[Comics]The Myth of the Blue Bird

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Masami Kurumada
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:1997
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2010/11/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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91. Action baseball cartoon by Professor Masami Masuda posted in Weekly Shonen Jump Summer issue in 1992. "Akai Tenguo" of a junior high school student attempts to defeat the high school baseball player 's prodigy singer' Maougou Shingo 'who broke down his older brother `Tendou Hero'. Aoi's older brother's male is a murder ball with power that can possibly kill a catcher, owner of a rigid ball, who once fear even Shingo, and Aoi also took over the ball, but for that reason it is a disaster that can not be endowed with a catcher Then, it loses to the game with Shingo. A weak boy called "Daichi Ai" appears in front of him and requests to capture Aoi 's ball. He found a 'blue bird of happiness' in Aoi' s ball and spirit, raising his / her name as a catcher without looking at his danger, winning a brilliant catch, winning the game against Shingo again. And the two will drive into baseball with all of yourself to grab the `blue birds'.

This work has been drawn as a hot-blooded baseball drama by Mr. Kurata as a reading subject after the end of "Saint Seiya", its content has become a windy battle baseball with a hot-blooded action that matched the former "Astro team" . Its content is a men's hot blood vehicle field battle format including "Saint Seiya", finished in a youth sports drama style that was popular in the 1970s.

The story challenges Shingo to a true game to try to surrender the enemy of the elder brother Tenjyo Tensho who died after losing to the genius hitter 'Ogijo Shingo' who batted all batting homerun in Koshien, but catcher Because it was not, I will lose the game with him. It was the content of the existence of a hot-blooded sports work that "Daiichi Ai" who was watching the game to volunteer to catch the Aoi ball, volunteer to win the catcher and win against Shingo again, that is It is a feeling like Mr. Mizuta-style hot-blooded baseball battle.
From this story, the threat power of 'Thunderball' .` Fighting Ball 'which blows down the cathedrals of Akio Tenguo, and' Sky shot method 'by Shingo Ogi,' Sidewinder 'by King Wangjo Tori It seems to be a purpose to show, it takes over the action scenes of the Masuda works such as "Saint Seiya", but these are already done by "Astro Ballroom" "Sawayaka Bantaro" already. I did not feel fresh at all. Besides, both Aoi and Ai, the leading characters, were almost the same characters just by changing Seiya and the moment, and since they drew soon after "Saint Seiya," it ended up becoming muddy tea.

Although this work certainly has a powerful image, even when drawing a supernatural battle baseball drama of the former unconventional "Astro team" in the time when full-scale sports manga has settled, only discomfort is left, and what is very familiar with what it is There was no. However, I like Mobda characters and I did not evaluate to [Normal] because it was not as tightly deployed as "Cosmos. Striker". Although this work was seen more than "Silent Knight Sho" drawn after this, it would not have been such a time as this content could be received from time to time.

2005/04/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I wanted you to have this series of superhuman baseball serialized rather than serializing Seiya Nodo with silent night Sho. I thought that the university is going to write by cutting out the power of the shoulder by reading it, but, as a result, it says that it became a work with heat.

After all, this manga is a boy fighting burning life.