all the sports.

I have stopped reading in one volume, but it seems that the ridiculous development continued afterwards. It is manga that I can not recommend to those who are doing kendo now even if I made a mistake.

2009/08/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 4184
I had a laugh at seeing the review site beforehand, so I burst out laughing while reading it.

[good point]

The picture was pretty, so it was easy to see as it was.

[Bad point]

Regarding the protagonist's praise, other people also suggest it, so it is not limited to this work, so leave it for the time being.
Well, I hate the main character's story, so it's no doubt that it is a bad point.

Regarding the nuisance of the name, there is also Tsukkomu in the main story for once, let's forgive for the time being because it is a cartoon.
Kendo is ... It is not kendo, but as for me, the baseball depiction of 'Misfful' has been so much unlucky, so let's hand over this 10,000 steps again.

The problem is that how to make a story is too childish.
As the ending, the main character seems to be the development that Tachibana Tachibana has reached the conclusion that teammate Kunihiko Yanagida is "irreplaceable and competitive" existence.
Certainly, it seems to be a reasonable conclusion, but despite being such an important existence, what is the poor treatment of Yanagida so far?
Originally ... Tachibana did not look at all as if Yakitori had fellow consciousness and rivalry consciousness with Yanagida.
Well, since Yanagida's change in the mind to Tachibana is abrupt, there is no monkey to describe psychology, but this story.

Since I have pointed out to Tachibana already, it is relatively (essentially) I turn to the problem of few indications, a friend of Tachibana, the shaping of the Atlantic Hirata is also terrible.
Character of the hero's friend position is often an oasis in most of the works for me, it is often a favorite person fighting one or two in the work
(I do not dislike surprises that I do not like this work at all because I hate it for most of my works.
That's ... I will admire the character of delicious position that I say to a friend so much that it was good for Masui ... so much ... (bitter smile).
It is a loud person who does not consider the surroundings as much as Tachibana or more and does not consider the position of the opponent at all.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

For the time being, it is really intriguing that it is too incoherent and not much anger.
However, it is also said that the character of this work has no monkey called emotion? It can be said that the depiction has not been made so that it does not form the work body past the child.
Evaluation is "very bad" in terms of discomfort sensitivity number, but considering that you may be hungry if you did not read the review site beforehand, it would be "worst" ....
However, I evaluate the point that there is no overly vulgar part and correct the evaluation to "very bad" (September 2, 2009).

2009/07/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19732 Browser: 6794(Mobile)
[good point]
Enjoy as a manga.
[Bad point]
It is no longer a kendo cartoon
The name of the hero
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw a review of the site that was being introduced but it is certainly terrible.
It seems that there is no value other than enjoying as a manga ^ ^;
(Even so, did the author not question the hero with such a name?
Evaluation is very bad.

2009/07/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3810 Host:3830 Browser: 6885
In a sense a hot topic of boiling Kendo? Manga.
It would be rude to call this kendo clearly.
There was only unexpectedness.

2009/07/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32709 Host:32595 Browser: 7569
Works taught by the momentum like a whirlwind that it is not suitable for drawing hot-blooded cartoons other than omnibus format, as well as of non-specialized sports manga in Shinobu Inokuma.

It is a strange thing, I think that it is a serious Kendo manga and it makes you betrayed enough to make you laugh.

2009/07/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 592 Host:276 Browser: 7956
[good point]
The picture is pretty clean.

[Bad point]
The rules are foolish. The character is uncomfortable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A manga that gets angry when reading straight.
You can refer to what you say.
However, it is a fact that it is a manga with impact,
You can enjoy it more than air cartoon (even if it is not inherent direction).
With "bad" taking into account the bribery condition.

2009/06/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3954 Host:3905 Browser: 6399
Over 80% of the total number of evaluations laughed "worst" or something.
Evaluation of everyone? Well is not it right?
Is it a shame work that spoiled sports side by side with a certain tennin.
I do not dislike designs, but I do not have the power to draw

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2009/06/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1957 Host:1629 Browser: 6653
[good point]
I think that the drawing power itself during the work was good.
It is a salvation part where there was no blunt lower neta etc.

[Bad point]
The unreasonable depiction including what I was practicing with in public baths stands out, and I feel that I do not know whether I'm aiming to accept or seriously doing it.
The greatest defeat is that this author wrote hands to the genre not suited at all, the spoons.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This author seems to have been bad that he had done such a male-centered sporadic system though it was good at love-com series based on a lot of girls.

I wonder if this work happened to be a failure due to it.

I told that this author (Mr. Inokuma) was aware of it in the Tokyo Waterworks and that he liked that urban water merchant and salad daddily as it was, with good skill and no netting Considering things,
Evaluation avoids the worst and keeps it "very bad".

As far as I looked at it a little, considering the part that I can not believe that I am doing a kendo seriously, such as practicing with the above-mentioned public bath, I would not be wondering if it seems that I am stupid of the kendo itself , So it was content that you can convince that the reputation is bad ...

However, I believe that "Tokyo Metropolitan Shizuoka" was able to make use of reflections in this work and I think that he was able to make a good progress in recovering honor.

2009/05/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6047 Host:5938 Browser: 6400
[good point]
It's just a waste of looking.

[Bad point]
This work, licking kendo perfectly. While sleeping or something terrible.
The character is also the worst.
First of all, the main character. selfish.

directed by. When a member is sick or accident, it is also in a straight line, letting a stupid practice which is impossible to think in actual kendo.

A mere sense. I ask for money as much as I'm eaten, I get ruined because I'm crushed, the strongest Uzzai character.

This work itself is wasteful anymore.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is extreme of waste. Therefore "shame".

2009/02/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3387 Host:3127 Browser: 6520
I saw a review site of 5 volumes and whirlwind Tachibana,
I thought that there were no other unpleasant cartoons in sports manga. I will summarize the evaluation here.

[good point]
Absolutely not.

[Bad point]
Contents that licks kendo. Especially "Bubble Death Match" and "Bare Handed Kendo" are not really allowed.

The author has a sloppy attitude towards kendo. I told you that I did not do kendo for comments on books, but if I read the book of kendo, I should actually study and study.

The worst characters. Especially unpleasant is the main character, Director Tsukishima and it is very good. I will eliminate it as it is explained below.

Numerous techniques. Tachibana rifle seriously thought it was the greatest violence in sports cartoon history.

Unexpected development in the Tamagu flag cup.

A poor depiction at the last round.

Practice methods are dangerous only and not useful at all.

Numerous lines of unpleasant remarks. The most unpleasant thing is "10,000 yen" of the old-fashioned.

A story without a piece of effort. I thought that scenes where novice Tachibana would beat Yanagida of Kanto 8 strongly? Furthermore, it seems that it seems insulting all the high school students how to solve the problem of Tokyo University entrance examination question !!

There are many scenes that made a fool of Ehime prefecture.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is of course "worst".

2008/12/10 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20634 Host:20415 Browser: 6034
Problem work that "Sunday" became sluggish.
Constitution The worst, all the characters such as DQN, blasphemy against kendo lovers,
Everything is exhausted as it is awful anyway.

2008/06/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12178 Host:12223 Browser: 6342
Spoilge cartoon of time errachidia.
The picture was good as it was, but the talk is already the worst.
During the series, complaints and protest sent to Sunday's editorial department did not persist ...

2008/06/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6412 Host:6449 Browser: 5234
First of all, the picture is so polite The action scene is also quite powerful Even if you pursue reality in the kendo too much excitement is no longer exciting, there are some meetings, and of course it is not strange, but a little, no I think you are doing too much If the depiction of kendo is just absurd, I guess you have not been beaten up to this point The most problematic thing is the character's behavior, the behavior is ethically overdoing How much is it as a sports thing to deny any effort from all directions Or

2008/03/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49697 Host:49612 Browser: 7835
Although it seems only to make fun of idiocy, it is not bad if you think that it is a gag cartoon.

2008/02/16 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21589 Host:21342 Browser: 3876
It is best for neta manga, but it is the lowest as a full-fledged kendo manga.
I wonder why this author's picture can not be used why it is so good.

2008/02/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35326 Host:35215 Browser: 4184
In the meantime, I have read the whole volume in my neighbor's secondhand book market.
... As everything, everything is too cruel.

A reckless way of Tachibana Tachibana who is aiming for the world with a selfish manner without knowledge of kendo.
It is exactly what made you make fun of kendo too much.

[good point]
None at all.

[Bad point]
1: An unpleasant work to read.

2: Printing expenses. Manuscript. A manga that is wasting paper.

3: Everything is not realistic, kendo manga.

4: Many depictions of absence of manners and absurd rehearsals, kendo beginners
Kendo experienced people can only say that they are selling quarrels against Kendo family,
Absolutely content.

Eating while eating and drinking is a banquet hall, "Mikan" to eat, Tachibana was still trying to eat "mikan" even though the game started.

Tachibana was wearing a sword armor while reading a book for kendo beginners just before the game started. (In this case in reality,
Naturally it is not qualified to enter the Kendo game)

The scenes when you and your opponent rejoice are too funny.
(This is certainly what Tachibana did not even know about 〓窮〓〓〓 saying that he playfully told umpire)

A lot of scenes of games that do not feel hot-blooded.
(I can not think of this as myself, but there is only one,
Takiba scared the opponent whose body was decking and running around)

A prohibited tool in Kendo game, being using a fraudulent tool.
(This is the first episode that Tachibana was attaching "iron array" to feet during game)

I was aiming for a banned batting position. (Tachibana is a bamboo sword aimed strongly at the opponent's "shin"
The opponent has suffered so terribly that the game ground is overly confusing)

The public bath is in the practice place .... (To the worst development, bubble ... Death match .... It is very dangerous to practice in a public bath or play a game Kendo manga is a kendo manga,
In scenes where you practice hard at the kendo and in the game it draws with a fussy feeling of hotness)

Numerous techniques that can not be the least. (Tachibana Rifle that throws a bamboo sword,
"Tachibana missile" which blows the body and pushes the opponent's neck directly with a bamboo sword. Yanagida's "machine gun thrust". "Time stretching bamboo sword". Besides, it really can not exist until "Bamboo sweeping out". Naturally, I am silly about kendo. At the time when there were "stretching bamboo sword", "machine gun thrust" and "disappearing bamboo sword", the expression was "PacRi of the Prince of Tennis (Tennis Prix)" I thought)

A scene of a poor match at minimum. (Especially the most terrible thing was "bare handed kendo" and "kendo with sleeping." When there was also this depiction, "Hot blood kendo manga"
I can not say that)

5: An unexpected line that seems to be selling quarrels to readers.
"Do not throw a bamboo sword." (There is no common sense)

"(Show to the referee) more active in this!"
(Although the hero is making a mess of it ...)

"1 ten thousand yen." (Rude remarks against the hero who bought me an angel)

6: It is a ridiculous lineage that hurts my heart by stupid people of Ehime prefecture.
"Ehime citizens only eat oranges." (If so, Ehime prefectural people all cause malnutrition.

"(Ehime prefectural people 's alarm clock happens like this, while Ohnishi is killing the body of Tachibana and knocking on the floor)" (This is exactly stupid of Ehime prefecture.
If it is such an alarm, it will only die in reality)

7: A lot of funny lines too.
"Let's always live in heaven, there is no word to bet on winning or losing" (a line of speech brought up when not helping a crisis)

"I can not practice without a proper dojo, you never say, do not you?
(It is not fun. The utmost remarks for those who are keen on kendo practice)

"I entered the bathtub in order to flush the foam attached to the foot.
(Where was it necessary to practice with a public bath for what?)

"Sorry if I kill you." (Kendo is naturally not "killing" or "war." It is a serif which does not matter too much.

"The weather is like a mandarin oranges" (meaning unknown, it is too harsh ....
"Tenge" and "Mikan" are completely different)

8: The lowest character.
Tachibana Tachibana
(There is neither Kendo nor knowledge nor courtesy, nor compassion for their friends,
I could not have a place to aim for the world with self-centered thinking. It has its name changed)

Director Tsukishima
(I did not think about decent practice by kendo, there was an accident in a member, I was doing a normal attitude when there was sickness, besides, I could not have a foolish thought of practicing with a public bath. Besides, bad manners have been noticed, such as smoking and smoking by smoking a cigarette "smoking cessation in the game hall")

Atlantic Hirata
("Brain weather" like a giant man like "Flower field in the brain." Because of this fellows, it will give off scenes of "bare handed kendo" and "kendo asleep" ...)

Ango - san Jiji
(I could not have asked for another 10,000 yen if I ate an appointment or I could not stop crying when Guesshashin broke down)

Hayaki Hayato (leek)
(It's not least, it does not help ... but that's it ... Yes ...)

Yamaguchi Kozo (Reggae)
(In the middle of the head is hip.It is only about hop, riding rhythm even when talking or talking, I could not have put the face without removing the sunglasses)

9: Other strange places.
Showdown between sumo and kendo.

Unfolding in the Ball dragon battle game halfway.
(Even if you look at that end, you can only think that it is "outraged")

11: The poor quality of the picture of the last round
A depiction of when all the members are swinging.

A depiction of the pose when Tachibana came back.

12: A work that built a black history at Weekly Shonen Sunday.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can not say that it is a "hot-blood kendo story" any longer.

Actually, I am also a kendo experienced person, I have read various kendo manga,
I do not want to read such a work any more.

Kendo is "a great spirit, a robust body, a martial art aiming for a sublime personality"
"Training to aim human formation through sword law practice" (I hope you do not forget this alone)
I think that it is a work that can not recognize it at all.

Besides, there are too many places to make Ehime prefecture foolish.
Ehime prefecture as well, there are many people who read "Weekly Shonen Sunday" of course.
Thinking about it, Ehime prefecture was sorry for the poor reception.
I do not believe it, it is too much, it is not a joke.

If you become a teacher of "Kendo classroom" in the future, it is impossible to absolutely read this work for the trainee. After reading it really, if you read it,
It is a work that may be adversely affected.

The picture seems to have been nice, but the content is useless, so you can not help it.

Evaluation is "worst".

2008/01/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35371 Browser: 4926
I feel like I want to return the time to read this book and to dance.
Tenkans are oranges? Claim ten thousand yen as an aunt's price! Numerous killing statements ...
I did not buy it yet but I was struck by the urge to break the book despite the situation I was browsing.

Not to mention the contents. I just insult Kendo, Ehime, Sumo and others.
As you all say "There is no word to be losers" I could not say anything.
The person who puts down words comfortingly to the loser is hurt,
Perhaps I wanted to do it, but I was bad expression.
I was weakened when this "a hero who does not regard a friend as a fellow" was later hurt by the hail and the companion and could not keep silent.

This is really boring. I could not laugh at all. Why can not I enjoy it unlike a well-compared tennis prize?
I thought of various things, I wonder if it is a wind in Tachibana or a cold in a position I forgot the title but it is due to not being able to open up.
It may be that the bamboo sword has spread or is reopened with a missile, but the punch is not enough yet. (Although bloodshed or neck is going on for a while)
If you make an impact, you have to demonize it or use more than 1 million yen for Yakiniku.
Also, Tenipuri is famous for its hero's favor, but the characters that harden up aside are also intense and sometimes treated like a hero, so they will not get bored. But,
Tachibana's tax is really focused only on the main character. The supporting role is only the shoboi. There was also a side supporting role, but in the latter half it got deteriorated and it became a mistake role ....
Tenipuri has been changing the route from the middle, still, I can successfully ride the world that failed as a gag.
It is a story that knows that this guy is winning, but a lot of bizarre super directors are compensating for that shortcoming too much.
From the beginning I have the setting of a superman from the nose, and I can not penetrate by forcibly and go to the right way.
The story can be easily read ahead and the direction is modest. I think that it can not be enjoyed as a gag comic with this.
No, as far as boredom is concerned, it will be possible to enjoy it as a pronoun in boring cartoons. (?)

2008/01/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12631 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
Self-contained hot-blooded kendo that only gives the reader uncomfortable feelings Kendo seclusion cartoon.
Besides, I am not satisfied with kendo alone, and blameless other things,
It is really a trashy little work.

2007/09/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9818 Host:10088 Browser: 6520
Does me finally evaluate this manga? This manga is full of Tsukkomicho place.

From the scene where the bamboo sword disappears first.
"Oh no, the bamboo sword was like a whip."
... Um, let me tell you the least. "Bamboo will be sharp, but the bamboo swords will not tear!"
It is impossible for a bamboo sword to feel like a whip. I think that it is illegal remodeling.

Practice with public baths ... There is also hot water ... If I fall accidentally I will die.

This daubi-chan ... The hero jumps and jumps out the face and the thrust but normally, in the case of the opponent who has a difference in physique, is it normal to aim at the small hands and torso?
Surface and thrust is hard to target to a taller opponent.

Katagiri Chairperson "Originally, you have the personnel rights of you ... I think that it is the most natural for me to do a referee."
Oh, can I say a word? Do you really have experience of kendo?
What you need to judge kendo is not like people's rights, but if you do not have the experience of Kendo you can not make a referee. For example, judo judgment requires some degree of judo experience. It is the same.
I can not believe that this person, even kendo experience. (Even though only one out of the five people has experienced people, they say they can get the Tamrone flag.
Also, no one has a description that hears whether the chairman has experience of kendo.

Episode 18 is an on parade of funny things. (Although nothing limited to this story)
Suzuki: Who is that 'Onishi' that is in the middle of that Tsubaki ga Kako? "
Tachibana "No, do not know."
After that, Yohei Tai "I am you."
Please let me say a little. Why do not you know. You know about the surname of my best friend. Moreover, no one plunges into that. Are you a fool?
Kotomura also does something about body when Yohei Yao turns back. Please make a moment as well.
There is nothing in the rule of kendo that we should not hit the enemies facing backwards. Kotomura, are you stupid? (Asuka style)

Also, I want you to stop depicting what you can do with other sports.
Players who became known by basketball more than kendo? Existence of scouts coming from NBA? Worked well in sports other than kendo? Individual kendo making the most of each feature?
Actually it was the time of expansion that the sumo wrestling part was the Kendo department, but I want you to do it kendo everyday. Kendo is not sweet enough to be able to work with other sports.

"No longer ... The existence itself is a blasphemy to the kendo ... for the future of the kendo world, I will kill him ..."
I'm talking like a fist of Hokuto despite practice matches. What is already? I tried to arrange this dialogue with myself, so please also here.
"No longer ... the existence of this manga itself is blasphemy to kendo ... for the future of the cartoon world, I also erase this manga ... ..."
This one is better.

There are many other things, but this cartoon is Muchachucha.
A story that just connected the expansion that I thought was just interesting regardless of before or after. There is not enough story composition ability to say most.
The battle is no longer a real sense of zero and it is a messy radio wave Kendo, characters and stories are radio waves. Especially Yohei Tei pierces the glass window of the second floor while saying "Tachibanchin" (It hurts if there are people) "What is taste like smo ... It is delicious." Haa ... like something ... Say what or what.
Later I said, "I did not eat smooges, the food is a champagne." Everyone knows such a thing.

Finally it is a word to the author.
"Thank you so much for this storyteller, please do not draw such comics any more."
Since I also have experience of kendo, I will say that this cartoon is almost every time I can say Tsukkomichi.
So my evaluation is "worst" but personally I will say "under hell" underneath.
In truth, "You are even a living tokens for you (Kenshiro)", but ....

2007/07/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25985 Host:25854 Browser: 3875
Kendo manga that does not do kendo.
Talk is also Gudaguda with all the characters watching and irritating.
There is no value worth seeing elsewhere.