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Akira Hiramoto
Japan Released:1998 YOUNG MAGAZINE / End:2009
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2013/10/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9886 Host:9501 Browser: 5940
[good point]
Improvement level of drawing is remarkable.
There are times when sadness of humor humans is depicted as a stingray. For example, a story "If I support you I am .."
Both women and men have taboo in eroticism.

[Bad point]
The picture is also dense and there are few pages, so the theme is to select readers. Especially it is hard to read if gag does not fit your skin.
It did not suit me.
The style called Gro = gag is no good at all. Eroticty is somewhat good, but it is not a place to laugh.
Not only the blur and the plunge, but the style which finishes blurred and finishes is not always familiar with what it was interesting.
A side supporting role other than the main character is above the main but it is too strong and I do not want to read it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is very bad because 90% of the gags could not laugh.

2013/03/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21787 Browser: 1977(Mobile)
[good point]
Painting skill after the middle series
Coupled with characters with strong individuality and drawing with many writings, gag has momentum

[Bad point]
First stage drawing power of series
Coupled with dark patterns and characters, there are also a lot of neta pulling

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Speaking of this manga the most remarkable part is the improvement of painting ability.
Looking at the amateur level drawing of the first episode like "Drawing something fucking"
Who thought that this author later became able to draw beautiful girls with diverse angles?
Even during the rice cultivation of the same Yang magazine gag cartoon, although the drawing power increased significantly during the series,
This work can be said more than that.

Regarding the essential gag,
Sometimes we are laughing when we are pushed by the momentum, but I could not go lol.
It is a way of saying that there is no body and no lid, but maybe it does not fit my own sensitivity.
Also, this cartoon gag was hard overall, and there were many things that I pulled.
Especially the bottom neta involving the main character Mr. Gen synergizes with his dirty appearance, which is visually stiff.
As the picture became better after the middle stage, the width of the story has become wider,
It did not reach the extent to raise the evaluation of this manga greatly.
I like the prison school of the next work, but this evaluation is such that it is feeling that it is neither possible nor impossible, so this evaluation.

2012/05/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1809 Host:1820 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Protagonist who has individuality Character Magazine of individual character "Agogen victim Association" at the time of publication
[Bad point]
Choose who you see and dark rinse
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A woman character that Mr. draws is also a pioneer of "Prison Girls After" and it is good to draw well

2010/02/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23455 Host:23355 Browser: 7351
Basically recently I only read Yanmaga itself, Sengoku only so I only read it in my spare time, but sometimes I read some points as I read it.
Well, since there is one thing like a gag, I think that it is good for the second time if you read it once.
There are many Simonettes and vulgar stuff, but even if it is a normal person, even in my free time.
I could smile quite a lot of descriptions depicting the last part of Jojo second part.

2010/02/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53383 Host:53403 Browser: 6770
[good point]
I understand only that it is a gag that drifts somewhere ...

[Bad point]
The picture is dirty, there is feeling of filthiness.
Therefore, the bottom neta also feels uncomfortable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that his wife was able to escape, a heavy-duty middle-aged driver, Gen and assistant Kenji rolled the truck, and it is a gag manga spreading in that way ...
Although poor but still feeling alive as it is, only the thing itself is transmitted but still the painting power is low, so it is painful to see difficult because of that, and it is also painful that the bottom neta being bitten by poisonous gyo It was very dirty bottom neta saying the action etc taken by the gens to neutralize the poison, only I could remember the discomfort.
I'm really sorry if you like me. This manga has satisfied enough conditions to make a "worst" evaluation in me, "low drawing power" and "blatantness of bottom neta".

2006/08/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4540 Host:4719 Browser: 5533
Although it is not a manga that is sticking enough, it is quite interesting.

Although it is a gag cartoon, I think there are times when I have somewhat difficult to understand expressions, I think that it is not a manga that everyone receives.
I do not think it is good to understand, but sometimes I feel the author's singular thing.

There are also a lot of lower neta and laughter is surreal, but basically it can laugh.
However, it may be unsuitable for people who laugh with laughter.

In a good sense, if you are in a series magazine you are buying every week, it is a type of manga that is profitable.
Personally I never read until I bought a book.

2005/10/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20847 Host:20687 Browser: 5234
I think that likes and dislikes can be divided by the depth of that picture first of all in this manga. I think that it is impossible to see people who can not see it unless there is some tolerance to painting. It is dark like that.

And since it often comes down, it is not recommended for those who do not like that.

I do not like lower neta much, but I like quite serious Gen's times quite well.
In such times it will be a burning cartoon.

Who likes ridiculous comics, people who like hot manga please read it.

2005/10/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13427 Host:13273 Browser: 5234
Currently, this is the only manga that can make you laugh with the lack of shit.
Mr. Gen, who looks like it is made of bad atoms, is a bad person as it seems, but the fact that it is alive and still alive is still a nuisance to the surroundings, The person himself thinks that it is a place to learn in a good meaning, "I do not give up troublesome thought, that attitude is necessary!
However, Genki who is the middle runner of this runaway daughter, people surrounding the gen also begin to Kenji, will be inspired by Gen in a bad meaning.

In the beginning, both Kenzi and Haru, who were comparatively matato, bathed with factors of middle-aged and failing pace, they broke down more and more. Especially when Kenzi who will drive a car without driving a license still got ridiculous with anger to being mossed in Gen 2, Kenzi is going to make a mistake now, "Ushashasha Shashashaah !!" It has finished becoming a dangerous man who sticks out a bizarre voice and thrusts in anywhere.
Some people cried that they got naked and danced as "Furaimaaaaaaumu !!" and "How far do you become genius!"! Although this broken Kenji has now become an attraction (?) Of the work, it can not erase now.

Apart from Gen, there are many middle-aged metamorphosis, many of them are opposed to Takizawa Shinji who is a Rorykon teacher who plays oo 〓〓〓- while eating Snickers, and it is a grudge against the world and terrorism (like a malicious mischief of a child) Indeed, it is said that there is also a more decent place than Gen, but there is also a decent place than Genn, the Asuka Bantaro who was destined for Gen by Dutch wife sales, and a great number of 〓〓〓〓〓〓videos who have a video 〓〓〓Many characters appeared, and they were the only guys who took polish to swing.

Tea feather Taichi will be the representative of poor people. Thanks to that prequick, he will be an enemy of eyes on the way to go. The appearance of the tea wings that are becoming terrible to return the debt of 60 years is pitiful. I want him to be happy.
That shikketsu ... Because I might get stuck with myself, I'd like to manage somehow, but if I take it I will not be a tea wing .......

The female team is not matato ...... It is not easy for Mr. Chi-chan who seemed to be an ordinary person at first to get caught up in a terrible riot for Gen and Kenji, Together with that ticket, it gets aimed at, and the scene which can be unilaterally put on the pace of Gen and Kenji has increased.
Haru is relatively Matmo, but Hal's also went to the pig box by the police once ....... Even women feel that things like Gen 's horrible' no good human virus' have been transferred. Gen is indisputably human being who does not truly show anything to indirectly destroy women.

If there are people like genes actually, life will be going crazy just by that. That is why Gen's impact is strong.
Even he himself posted to "The Association of Gen victims" ... ...

I understand Gen 's frightfulness while I look at manga several times. There are no cartoons that are broken so far, people runaway. It is also a runaway as a gag, but the style has become heavier than in the early days, spurs have been spurred by the runaway swings of Gen. I am going to runaway, aiming for Chi - chan as well. A wonderland comic that anyone can runaway is this "no gag and a story of me."

However, I do not want only "convoy cake" on the cake shop menu to go out. When that comes out, it seems that disasters are coming down for both the cake shop and the person who bought it. If the mascot on the convoy cake was gen ... ... (sweat).
Anyway cake shop, it is not good if you make a combo cake and put it out because it comes out as a cartoon. Because it may be a sign of becoming Geno (laugh).